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A successful, wealthy businessman, Wesley Deeds (Tyler Perry) has always done what's expected of him, whether it's assuming the helm of his father's company, tolerating his brother's misbehavior at the office or planning to marry his beautiful but restless fiancee, Natalie (Gabrielle Union). But Wesley is jolted out of his predictable routine when he meets Lindsey (Thandie Newton), a down-on-her-luck single mother who works as a cleaning person in his office building. Outspoken, impulsive and proud- and also recently evicted- Lindsey struggles to make ends meet for herself and her young daughter. But when Wesley offers to help her get back on her feet, his innocent good deed ignites and unexpected attraction- and suddenly Wesley finds himself caught between the life he thought he wanted and the powerful desires of his heartÂ….

A moving, uplifting romantic drama about relationships and the defining choices we make in our lives, 'Tyler Perry's Good Deeds' is written, produced and directed by Tyler Perry, and stars Perry, Thandie Newton, Brian White, Rebecca Romijn, Jamie Kennedy, Eddie Cibrian, Jordenn Thompson, Beverly Johnson, with Phylicia Rashad, and Gabrielle Union.

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  • Aqua Huntsville

    I actually really enjoyed this movie. It was so good to see another side of you outside of Madea. I will definitely go and see you play the role of Alex Cross.

  • marie

    i honestly love this movie to death but i just dont know whos the older brother. at first i thought it was westly cause he seems like it but when he was talking about how he almost drowed and walter saved him i was like what a second: so can some one please tell me who is thet oldest.

  • Rosanna Noriega Roswell, GA

    Love all of his movies, everything he does is good. Keep it up, your the best.

  • TraceyBeard US

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  • tania jamaica

    You know Tyler all though I didnt get to watch good deeds I just know it was a good hit. But I watched the trailer anyways What I wanted to tell you anyway is that I wanted to write my book about living the life of a schtizophrenia. If I spelt it correctly, as each time I truly watched for better for worse on your show the sad memories returns, but when I see the characters in this particular show and see how they themselves try to forgive the wrong that the other one does to him or her. It gives me healing in my wings and makes me wnat to forget the hurts and the pains and humilations that I have to go through all my life on earth here. This makes me wants to live again. I might not be able to forget the bad things that really happens to me, cause I am only human. But to forget its been really really hard on me. Although the good book says to forgive but it is very hard to forget no matter how hard I try. Its just that the devil keeps pushing it in my face like as if its my favourite meal of the day. But with Gods help and healing I know that I can make a break through. Through these times its been very hard on me financially and otherwise. I have had a lot of set backs in my life to start a storm. But there is surely a calm after a storm. And with Gods help I know I can really make it. Thanks Tyler for all your movies and plays, they have been surely my inspiration and stepping stones and healing stones too. I will not forget you and all you have done for me through television. Whether you are gone tomorrow or whenever. You will always remain in my heart. Thanks again. And do more movies on forgiveness. maybe one day I might able to forget those persons who wronged me.

  • Anerin Defang

    What can i say? I really loved this movie.. i watched it a couple nights ago, and it was just FUNNY :) i LOVE all the Madea movies, and i liked how this was a more serious movie 'bout Tyler Perry. All I can say is, I love all the MADEA plus this one MOVIES!!! :)

  • Flychick86 Minneapolis

    The fight scene! The movie was good/decent overall.

  • Pat Mcgate South Africa

    Beautiful one. watching Good Deeds was amazing. i couldn't stop crying. very beautiful Gorgeous Movie. You out done yourself. thank you....

  • Ashley

    I Love Tyler Perry work!!! One of the best producer of all time!!! Alot of people can definely relate to his films I know I can. His movies have a effect where it can make you laugh, sad(cry),happy, and mad. Keep up the excellent work Tyler!!!

  • Chantay Porter-Knox memphis

    I laughed and cried and actuually put myself in Lindsey shoes. My husband said, "is that my wife in that movie, I thought that was Thandie Newton (Lindsey)." Laughter filled the room. As I watched the scene of the child being taken from her mother I cried like a baby. I went immediately into my sons room....hugged and kissed him as he slept. FANTASTIC MOVIE. Thank you for sharing your blessing that the Lord has given to you....to share with the world. Mr. Perry.....Thank you.

  • rendy jhb

    wow, what a great movie.i like it and it's so refreshing,it always makes me cry and laugh at the same time.i've watched most of ur movies and their great.keep up the good work man!

  • Dianne Singleton United States

    Exceptionally well done. Very thought provoking!

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