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From the award-winning playwright Tyler Perry comes the hit success Diary of a Mad Black Woman, which began as an accomplished play. Charles, an attorney, and Helen, his devoted wife, seemed to have everything – money, a beautiful mansion - the American Dream. However, as Helen prepares to celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary, her life takes an unexpected twist. Helen is forced to rediscover love, life and religion on her pursuit for happiness.

The comedy extravaganza continues as Perry’s four popular plays are made available for the first time ever on DVD. In Madea’s Class Reunion, Mabel “ Madea” Simmons has decided to “go on head an go” to her 50th Class Reunion. In Madea’s Family Reunion, Madea has a wedding, a funeral and a family reunion…and she did it all for only $75. If you thought Madea’s family was crazy, wait till you…Meet the Browns. In I Can Do Bad All By Myself, see what happens when a family is torn apart by one sister’s selfishness and another sister’s refusal to let go of the love of her life. All the while, Madea is in rare form and is determined to get and keep the family together.

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  • Rain South Africa

    Hi Tyler, i love this movie. I don't think i can do what Helen did for a man who humiliated her. I know about forgiveness, but what Charles did to Helen was not on. Anyway keep up the good work. God bless you. Sending love your way!

  • Danielle MIles Munster Indiana

    Hello Tyler Perry, this is my favorite movie that you have produced eventhough all of them are excellent and have a huge impact on my life and my family. I have watched Diary of a Mad Black Woman so many times and I never seen things in the movie that reminded my self this was me. I finally watched it with my Great Nephews and they both told me that this movie is my life except I have never been married but her character of fighting back is what they said they see about me. This was so astonishing that I had to write to you. Danielle Miles

  • Flychick86 Minneapolis

    Tyler's first movie! It was good overall.

  • Grace Asquith New york

    Hi Tyler, Wow this movie, "diary of a mad black woman" just one look at Kimberly and I am filled with tears. She is superb; and I see myself playing her. I especially love the part where she was sitting around the dining room table, "goodnes gracious, I love that secne.When her husband was sick, and needed help when she shoved him in the tub, unbelievable. I love it, love, love, love it. I bought all your early Cd's for my mom and she played them over and over. I have the utmost respect for you, and the way you make all your movies about real life. Well Tyler, God bless you with a talent like no other, all the people who have their weird comments, they are simply jealous!!!!! I cannot wait to see what else God pull from your "system well." Tyler I can say to you I am a kimberly Elise, and a Cicely Tyson. May God bless you, and keep you, to bring everything out from your well of talent. Congratulations on your new movie, and keep up the good work! Grace Asquith

  • Jamie Roberts United States

    Your movies are fantastic! When I'm not laughing, I'm crying. Never a dull moment!

  • Lisa Yvette Rodriguez Chicago, IL

    My children and I always watch your movies, we never get tired or bored of seeing a Tyler Perry movie. Why? Because it is always about family values and always have a lesson learned in each production. I have a 16yr old son, who loves watching madea and I think his favorite as mine is as well, is the "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" maybe becaue it was the first movie4 you made. Even though we are hispanic, puertorrican, are family values are similar to african american culture, we also have a few madeas in our family, lol, but just a shout out to you Mr. Perry, congratulations on all your achievements, it is always an honor and pleasure to watch anything you are involved in. You always seem to bring us back to reality and always remind us of where we came from and where we can go or end up. Once again, congratulations.

  • Tanya Arnold Florida

    This movie is one of my family favorites. This movie had an impact on my 10 year old daughter. Jade-Symone(my first born) and I are in a conversation and Sidney injects her knowledge of game, read on... Me "Jade, how is Estephan?" Jade-Symone "He's living with his girlfriend now, that's why you don't see him anymore." Me " Wow" Jade-Symone "Mommi, her name is Jade" Me "no reply" blank space in the conversation. Sidney(my 10 year old) "You know why he's dating a girl named Jade?" Me and Jade-Symone "why Sidney?" Sidney "When he make the mistake of calling you her name, you don't pick up he's refering to her" My eyes got large and I look at Jade-Symone and she's looking at me with a suprised look on her face. Sidney" Yall think Madea just funny? I learned that from Madea. She had a few things to say about what she's learned from Madea. You are a blessing dear. I applaude you. I praise God for your message. I pray your continuance in Him. All the best Tanya Arnold ps. Thank you

  • Violet Figueroa Phoenix, Arizona

    Tyler, I just love your talent and thank God for your expressions. I'm a minority myself, which means I am 1/3 white, 1/3 native Taino, and 1/3 black. This means I am 100% Puerto Rican, and I can relate to all your stories, and the human touch in all your work. Don't ever stop, your biggest (actually I'm probably one of the shortest) fan. I cant wait to see your new movie, take care darling, and keep Madea alive, because there is a lot of her in me and many women who have the guts to "say it like it is" ;-D Vi

  • Maureen Hamilton, NJ

    Mr. Perry, I love all of your films. The first one I remember watching is Diary of a Mad Black Woman. It's by far one of my favorites. When I was 15-17 I was in an abusive relationship, and one day I popped in "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" in my DVD player. Let me tell you, it was one of the most powerful things that I've ever seen. It made me feel, comforted I guess. It was nice to know that I wasn't the only one who went through those things. No matter how many times someone told me that the boy was an asshole, and treated me like shit, I still stayed with him. Now, since I let him go. I'm in a loving relationship, and I feel safe. One line in the movie that stuck out to me was "Sometimes you hold onto some things that God tries so desperately to tear apart", and just that one line had me thinking for a good while. It was very empowering, and I've loved every single one of your works ever since. You're an amazing creator, and inspiration.

  • Rasheenpetty Savannah ga


    • nunyabuissnes canada #1779676

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