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A romantic drama about family, community and love against the odds, TYLER PERRY’S DADDY’S LITTLE GIRLS stars Gabrielle Union (RUNNING WITH SCISSORS, BAD BOYS II, DELIVER US FROM EVA) and Idris Elba (HBO’s “The Wire,” THE GOSPEL, SOMETIMES IN APRIL) in writer/director Tyler Perry’s follow-up to his number one box office hits DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN and MADEA’S FAMILY REUNION.

A single father, Monty (Elba) is a garage mechanic who lives in an inner-city neighborhood and struggles to make ends meet as he raises his three young daughters on his own. But when the courts award custody of his daughters to his corrupt, drug-dealing ex-wife Jennifer (Tasha Smith), Monty desperately tries to win them back, enlisting the help of Julia (Union), a beautiful -- and hard-nosed -- attorney he meets during his short stint as a chauffeur. While Monty and the Ivy-League-educated Julia couldn’t be less alike, an unexpected romance blossoms…and it soon begins to feel like true love. But in order for their relationship to survive, the couple must reconcile their two very different worlds -- and overcome the forces that threaten to tear Monty’s family apart.

TYLER PERRY’S DADDY’S LITTLE GIRLS is written and directed by Tyler Perry, and also stars Tasha Smith, Gary Sturgis, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Academy Award®-winner Louis Gossett, Jr. The supporting cast includes Malinda Williams, Terri J. Vaughn, Cassi Davis, Juanita Jennings, and LaVan Davis. TYLER PERRY’S DADDY’S LITTLE GIRLS is produced by Tyler Perry and Reuben Cannon (DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN, MADEA’S FAMILY REUNION).

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  • Alliah

    I would really enjoy a sequel to this movie! I really enjoyed the movie it opened my eyes and made me realize that some people in the world are there for you will support you even when the fight will be hard! Thank You for helping on making this movie happen! I hope to see a sequel one day!

  • Antoinette Plymouth NC

    Please...please make a sequel to daddy's little girls. It was beautifully written and I love

  • Robert Rockamore

    I just want to thank you for allowed me this opportunity to say how much I love this movie East time I see it it brings tears to my eyes because it hit home for many things is going on in North Little Rock Arkansas where I live matter fact I'm watching it now thank you thank you thank you

  • maria bogota

    necesito verme la pelicula online latino o subtitulada en español

  • Bernadette Parson United States

    I would REALLY enjoy a sequel to this WONDERFUL movie!! I'm dyingto c how things turn out, and if they have a lil Monty!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!! Sleep on it for me Mr. Perry!!! You Rock! I love u!!!!

    • Devin #2122284


  • Nothing Chicago

    I need help to watch this for free without having to have an account any suggestions please comment back thanks

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  • Tamara Little.Rock

    i love you and i just watch daddys little girl

  • Samantha Lusk Cleveland ohio

    Mr. Perry. I love and have a lot of honor and respect for your work and success. I lost my son two years ago from migraines that lead into a seizure and it turn into a massive stoke. I have been writing to keep from losing it. I miss him dearly. I wrote two books they are on Amazon. I have been doing ok with book signings not not well on the Amazon. People say they Are great books. I pray someday you would read them and hopefully God can make a miracle happen. They are great books .I'm on my third one now. After my son passed I just can't stop writing. My books are called born cursed so let the truth be told. This is my life story. The other is called speak for yourself. Could you fine it in your heart to get these books. May God bless you.

  • Veronica East L.A.

    Trejo I love it the movie

  • John Houston tx

    Ireally love this make me cry

  • cliff benningfield philadelphia pa

    I love this movie I am a single dad and some of the stuff he goes through I went through and it hits home with me i just wish I could watch it again I have only seen it on tbs but it was one of the best Tyler Perry movies if not the best movie he has done but it definitely is one of my favorite movies of all time

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