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You Know I'm Reading Your Comments!

You know I'm reading your comments, right? I'm so glad you're pleased with Alex Cross. You seem to be loving it. May I just take this time to say, "I TOLD YOU SO!!" LOL. Tell somebody what you thought.

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  • Jenny Myrtle Beach, SC

    Mr. Perry, I just wanted to say that your latest movie, 'Alex Cross', was phenomenal!!! My husband and I enjoyed watching the movie! Totally AWESOME!!!

  • Jo Ann McBride wichita ks

    I just want to say i think you are awesome in every aspect. I appreciate what you have given to us. You have given to us a piece of you and we are all the better for it. Keep doing such great work. We love you! From my heart you to yours . . Jo

  • Dorrette Gordon nj

    Mr.Perry love your work God bless.Know I didnt pay my light lol.how do I talk to you on a situation none puplic?Bless up mr.Perry

  • Victoria Taylor Jersey

    Tyler Perry, Alex Cross what a surprise! You and Ed Norton MUST do another "buddy" movie,great acting individually and working off each other. You and Matthew Fox really acted like you hated each other and believe me he totally acted out a character that needed no justice or sympathy. I NEVER view violent movies, but because I have forever been an Ed Norton fan I didn't want to miss him acting with you. Again I must say I was very pleasantly surprised! Thanks for showing the world that successful people are that way because they take chances and changes by believing in themselves when sometimes no one else will. Your prayers and faith will continue to be a blessing to all who have eyes to "see".

  • Dora Austin, Texas

    I personally loved your performance in Alex Cross as much as I wish that the characters and the plot in the movie weren't so one dimensional. It was a different setting for me when it comes to a movie you're in, because when you write a movie, you make sure the characters have a back story to help them come to life along with the overall premise. It seems as though that was one thing that really peeved me about the movie. I myself am a screenwriter/director, well aspiring, so when it comes to movies, I do over analyze them. Aside from that, I loved what you did for the character of Alex Cross and wish that the writers next time decide to give your character more back bone if more Alex Cross movies are in the future. Great work overall and patiently waiting to see what other projects you have up ahead in the future :)

  • Bethany BartlettQUEEN32 WEST ORLANDO


  • Kandis S. Burney Atlanta, GA

    I am interested in increasing your bottom line for the Tyler Perry Foundation.

  • Jennette Perkins Washington USA

    Tyler, I just left the theater watching Alex Cross. OMG! Tyler you were awesome in this movie. You are so talented! I was so impressed. Keep up the good work. I would love to see you in more movies. I love Madea but I also love you as Tyler. No matter what you do, you send a message and that is what it is all about. Have you ever thought about playing the bad guy in a movie? Do you think that would hurt your ratings? I think you can do anything you set out to do. Love you Tyler...and if I could hug you and shake your hand right now I would. GREAT JOB!!! Jen


    I hope you got bail money for me...lol....so, I'm sitting in library minding my own business....guys are talking "you know the 3 men I hate the most right now are Obama, Biden, and that sissy Tyler Perry" ....."they want to run the world....I hate them and I hope they know it...." me "Well now I hope you are not that bold to sit here and think I'm not going to let you know its okay if you have an opinion but, at least have some valid reasons on hating someone" he said"they ain't done nothing for me" me" how did you pay for college " he said florida bright future and pell grant and my grandparents" I said " well looks to me you should send the president a letter of thank you for not CUTTING FINANCIAL AIDE AND ALLOWING ME TO RECIEVE THE EDUCATION I AM RECIEVING....AND AS FOR TYLER PERRY I LIKE HIM AND I AM HIS BIGGEST FAN AND THE NEXT TIME YOU GOING TO SAY SOMETHING NEGATIVE ABOUT HIM OR ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER YOU MIGHT WANT TO SAY IT IN THE PRIVACY OF YOUR HOME AND GO SIGN UP FOR A SOCIOLOGY AND PSYCOLOGY CLASS SO THAT YOU CAN LEARN HOW TO DEAL WITH PEOPLE AND THE HOW THE MIND WORKS...IF YOU MAKE THOSE COMMENTS AROUND THE WRONG PERSON YOU MIGHT GET YOUR ASSESTS KICKED......IJS....." DROP THE MIC AND LEFT THE LIBRARY.....LONDA

  • Ilona Reece Winnipeg, Manitoba

    I went to see Alex Cross last night...you were GREAT!!!! I live in a city that rarely brings your movies here so I can't tell you how excited I was to see it came here on opening day(Unfortunately I had to wait till Tuesday to see it) I absolutely will ALWAYS support you in what ever you do because I love everything you do and everything you are about! Lots of love for you from this Canadian girl :)

  • Mary Cicero

    I just saw the new madea movie loved it can't wait for more I miss seeing Mr. Brown And his daughter in the movie but its was Great three Thumbs up for Raymons mother that lady was great and the story was great all in all A plus Plus keep up the great work can't wait to see more Christmass movie and thanksginving and east movie wow A Plus Plus you deserve it.

  • Crystal Green Tifton, GA

    Hello Tyler My sister's, My daughter, My granddaughter and Myself all went to see Alex Cross in three diffrent states at the same time on the same day and we all got on facebook and said how much we really liked it. You showed your ability to do bigger and greater things and as I turn 43 today I realize that I too can do greater and wonderful things through Christ Jesus who motivates us all through His strength we are more than conqueror's so you keep up the good work and know that I love you my family loves you and we pray that God continues to bless you :)

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