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You Know I'm Reading Your Comments!

You know I'm reading your comments, right? I'm so glad you're pleased with Alex Cross. You seem to be loving it. May I just take this time to say, "I TOLD YOU SO!!" LOL. Tell somebody what you thought.

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  • Quameya Durham Nc

    just wanted to know how I can get on a set with you I am a very good actress I have seen all your plays and I am a very good madea\mr brown actress, and an all around funny person would love to be apart of your crew.

  • GEnevieve Nigeria

    The alex cross movie was really NYC actually ,for Sumone lyk u 2 act dat movie it was really fantastic ,hope 2 see more of dis frm u...by d way u are a great man

  • Rebecca Goods Hawaii

    Hello Mr. Tyler, I don't want anything but to tell u I'm a struggling single parent just like many others, my life has been a hard one, I almo fellikd giving up when my Father died the same time your mother passed, Decemb, er 23 2009, u see he was the only giving caring man I'v' ever known, and did everything for his kids and wife before himself, just not enough room or time I'm sure to share, I use to get so angry because I couldn't understand why the good people would suhave no ideaffer so much more in life and then only to leave the earth not even half a year before retirement he falls ill on my mothers birthday, rushed to the hospital, I'm pregnant at the time and they're both in the mainland, he fights for 3 months in the hospital. and a good one, dies before I could say good bye, still not over it, 2 days before Christmas, was so mad but just so u know, ur plays and movies have slowly helped me understand a lot in my life, u don't know me and don't realize how closed up I am, I just want to thank u for helping me not be so angry at the world , u just

  • Evelyn Englewood, NJ

    I am stepping out on faith, no games...this is for real. God is giving me the courage, the rest is up to you. I wrote a book with guidance of the Holy Spirit, it's called "Pleased Heal the Doctor" It's been getting wonderful reviews. People say it would make a good play or movie. I don't know if you use work by people other than yourself,if so, Check it out. I think you'll like it

  • shookey stanton

    keep up the good work your fan shookey, new orleans in the house

  • Patricia Henderson orlando fl 32835

    Could please make a movie or sitcom about parents that are afraid of Discipline there children because they might be going to jail..or in today world Grandparents or raising there grandchildren. And they cant even get child support from there efforts.There should be a law about grandparent should be able to get child support.There should be an example set. Grandparent are on fix income for there self and they have to add an extra mouth or mouths to feed and take care of ..

  • aggie va

    Ok Mr. Perry, I am new at this twitter deal again (lol). I am enrolled at my senior age to keep on learning at a local unirvesity. So with that said even if I win the powerball tonite I will continue with my school work. Money does not bring knowledge, it might make me comfortable in my quest to make this a better world

  • jerrine ksonville fl

    please contact me i need help for my husband that i love dearly

  • Deborah Hall 95336

    Hi Tyler...... more magazines should put you on their covers you are sexy as hell! Just sayin'

  • Margo Martinez Topeka, KS.

    Looking forward to seeing Alex Cross. Keep stretching Tyler! Peace, Margo

  • Sharon Danville, KY

    I also loved "Alex Cross". This was a good role for you, Tyler. I knew you could do it! I had to laugh at the pic of your fridge the day after Thanksgiving. You must get thirsty a lot. I don't buy soda even though I like it because I know it's not good for your body. I have sugar-free lemonade, a jug of water, a carton of vanilla soy milk and an opened bottle of wine that I have had for a couple of months. The lemonade is my 'go to' drink every time I open the door. It's in a large glass with a straw. I have to have easy access because at my age hot flashes are something to be dealt with immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    • GEnevieve Nigeria #1774013

      Are u crious is dis d rubbish u are rytin ,u are just 2 comment on his works not tell him d story of ur Borin lyf.i don't think he wants 2 know...next tym pls comment with sense..thank u

    • Jennifer Burris #1774517

      Judge much? Don't tell someone what they should or should not post. Are you the Perry Post Police? Let people post what they want and stop being ugly!

  • j*** walker oklahoma

    Hello Mr. PERRY, I am J*** Walker a humble man of God here in Oklahoma, God has put itbon my heart to launch a campaign to bring a million souls to Christ. Im not asking for any finances nor handouts but simply an endorsement because ik many believers & non believers follow you..I believe your example of overcoming is a true testimony to how Faith in God changes things..I pray you read this and can assist in bringing souls to the Lord thanks

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