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You Know I'm Reading Your Comments!

You know I'm reading your comments, right? I'm so glad you're pleased with Alex Cross. You seem to be loving it. May I just take this time to say, "I TOLD YOU SO!!" LOL. Tell somebody what you thought.

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  • Ebony Arlington, TX

    Hello Tyler, you movie was Amazing. I wanted to go... just to support you. I asked my mom to go with me but she did want to go because she said, "Tyler can't play in an action movie". I said, come on.. Let just support him. She told me, "Ebony, he is rich enough... he doesn't need our support, he will be ok" I said well I don't care how rich he is, he is an amazing person and I want to support him. I finally convinced her to go with me today. The movie was AMAZING..GREAT..WONDERFUL... When we left the movies my mom was like, "that was GOOODDDD... People just don't want Tyler to make it doing something different." I said "helllloooo you were a non believer b4 you saw the movie, remember, you didn't want to go." "you said Tyler can't do action" she said "oh...did i say that.. I don't remember" smh at my mom. She now believes what I already know... You are great in anything you do or you are apart of. (though I don't ever want you to stop doing comedy..because comedy is medicine to the soul "especaily Madea") But anytime you want to step out and do something different, I will be there to support you. Signed, Ebony (a believer... who made another person believe)


    Hi Tyler i went to see alex cross today omg!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I was on the edge of my seat though the entire movie.(CONGRATULATIONS IM SO PROUD OF YOU)!!!!! Keep doing what you do.LOVE YA!!!.

  • Karen Brooks Petersburg, Virginia

    Hello Tyler, How are you? My Husband and I went to see Alex Cross Friday. AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME movie! We are soooo PROUD OF YOU! It was indeed different. I cried and got angry when your wife died. I could barely take it when your daughter cried. You are the BEST and I don't know what I would do without myself some TYLER PERRY. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR NEXT MOVIE. SORRY FOR RUSHING YOU BUT I NEED TO SEE TYLER PERRY ON THE SCREEN :)

  • Joanna Dotson Sevierville, Tn

    Followed your work for several years. Proud of you for scoring a big role.

  • Monique GA

    Saw the movie yesterday and I must say I enjoyed it, not that I had any doubt. Very proud of you stepping out of your comfort zone. Keep up the good work.

  • T'LaTela SWATL

    Hey Mr. Perry, I just saw Alex Cross and thought it was very good. It was nothing like the headlines of these negative reviews. The reviews seem to be a conjointed effort to discredit you and your abilities, yet again. I'm glad to say for myself and the nearly full theater of audience goers who applauded "Alex Cross" when the credits rolled, that you have managed to confound and discredit them once again. Congratulations and don't stop! Peace! T

  • Bobbie Rancho Cucamonga, CA

    I am in Love with Alex Cross... Suspense was on! Congrats!

  • ShaNee' S. Jeffers Duluth Ga

    Hi Ty, I watched your movie Alex Cross soon after I heard your full interview on the Steve Harvey morning radio show in ATL. You said that "they" don't think we like action movies and such..just comedy. I told others about this myth being put upon African Americans and that they should support U, not just because ur movie is really really good, but so more movies like it, with people who r African American leading in the roles, can be made and produced on the big screen across the nation. Great Job. God Bless You For Pilgraming the way for so many.

  • Camille CreativeSoul Alexander Detroit Mi

    Just wanted to stop by and say that I really enjoyed Alex Cross! My husband and I went to see it on opening night. Whether you're wearing a dress or a suit with a badge, you're great! I think you're a strong wonderful actor and as I was watching the movie, I honestly never thought about Madea once. I honestly didn't see that character while watching the movie. I guess I zoned out or something. lol. Your versatility and your willingness to branch out and not be defined by one character is great. I must say that I was truly DISTURBED by the reviews. I thought they were harsh, untrue and borderline ignorant. I'm sure that you have your feet planted firmly on the ground, but I just want to encourage you to continue & keep going as far as you can go. Forget what the naysayers have to say and continue using the gift that God has bestowed upon you. And I know you don't do this solely for the money but as Tupac once said in his song, "If they hate then let'um hate and watch the money pile up!" Faithful Fan of your Talent,

  • Stacey East orange,nj

    Omg!!!TylerPerry. Those were the words I said when I went to the movies on Friday to see Alex Cross. Let me start by saying I absolutely loved it. I took my mom for her birthday on Friday she could not stop talking about it...action from beginning to end... My sis brother in law and a close friend of the family all went and we really enjoyed it. My opinion it was the best yet...keep up the good work and let God continue to use you...

  • Chunnell .Miller texas

    Mr.TYLER PERRY you don't have anything to worry about every thing you do and touch is awesome because you have the King of Kings as your father .He will not let you down you know that he loves his son to much to let you be disappointed. So keep your head up because again you have nailed the part of Alex Cross just like I knew you would .So don't you dare worry about the haters cause they will just make you stronger because they are truly jealous of what god is doing in your life elevating you to your next level .And HollyWood haters can't understand the things of gods kingdom and how it works .Only his real sons and daughters understand what is happening to you so you keep on doing what god has blessed you to do .He has gifted you with so many wonderful talents to sing,to write,to direct movies ,and produce,to rap, and be a great comedian,and bless so many actors and actress to work you are truly an Angel on this earth .I'M so glad God has blessed you to be here during my generational time to see it all .Me and my family and friends will always support what you do because we love you keep on doing what god tells you to do .WE will always keep you in our prayers love the Miller family .

  • Julz Fresno,CA

    My Pastor Jamal H Bryant just preached a sermon that you should hear (9:30 service)...You were always destined for the role of Alex Cross, just as one day I hope to see you in the role of Blade Navarone... I thoroughly enjoyed Alex Cross and look forward to your future endeavors! Always a supportive Black Woman, Julz

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