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You Did It Again!!!

Hey Happy Easter,

Well, where can I start? I just want to say thank you for going to see Temptation at the movie theaters. You have no idea what this means to me. After 14 movies you are still coming, and many more people have joined in to support what I do. I say this often but you need to know it’s true, I never assume that you are going to show up, but thank you for doing so. Because you went to the movies to see this film all of my employees are very happy at Tyler Perry Studios…LOL. Just know I’m grateful.

I've been hanging out all weekend on my message board and on Facebook to see what you thought and wow! Some of the most powerful things I have ever read are on my message board. Thank you for opening up your lives and sharing your stories - stories of betrayal and of your own temptation, but most of all thank you for letting me know that this movie gave you hope or a new outlook, which is what it's all about for me. There were several testimonials of how this movie has spoken to marriages. One person wrote, "Thank you for this film, now I have closure." Several of you said that I must have been peeking in your window because this movie was too close to home. Another lady said that she left feeling hopeful, and another couple went home talking about how this movie stopped both of them from making the wrong decision. You have no idea how this moves me.

Again, thank you.

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  • Mariseliz Worcester MA

    Mr.Perry, My fiancée and I thoroughly enjoy all of your films. We enjoy them because not only do they teach important life lessons, but every person on your audience can relate to one orate of the characters . I would like to thank you for sharing your gift and stories. It was truly an awesome film :-)

  • Kelly AZ

    Mr. Perry, Props to whoever made the commercial. My favorite scene was when Brice broke the pencil. The moment not only exemplified his anger and passion, but also his strength. It was a great comedy!

  • Hope south Africa

    Can't wait to watch the movie , but looking at the pre view on you tube I m already hocked .. I just want to say thank you to you all your movies teach us about reality , its things that are happening we just need a wake up call , U are truly a gifted man of God . Please bring it sooner this side .. N keep up the wonderful work ..

  • Jamie Jordan Canaday Florida

    The movies You make are spectaculer! I have watched just about every one to date(even the plays) I can't decide which I like better. The movies are full of class taste and good advice if You look past the plot of the whole. The plays You ad lib ALOT more and You will occasionally s*** out of character long enough to make the crowd laugh harder. You are a wonderful writer director and actor. Keep up the good work because God is using You in a way that is outstanding. Each one of your movies/plays is full of HIS presence. Yet at the same time it has it's way of atracting the"worldly" crowd. So people whether they go to church or not on a regular basis will be made aware of God'sword through you . he is using You to plant mustard seeds Mr.Perry and it isn't just your local area it is world wide. GOD BLESS YOU/madea always.

  • Ndihone South Afica

    Cant wait to watch the movie in South Afica, reading from the comments, it sounds to nice, but I know Tyler doesn't disappoint. Please bring it sooner, Much love

  • Marnette Ingram Los Angeles

    Mr. Perry, I would like you to know that I have seen every play and every movie. Thank you so much for bringing to the forefront some of the issues that are devastating our families and relationships. Thank you so much for the ending in the movie Temptation. It was an abrupt reminder that our actions have consequences and that those consequences may not always be in our favor.

  • DELORES Memphis.TN

    Hi Tyler.I am going make this short and sweet.I enjoyed the movie Kim k. did a wonderful job.I dont know what the big deal about her been in the movie.That girl can act.Another Great Movie!!!!!!!! you keep making them and i am going keep coming to see them.(LOVE YA)

  • J.Fuller Helotes, TX

    Tyler, Regardless of what the crictics say about you casting Kim K. in your movie, she made a perfect fit for role of a arrogant b****. Also I want to thank you for inspiring me to work out the issues in my own marriage before my wife seeks out a "Harley" of her own. To me, this is your finest serious work to date. Madea would be proud of you!!!

  • Ms. Proverbs Owings Mills. Maryland

    Hi Tyler, I was just thinking about this before I rest my eyes on tonight and I hope that you are resting too. Hopefully one day sooner rather than later I can share with you some of the Lessons that I've learned and testimony....God is sooooo Good! I love him..I really do...Sweet Jesus..Tyler Thank You for sending this powerful inspirational message to us through Temptation movie. It also brought forth a message of warning too. Again, Thank you So Much Two Thumbs Up..Job Well Done... Your work is an Original and not Tainted by the world but is Anointed and Touched by God (*-*)Please rest and relax before your next God Given assignment...OK...While I'm posting this I'm smiling (*-*) because the Hand of God is on your life..You are blessed and highly favored...Rejoicing for you and with you...Let the Church Say Amen....Aaaaaaamen..LOL! Good Night Sir Ms. Proverbs

  • Dionne New York

    This movie was such a blessing! I left the theatre thinking about how decisions can change the course of your life. The message was very clear and relevant. Thanks for letting God use you, this was your best movie yet! I thought about the opposition you often experience, no weapon formed against you will prosper!

  • Rosita

    Great Movie!!! And great timing..Took the family.And all of us left with a different out look. So Thankful that God is moving in the lives of people. Your Movie and The Bible, That's on Tv. And it's Easter Sunday!! God is alive!! And God is a God of a Second Chance!! You told us Thank You for going. I'm saying Thank you to you. Thank You Mr. Perry!! P.S. I wasn't happy about Kim being in the movie. I posted that a few months ago. But I learned something. God uses who He choices. For his purpose. We just have to be ready, faithful and most of all. Don't judge.

  • Dawn Birmingham

    Thank you for continuing to be an honest storyteller. There are consequence for our actions and you showed that, a honest ending not a fairytale.

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