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Y'all Got Me Dancing Again... LOL

I won't make this too long 'cause I know you have things to do :-). On behalf of all these actors who are getting their first real break, on behalf of the entire crew at TPS, on behalf of OWN, Oprah and myself...

God bless you for what you have done for all of us. We had another record-breaking night last night with the premiere of Love Thy Neighbor.

This could have only happened with you all watching. Thank you.

See you on OWN next Tuesday and Wednesday. Same time, same place. The Haves And The Have Nots is going to blow you away next Tuesday. And of course, we will be laughing all night next Wednesday with Love Thy Neighbor.  

And listen, for all those who you know that haven't seen these shows... fill 'em in would you? :-) Gotta tell 'em what they're missing.

Thank you all. My prayer for you is that many people sow into your dreams as you have sown into mine.

Be well and God bless.

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  • Wydeia Williams Philadelphia, PA

    You deserve your dance. We are dancing with you. Congratulations to you and Ms. O.

  • Brite-I Oregon via Reserve

    How every crazy it maybe - To God be the Glory... I say norvena for Patti not knowing which saint for yet 9 days and nine applications... All I can see is benefits.. I hope all is well and that you are able to find your quiet space.. I send warm blessings your way... SAY RESPITE :) :) Geesh !!!!!!

  • Nina los angeles

    YOU ARE AWESOME. Gosh I thought Drsebiproducts.com was awesome but you are to movies as drsebiproducts.com is to healing with herbs. Love you TO pieces. Tyler Perry for laughter and Drsebiproducts.com for healing. That's all you need. Oh now WE KNOW JESUS IS FIRST.


    I wish you'd get me dancing again. How? By bringing "Meet the Brown's" back. Mr. Brown, Cora, Will, Sasha...please!

    • Robyn Fort Wayne IN #1838108

      I agree! I still watch the re runs everyday at 4pm lol Meet The Browns always had me laughing in every episode.

  • Karen Brown IL

    Awesome!!! It is great to hear you are dancing again. The new shows are wonderful. They are a great reflection of who you are and your experiences in life. You have blessed us all with your gift and in return we show our love back by showing up for you. I pray your continued success. Blessing Karen

  • Y'all Intercessor prayer garden

    God bless you, too. And, my pleasure. Hope to talk soon. Can't wait to see you dance again.

  • Ms. Proverbs Owings Mills, Maryland

    Hi Tyler I received your prayer spoken over my life in the name of Jesus :-) I wanted to bless you this morning with the Word of God .....Psalm 91:1-16...God loves you Keep doing what you are doing God is so pleased with you..I'm so glad you have a relationship with God...To God be the Glory! Tyler I'm dancing with you literally stomping on the devil's head because he's under our feet (that is where he belongs) Have A Bless Weekend Sir :-) Ms. Proverbs

    • Grateful Souls United States #1837626

      AMEN........IN JESUS NAME!

  • Andrea Knox United States

    Hello Tyler, Your welcome sugar! Just to be close to you, Touch somebody's life its the only way to show our fathers love. love always, Andrea

  • Abraham Canada

    I have a story written for Denzel & Halle. You are the perfect person to do this! Tyler, 5 minutes of your time, How about it :)

  • Brite - I Oregon via LaPlace

    Wondering how you are doing ????? or better yet how are you feeling :XOXO @@)----XOXO What does Gods Grace feels like ?##########? Is you body totally numb :) :) :) are you in a state of disbelief ??????????? what does " Fitting Inside Your Gifts " truly mean ? <---------------->? I can only emagine for I know it is a feeling that is greater than any feeling, for " God is Letting you know that he is God " !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lean not to your own understanding allow God to be God through you. :) :) :) Be Blessed and kepted ....... ....... ....... >>>

  • Carol SC

    Still Loving My Neighbors,Have My Smile and Have Not Stop Dancing even tho My three Oscars(fish) are no longer watching through the glass tank:) fun watching Oprah making sounds while taping that was funny.enjoyed all your new movies. Thank You, U GO:)

  • NOT FAIR ...Again LV, NV

    Can I at least get a dance with you? I'm thinking about the part in Good Deeds - I loved it, LOL!

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