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Y'all Got Me Dancing Again... LOL

I won't make this too long 'cause I know you have things to do :-). On behalf of all these actors who are getting their first real break, on behalf of the entire crew at TPS, on behalf of OWN, Oprah and myself...

God bless you for what you have done for all of us. We had another record-breaking night last night with the premiere of Love Thy Neighbor.

This could have only happened with you all watching. Thank you.

See you on OWN next Tuesday and Wednesday. Same time, same place. The Haves And The Have Nots is going to blow you away next Tuesday. And of course, we will be laughing all night next Wednesday with Love Thy Neighbor.  

And listen, for all those who you know that haven't seen these shows... fill 'em in would you? :-) Gotta tell 'em what they're missing.

Thank you all. My prayer for you is that many people sow into your dreams as you have sown into mine.

Be well and God bless.


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  • M.H

    I guess you're not speaking to me anymore? I deserve it. I guess you couldn't hold on to me anymore. Were you just a limb for a couple of seasons for me? thank you for all you have done for me. I love you and it was nice responding to me for a while. You did say,"Food for thought. You will be left with people who love being abused." Going to conversate with Jehovah

  • Marian MD

    Thank you for giving these people an opportunity to use their talents! M.

  • Wanda Taylor Long Beach, Ca. 90810

    I have watched all of your plays, movies and sitcoms. But this new one that you have out "Love Thy Neighbor", it isn't that funny to me. I Love Hatti, but the other actors and actresses aren't funny at all it appears to me that they are trying to hard. The story lines are good, but just if you can sit back and watch and maybe you will notice what I am seeing.

  • Day Dreamer Cloud Nine, USA

    Hi Tyler, When I read the words "Y'all Got Me Dancing Again..." I immediately thought of you dancing in the movie "Good Deeds" to the 2-P-A-C song. :-) I LOVE to watch you dance. It brings my soul so much joy to see that part of the movie. I know that feeling of when things finally turn around in your life and you can't help but dance. I want to share some of the words that have helped me to overcome some of my fears. Someone in the world needs to hear this today. I went to see "After Earth" with Will and Jaden Smith. I would have paid full price just to see and hear the segment where he imparts wisdom to his son. It went a little something like this: "Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination causing us to fear things that DO not at present and may not EVER exist. That is near insanity... Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real, but fear is a choice. We are all telling ourselves a story and that day mine changed." WOW!! Those are powerful words to live by if we can just completely digest them. It was like hearing about your fear of flying, so you became a pilot. This was not the first time that Will has raised my IQ with his words to his son. In "The Pursuit of Happyness" there was a scene dubbed "Basketball and Dreams" where Will's character originally tells Jaden's character that he can only expect to be "below average" in basketball because that was the level he had achieved. When Jaden's soul sinks after hearing those words, Will says: "Don't ever let somebody tell you, you can't do something. You have a DREAM, you got to protect it. When people can't do something themselves, they want to tell you YOU can't do it. You want something...GO GET IT...period." Words are mightier than the sword. We must have FAITH that we are far greater than our expectations for ourselves. In "Roots" there is a scene where the father takes the new born child out under the infinite, starry sky and lifts him up to the heavens and proclaims "Behold the ONLY thing greater than yourself!" God is the only thing greater than ourselves and He loves us, so what have we to fear? O.K. One more thing before the benediction. :-) In your famous last words..."I don't know what's out there or what's waiting for me, but whatever it is I'm going to FIND it." I know my purpose on the planet... I am a WRITER. I may look like a "scrub", but I am called to be a "scribe". I will write for you someday. I CLAIM IT in the name of JESUS! I Love You Tyler, Day Dreamer

  • Y'all Ellen's show

    Thank you for letting me see you dancing again, but now Y'all wants to see you dancing in person. :)

  • Felicia Baker Fresno, CA

    Hello Tyler congratulations on your successful new sitcoms being on OWN Television. I watch your programs and Oprah's Life Classes which are awesome as you already know. I thank GOD for allowing a successful black women to have her own cable network. GOD is so Awesome...

  • Chennel Connecticut

    Mr. Perry You are my hero you have made me laugh when I thought that my life was over being a single mother Of 4 kids 19 boy 15 girl 12 girl and 3 girl and I have had Many bad days that only you could make better and I Want to say thank God for you everyday because you Don't know the impact you have on so many of us , you Are our Angel thank you

  • Mary T

    About to watch the Heat and Pacer game will be right back at you on the topic of Closed doors. Love you much.

  • Mary T

    I would be jumping shouting and dancing to. Let's take a journey back on your life. Before we get started tell Oprah what she couldn't have chosen a better man to partner with your the best by far Tyler tell her to look out she is really going to be blessed. Enough said back to your journey. You started off with the parrots around 5or6 yrs old. Decided you wanted your own little people to take care of. Went through some ruff times growing up but yet and still had this big dream to take care of the little people. Stuck by momma Maxcine all she whet through and yet she trusted God and gave you Jesus. Left home was homeless, slept in your car worked many jobs saved your money. Did your first play nothing and just when you decided to throw in your dream God said yes ONE yes from God is all it took. And look at you now. I said all that to say ALL YOU HAD WAS GOD AND A DREAM. YOU DIDN'T MENTION GOING COLLEGE ACTING SCHOOL. ANY OF IT. I'M NOT KNOCKING COLLEGE GO IF THATS YOUR JOURNEY. I'M JUST SAYING TYLER YOU KEPT GOD FIRST, A JOURNAL AND THAT WAS YOUR SCRIPT TO YOUR SUCCESS. GO AHEAD AND DANCE!!!!!! : ) I'M DANCING TO.

  • Ms. Proverbs Owings Mills, Maryland

    Tyler :-) is all I can say this morning "I'm Gon Be Good" Help Me Lawd..Halleluyer!!! LOL! God Bless Ms. Proverbs :-)

  • Ray Askins Pell City , Alabama

    Mr. Perry , Thank you for helping spread our lords work. I had a feeling years ago before everything hit, when I heard you do all the parts one night in Ga, that you would do it. Hope you and yours are doing ok. Thank you for reminding me of your grandma singing , I don't know why but that good ole gospel, just makes me feel Jesus is alive and with me. And Madea reminds me so much of who raised me. Sometimes it's lonely, so many good souls have passed on, the old body starting to fall apart, but what you create, reminds me we have someone, our savior to hold our hand because he lives us. Hope to meet you some day, let me know if you need any help. Sincerely, Ray Askins in Alabama

  • Shavon Steele Palmdale, Ca

    I loved, "The Haves and Have Nots"! The twists and turns in every scene had me on edge, pulse racing, heart beating fast and not wanting to go to the bathroom! :-D I didn't want to miss anything, even though I was recording it! LOL! :-D The only thing that bothered me were the dark scenes. Both episodes were very dark. I even adjusted the settings on my TV and it was still dark. After these first two airing, I'm sure you noticed and corrected it. I can tell by the trailers for next weeks episodes it already looks brighter. :-) Thank you Mr. Perry for making OWN more enjoyable and entertaining with this "soap" and comedy, "Love Thy Neighbor."

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