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Why Did I Put All My Money Into This?

Why did I put all my money into this? Is this going to work? God, do you hear me? Where are the people? I’m so scared. How will I pay these people? Why did I do this? I can’t pay my rent, they are going to repossess my car…

The year was 1992, July 8th-12th. All these questions were crowding my mind.  I was a 22-year old wannabe... but what I wanted to be I didn’t know. All I knew was that I had written this play about adult survivors of child abuse and I wanted the world to see it. I was so sure that it was going to work that I put my own money into the show.

I had worked as a used car salesman and a bill collector and saved my income tax check and my bonuses. I took that money and hired a cast and built a set and rented a very small theater in Atlanta called the 14th Street Playhouse. I had done all the math in my head: I was going to perform 6 shows, 200 people a show, for a total of 1,200 people. The tickets were $12 and I was going to make $14,000 and be rich… LOL. I was going to give my tithe to the church, give my mother some money, pay my rent (that was two months behind), get my car payment caught up and live happily ever after. I knew as sure as I am sitting here that it was all going to be all right. I had prayed that thang out, as they say in the Baptist church… LOL. Looking back on it now I can laugh, but back then it wasn’t so funny. What I quickly realized is that prayer alone will not always get the results you want. As much work as I did, I didn’t do enough to promote the show. More work was needed to go along with my faith.

I was expecting 1,200 people but only 30 showed up. I was devastated. I thought my dreams were dead. Based off this one thing I thought my life was over. Based on this one failure (what I thought was a failure but it clearly wasn’t), I thought that the rest of my life would be ruined. Needless to say, looking back on it, it was all a part of God’s plan and amazing design for my life. And God has a plan for all of our lives.

Today I celebrate my 20th anniversary in show business. It’s been an amazing journey, one that I will detail in my autobiography one day. You would be surprised, inspired, angry and blown away with what I’ve endured to be here, but until then I’d like to share a little inspiration with you. So many times we think that because one thing didn’t go as planned we should give up on it. So many people leave their dreams dying on the floor, gasping for air because it didn’t work out the first time. Be it marriage, business, children, faith, whatever your dream is, you can't give up because it didn’t go as planned. If I had walked away because it didn’t work you wouldn’t be reading this. I had to keep moving. Yes, there were setbacks. Yes, it was difficult, but I got to see my dreams come to pass because I never stopped moving forward, I never stopped praying and most of all I never stopped believing. DON’T STOP BELIEVING!!!! PLEASE DON’T STOP BELIEVING!!! Say this to yourself out loud right now: “DON’T STOP BELIEVING”, and repeat it to yourself whenever you doubt that you can make it.

What you must understand is that everything, all of it, the good the bad and the ugly, it all works together for your good. If you love the Lord you are called according to His purpose. What’s His purpose for you? If you’re not sure, seek it and all your dreams will come true.

To all my dreamers, to all the people who have invested in themselves, to all the people who have the same questions that I did, hear me when I say this: YOU CAN DO IT!!


God Bless you, in Jesus' name, AMEN!


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  • Jerald Simmons Atlanta, Ga.

    Mr. Perry I'm sitting here listening to Center of My Joy and reading your post! I feel so empty inside but I know God sent me to your page! I'm a Father of three on disability barely living! I've had a lot of set backs in my life and I'm running out of steam! I was in a wheel chair for 1 year and was told I'd never walk again but I'm walking because like you said never give up! I've got a non curable disease that will kill me one day but I won't give up! I've had a dream every since I was a child to become an actor but my dream never happened! I want to secure my children's future before I die and I know if given the chance I can be a great actor and make my children proud of me! I pray to God you read this and feel my pain through my words and contact me with that chance! I'm a big fan and may God continue to Bless you and all you do!

    • Joy MIamI, Fl #1717973

      God is able to heal any and every disease. Be encouraged, dont give up. Hold on to your faith and your dreams!!!

  • Mirian Soldineer Spring Hill Fl

    Just like to say Congratulations to you, and its your good heart that god saw, and blessed you in many ways.

  • Topplez Corporation Huber Heights, Ohio

    Oh yeah! I have never heard it put just the way it truly is. My praying and having faith as 'big as a grain of mustard seed' was not enough to give me all my wants and desires. That's what made me realize "you can't have everything" otherwise I would have everything - because I have believed so hard with faith (I thought) was "strong enough to move mountains." I too realized that prayer alone is not the key or everyone would have everything they want. I did say out loud "DON'T STOP BELIEVING." Through the tears that fell when I said it, I hope I can believe it. Thanks Doc for listening. Sincerely, Davita

  • Obioma Martin Philadelphia

    Your testimony has encourage me. I am a small business owner of a training organization called OMART Training @ Development. I teach child development classes and people how to open and manage qualiity child care centers. I have a dream of being the first black early childhood training center. I have the center but my own people do not come to me for training. My business comes from other ethinic groups and it's very discouraging. I am ready to leave the field due to a lack of support. I don't make enough to keep the rent paid or feed my family. Your testimony has really encouraged me to stay on course. God Bless you and I love your work. Your sister in Christ Obioma Martin

    • Therice Denby Philadelphia #1709624

      Wow, I encounter the same issues daily. But your day will come just hold on. That's what I tell myself everyday. God Bless You

  • Raphael & Tikia Van Putten Miami,Fl.

    Tyler You are an inspiration to My wife and I not only because of who you are but because the journey that you have been willing to endure continues to motivate others to never give up. We are determined to continue chasing our dreams knowing now more than ever we can as well achieve them. We are working on the pilot to a sitcom/dramedy this summer 2012 and look forward to eventually working with you along our journey to accomplishing our dreams and returning our communities, "Back 2 Hope". Best regards Raphael & Tikia

  • Tip Jones Charlotte, NC

    You are by far THE most inspiring person I've never had the pleasure of meeting. The very first paragraph of this posting is my current reality. . .my inquiries to self. Most that know me, know how I feel about your journey and they know I become increasingly more confident about my journey when you tell stories about yours. From a girl with just an idea, Tip Jones POSE Magazine (magpose.com)

    • Tip Jones Charlotte, NC #1708868

      **correction** You are by far THE most inspiring person I've never had the pleasure of NOT meeting :-). The very first paragraph of this posting is my current reality. . .my inquiries to self. Most that know me, know how I feel about your journey and they know I become increasingly more confident about my journey when you tell stories about yours. From a girl with just an idea, Tip Jones POSE Magazine (magpose.com)

  • brenda san antonio

    U r an amazin man..i hope u have someone special who appreciates everything u do. God bless i and every thing u touch..take care of urself..

  • Cleoni Crawford Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    All I can say is Tyler Perry, YOU ROCK! Love #Swaggerific #VirtuousWoman - PS, please be my mentor, I wanna change the world.

  • Winter Garden, FLORIDA 34787


  • Angel J Kansas City, MO

    That was awesome Tyler, I wish you would have filmed it, but I can imagine how you sound when you said it! Thanks so much for just being you!!It's my dream to meet you one day so I can give you a big hug!

  • Jennifer Lewis Plantation, Fl

    Thank you Tyler, I'm here crying my eyes out... I'm PREGNANT with VISION... & as you said in your inspirational corner, " When the hand of God is upon you, trust & believe it shall come to pass" & " Everything will happened when it's suppose to happen. The Lord has me in a place where I am exposed to POWERFUL world leaders & Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Hob Nobbing with Senators & Congressman and the like. Only to have opportunity present itself & be in the midst of it all and have the power of the anointing's signature all over my life. That the light is so BRIGHT, yet the Lord says. " NOT YET" But the VISION is vast & prophetic. I let go of everyone & anything that was not lining up with Gods plan & purpose for my life. & The Lord still says " NOT YET" Reading this message from you means so much! I will keep on pushing, gaurding my heart & mind along the way to Supreme greatness in God. Yes, it's a process & prunning phase that we all must go through... Congratulations on your 20 years of changing the lives of Millions across the GLOBE... We are all better because of your relentless faith in God & I WILL NOT STOP BELIEVING!! I love you!! Jennifer J <><

  • Janet

    I want to let you know that you are TRULY an inspiration to so many! I thank God for you and I pray many more years of success for you! The words that you've spoken have come at a much needed time for my business partner and I. Thank you, Mr. Perry for your encouragement, for not forgetting where you've come from, and mostly for thinking enough of others that you take time to leave messages such as this! May God continue to richly Bless you mentally, physically and financially! Keep the encouragement coming.

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