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Where Is Your Dress, Tyler?

"You’re not wearing a dress in this movie. Do you think your audience will come and see it? Where is your dress, Tyler?"
I was in a press conference and a reporter asked me this question. You know I had to take a deep breath... LOL. It is so funny how people want you to be in a box. They always want you to do and be one thing. God forbid you try and show them that you can do more than comedy.
I said this to him, "Just because my audience likes one thing, it doesn’t mean that they won't accept me in another. Dress or no dress. I mean, we don’t just like comedies, we like thrillers, dramas, action movies and science fiction as well. Am I right? I went on to explain to this reporter that you all have always stood with me. You not only stand with me but you celebrate me and want to see me do my very best. That’s all you ever ask of me and all I ask of myself. While I am sure that a lot of you will love and support this movie, I also know that thrillers and action is not for everybody. But remember, this movie is still PG-13 and given a chance, I think you will enjoy it so much.
Can you tell how excited I am about Alex Cross? I told James Patterson very early on that if I thought that I couldn’t do it, I would have turned the role down when it was offered to me. I didn’t want to let him down, the Alex Cross fans down, or let you down. Now, with all that said, I JUST WANT YOU TO GO TO THE MOVIES AND SEE IT FOR YOURSELF!!! Alex Cross is a thrill ride from beginning to end. With movies, a lot of times the trailer is better than the movie. Not in this case. Alex Cross delivers on so many levels. You won't be disappointed. I can't wait for you to see it! You be the judge! YOU BE THE JUDGE!!
ALEX CROSS is in theaters October 19th. Are you planning on going?

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  • Jacqueline Jackson Gilbert Arizona

    Hello Tyler:) To all who ask where is your dress I say "correction his dresses will be on the runways across the United States at a theater near you! giggles.... and our feature male model escort will be the clone of ALEX CROSS! Giggles ...... Now how about that! I told you I'm your big sister in my head so any person who messes with you I got you! I love you Tyler:) Love hugs kisses and laughter:)

  • sarah gainesville florida

    I can't wait for tonight....I'm so excited to see this movie...We love you and support you!!! Now go and shine!!!! :)

  • HELEN E USENEKONG Calabar,Nigeria

    Bring out the champagne in celebration Tyler. After Alex Cross opens ,not a few critics of your acting capabilities will eat humble pie. God has your back.

  • Melissa Newark, DE

    Hi Mr. Perry, Of course, we will be going to see the Alex Cross movie! Actually, I can't wait to see it. I just hope my mind doesn't wander and began making comparsions between you and Mr. Morgan Freeman who, by the way, did a great job at portraying Alex Cross. Nonetheless, you got my support and please relay to Mr. James Patterson that I'm a fan of his too. Congratulations on your weight lose and being on both the covers of Essence and Men's Health magazine this month! I read the article in Essence and I love that quote,"The Strength And Power of A Black Woman Is Empowering To Me". I am aware that you were expressing your personal thoughts, but that statement is so true, now if only more people especially Black men in particular could recognize that. Lastly, how did you respond to the reporter who asked you the crazy behind question? Did you have to remind him or her that you are overflowing with milk and honey primarily due to putting on a dress? P.S. I read a few of the popular comments and your online family tell it like it is, don't they? With that being said, God Bless.

  • Angel Vote4Obama Johnson KC TOWN BABY

    I love you Tyler! You're beauiful inside and out. Not very many celebs like u out there! Yeah I'm going to check out Alex Cross, you are great in Dramas! I loved Good Deeds. I wish I coulda played the homeless girl! I'll be in the Sequel! How about that. I'll be the homewrecker. :)

  • demarcus austin,tx

    I will be one of the first ones to see it when the first show starts! I love you tyler perry and I love james patterson too!!

  • Write Michigan

    Congratulations!!!!! I saw an advance preview of the movie last night. Personally, I always knew you had it in you :) You DEFINITELY showed your acting range. I look forward to seeing you in more roles like this. And no, that doesn't mean I'm tired of or didn't like your previous work, I've been on the TP train since IKIBC, the play. I knew then as this movie confirmed that there is so much more to you. I think I read long ago that you wanted to play a villian but wasn't sure how "your" audience would receive you. Well, after what I saw last night, it's time for some more expanded roles. Come on out of your box Tyler and show the world your skills. Congrats again.

  • Andora Florida

    Go on Tyler you on a magazine.all those haters mouth is dropping because you are a child of GOD

  • Anon Over The Rainbow

    Wow!!!!!! @ the Mens Health cover!!!!! *picks jaw up off the floor* :-D YEeeeeAaaaaassssss!!!!!

  • Sandra Holt Sandy Springs Ga

    Mr.Perry their is more to you than putting on a dress that is just a person you play to make us laugh. I have not seen your new movie yet but I am going to see it, and I have no doubt that your fans like myself will love you in this thriller. This will give us a chance to see another side of your genus. This movie Alex Cross may win you your first Academy Award I feel it in my spirit, keep up the good acting. Your fan Sandy H. From Sandy Springs Ga

  • Erica Harrison Cincinnati, Ohio

    Tyler, I try my best to support you and your talent. I believe in you and I know you work as hard as the next person in whatever you do. This is just the beginning of what I'm sure is coming from you in the next few years. As you are an amazing man of God, you are an amazing man who uses your gifts not only to inspire us but as well as yourself. I pray your strength through this journey. Thank you for giving us (your viewers, your supporters, and friends) something to look forward to in life.

  • Mary Pannell New York

    How could I not support you? Every time I buy tickets to your movies it helps you help others, and MAN do you help others. I feel like going to my kitchen, do the holy dance and have one of my 1 hour prayers just writing this. I know you are ordained if just leaving you a note puts me on a spiritual high like this.

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