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When God Asks A Question

I just wrote this to a very dear friend of mine that is going through a tough time. I thought I'd share it with you too.

When I read the bible, I love when God asks a question. He doesn't ask for Himself. He already knows the answer. He asks us because he wants us to understand and get it.

He asked Adam, "Where art thou?" Sometimes we don't realize where we are in life and it takes the voice of God to remind us.

He asked Moses, "What is that that you have in your hand?" Many times the very blessing we need is already in our grasp.

He asked Malachi, "Will a man rob God?" It's so easy to give our time to everything but the work of The Lord.

He asked Ezekiel, "Can these bones live?" Sometimes you may think a situation in your life has died, but God is reminding you that it can live. It's not dead. It's not over.

He asked a lame man, "Wilt thou be made whole?" God already knows He has the power to deliver you but you need to want to be delivered.

He asked Abraham, "Is there anything too hard for God?"

Think about that as you're going through life. I don't care what it looks like. There is nothing too hard for God to do.

Praying for you today. Your friend and brother,

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  • LaTonya United States

    Tyler, if only you knew just how much everything you create has touched my very soul. In my heart you are indeed a friend and a much needed source of light. iHeart you Tyler Perry.

  • June Scott Charles New York, NY

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom of The Word. It makes so much sense the way you broke God's questions down. Questions He already knew the answers to. You bought clarity to me , along with confirmation with this one. God's Word will never return void. Thank you for constantly being such an inspiration to all of us. Love you always...

  • Not gonna say. Just a fan. Texas

    As usual Coach, you are right on time with what I needed this week. My 1st week of the last year of law school is almost over and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. (and hopefully it "ain't" the light calling me to heaven. LOL!) Thanks so much. I am tired of working 3 jobs and going to school full time as a single parent, but I know the vision and dream that God put in my heart will come to fruition when He sees fit to do so.... Btw, I know your birthday is coming up next month and I would like to invite you to the Rickey Anderson Celebrity Golf Tournament that is hosted by the students in our Sport and Entertainment Law Student organization at our school on Sept 14th. Rickey is an attorney that teaches Entertainment Law at our school. I actually got one of the coveted spots in his class this semester. I think there should be a link to the event on the schools webpage at tsulaw.edu at some point. The tournament is to defrey the cost for students that are traveling to the Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association conference in the Dom. Republic in October. If you can't come and golf for your birthday with some of your friends as a team to help the chil'rens (LOL), and you would like to make a donation, send it to the Dean of External Affairs, Miss Prudence Smith, at Thurgood Marshall School of Law (Texas Southern University) in Houston, Tx. I am not asking for myself because then I would have to reveal who I am and that would take all the fun out of me being able to remain anonymous and call you coach. :-) I would prefer that you attend so you can get a break from working and have some "you" time, especially on your birthday. My mom was really big on celebrating birthdays and I am too. Sooooooo if you attend, I would still remain anonymous and not identify myself. (I've gots ta' stay In-cog-negro Coach! ROTFL!) .......Have a great week!......Because I care, T.......I almost forgot to tell you that I am loving the Haves and Have Nots and I am Hooked on Hattie too! I have to run in from Choir rehearsal on Tuesday night and run home from wed night service to catch my shows! You're mind is ab-so- smurfly AMAZING!

  • Burena Morris United States

    It's funny how God's constantly uses others to get his message through; for the most part, there's no way you knew I needed to read your message today exactly when I needed it the most to dry the tears! Amazing how awesome and incredible our God IS..... Thanks Tyler for letting GOD use you over and over again - God Bless!

  • SISTA SONYA Atlanta,Ga

    Thanks that was very positive for your sista as well, God is and will always be in full control of this world. It will be done on earth as it is in heaven. ONE-LOVE..........

  • Wendy Ontario

    Thank you for sharing your light. God knew I needed to hear this. I prayer that someone out there is lighting your path when you're in need as well. Kind Regards.

  • Jackie Ballard Atlanta, GA

    Regarding your message....When God Asks A Question: this message was right on time for me, although I still don't understand why, (speaking of my dads passing, which was 1/2011), and his birthday was yesterday, the day you wrote the message....I needed to read this and look deep within my soul to understand ALL GODS answers to questions that are asked....I pray each and everyday that I LISTEN to what God is telling me and I understand wholeheartedly the answers he gives me....may God bless you Mr. Tyler Perry for all the inspiring messages you have for ALL to read and take something from. Sincerely, Jackie B.

  • Teresa Stanley Jonesboro, Ga

    When God Askes Question.....Thank you so much for that message it was much needed. It came right on time. It really minister to my heart.

  • zenovia New York

    Amen, I am praying for you as well. There is nothing trusting him.

  • Sister Home

    Praying for you, too.

  • Michelle Flagg NC

    "When God Asks a Question" ... this was so timely and a much needed reminder. Thank you Tyler for sharing, thank you for your prayers, and thank you for being a consistent example of what it means to be your authentic self. You are a blessing!

  • Waukesha Lawrenceville, GA

    "When God Asks a Question", how should we as believers respond or does God's questions even warrant a response? In your message, all questions posed appear to come during a time of adversity, when man has sin or when all odds seem to stack up against man. And time and time again we see God deliver man; but I dare ask the question as Paul did in Corinthians 12:8. Unlike Paul, I don't take pleasure in my affirmities and I cannnot comprehend that someone in their right mind would enjoy suffering, afflictions, misery and distress more than euphoria, happiness, gladness, or just plain old peace of mind. As a believer, I have not yet ARRIVED to the point of taking pleasure in my affirmties and as "one of them" I find it hypocrital that others can say " oh, I am estatic to go thru so much pain and turmoil, cause I know that God is going to deliver me!" Even God's prophet Elijah had a breaking point (1Kings 19)!

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