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What Kind of Person Are You?

I said this in a play once as Madea... LOL. But I thought I'd revisit it as Tyler for those of you who may not have heard it :-)

I have this tree analogy when I think of people in my life, be it friends, family, acquaintances, employees, co-workers, whomever...They are all placed inside what I call my tree test. It goes like this:

Some people come into your life and they are like leaves on a tree. They are only there for a season. You can't depend on them or count on them because they are weak and only there to give you shade. Like leaves, they are there to take what they need and as soon as it gets cold or a wind blows in your life they are gone. You can't be angry at them, it's just who they are.

There are some people who come into your life and they are like branches on a tree. They are stronger than leaves, but you have to be careful with them. They will stick around through most seasons, but if you go through a storm or two in your life it's possible that you could lose them. Most times they break away when it's tough. Although they are stronger than leaves, you have to test them out before you run out there and put all your weight on them. In most cases they can't handle too much weight. But again, you can't be mad with them, it's just who they are.

If you can find some people in your life who are like the roots of a tree then you have found something special. Like the roots of a tree, they are hard to find because they are not trying to be seen. Their only job is to hold you up and help you live a strong and healthy life. If you thrive, they are happy. They stay low key and don't let the world know that they are there. And if you go through an awful storm they will hold you up. Their job is to hold you up, come what may, and to nourish you, feed you and water you.

Just as a tree has many limbs and many leaves, there are few roots. Look at your own life. How many leaves, branches and roots do you have? What are you in other people's lives?

THANK GOD FOR YOUR ROOTS! You may want to call them today or share this message with them and attach your own note saying, "thanks for being my root".

By the way, don't waste your time sending this to a leaf, they won't get it anyway.

Love you,


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  • josh Ohio

    Godbless the truth

  • Hattie Illinois

    Very well put. Thank you.

  • Lesa R Texas

    "OMG" Are we conjoined twins? I wrote a poem/dialogue, title "Who Would I Be" , expressing this very point. I would love for you to read it. Over the last two years in reevaluating my life, I realized that I had too many leaves & branches which needs to be trimmed, prunned, bagged, and put to the curb for collection. Not to put myself on a pedalstool but I have always been a root in people's lives. It a gift that God gave me. I also realized that I had only three roots in my life. The one that connects me to God, the one that connect me to Jesus, and the one that connects God & Jesus to me. When I was to weak to reach up, I had to dig deep within myself to reconnect to those roots, and now I can once again flourish. Love Always

    • lakeia miftown Atl #1739549

      After marinating & savoring this feast of thought... I had 2 Return Again.... Unfortunately we are or can't be roots..we need all the parts 2 live. as 1.....whatever ur part & Tyler spoke on..... its ok....The. good thing is WE ALL ARE PART OF THE TREE.....

  • Tena St. Louis, mo

    I believe that I am a root person. I simply do the righteous things cause it what I believe in and I believe in treating others how I would like to be treated even though other people don't treat me that way, as a matter a fact I am considered to be a disabled person and that all people in my life see's, someone they don't have to care nor want to care for. I believe that Im a stronger person and someone special, I show love to everyone, I believe in making a difference and helping others and empowering them to be the best them they can be and most of all supporting those that never felt cared for to simply seek Jesus Christ in everything they do and have faith that he will draw closer to them and love them unconditionally and that's more powerful then any human being on this earth could every give you. So every day is a opportunity to change others lives and apply the number one lesson to my life and that to Love God first, myself, and others whether they are my enemies or not, and it truely works, cause no matter who I talk to, people have told me I am something more then a disabled person, I have the ability to give people hope, im intelligent, Im gorgeous, Im a blessing, I am strong, that who ever I marry they will be the luckiest man on earth- I have heard that a lot, that God has a plan for me and that God use me as person to show them who he is and what his mission is and I love it. Me and Jesus Christ have been friends for years and he has shown me who he is, what God will bring to my life, he will love you and supply every thing I need. So I am more then a person with a disability, I am amazing in so many people eyes and my own, nobody is going to change that. I do the things I do cause it's what right, not for money, nor a reward, and especially not the recognition...the greatest reward I can and have recieve is love, miracles. and deliverance. I am someone different but SPECIAL :)

  • Cathy Thompson-Scotland Anderson SC

    Where do I begin in even trying to describe one of the most extraordinary, multitalented, most enlightening, most strong yet most sensitive persons on this planet? Let us not forget the most funniest bar none..... I honestly believe you are an angel unaware. Are you?...Just kidding at the end there. Mr.Perry, through your work you have made me laugh, make me cry, make me think, make me dream and make me appreciate the beauty in life while embracing the both the good and the bad and realizing the bad really isn't so bad at all if we can draw from our negative experiences and come out with more wisdom and strength so we can help pull up that next brother or sister we meet along the way that will inevitabaly face that same situation we just came out of not so long ago. For as the bible says in Romans 8:28-'All things work togther for the good of those that love the Lord andthat are called according to His purpose'. You are the perfect example of that verse. You are called and you are chosen. Everything worked out for you in the end. You Sir are a living perfect witness-Amen! You were homeless. Now you house others. You were broke. Now you give to the needy and help heal the broken hearted. You slept in your car. Now you can buy a car dealership You were down. Now you reach way down to bring others up with you. I applaud you Mr. Perry. Because you reach back to help others and you spread ecouraging messages throughout your work as well as through your emails. Personally you have helped me a lot. I was depressed and now I'm making moves to make my life better instead of simply worrying about it . Thank you Sir so much!!!! I mean really! Thank you! May Heaven Smile Upon You, Keep on Keeping On. I truly appreciate everything you say and take your precious time to do. May you be blessed with a 100fold return-Luke. Sincerely and Respectfully Yours, I am, Cathy Thompsom-Scotland

  • monique matthews milwaukee, wi

    Hi Tyler Perry :) I am the root of a tree. I am always there when people need me no matter what but I am also a what I call a helper by nature because I will even help. people I don't know if I can be of help :)

  • FeeFee32 New York, NY

    I'm a bare tree in a cold winter....

  • Asabe J. Toronto, ON. Canada.

    Dear Tyler, I used to be what you'd call a 'naive root'; sincere, truly caring but quite naive or maybe I should say 'innocent' because I somehow expected everyone in my life to be a root and I was too scared to test the quality of my relationships for fear I'll see people for who they are and hate them. Fortunately, I've gone through so much in recent years and in the process the people in my life have been re-classified. Perhaps the hardest thing I've had to do in this regard has been accepting my own shortcomings in my relationships as well as accepting the imperfections in the people I have come to love. Accepting the good and bad in people, deciding to love them regardless and yet maintaining the integrity of the relationship is the balance I am striving for. I am indeed very thankful for my roots: my sisters and two friends and I believe the best response is to be a root for someone. I thank God for you Tyler. I love you, hope you have a wonderful birthday.

  • Meehsue Florida

    I've been told by friends & co-workers I'm the root. I've used this part of the play to check people for years. Thanx to "MA-to the DEA

  • Jennifred Covington, Ga

    Thanks Mr. Perry for becoming a branch on my tree. When I feel as I have hit the bottom and can't dig my way back up, "YOU" always show up with a message for me. Thank you

  • Ty Virginia

    I meant to say one more thing. Love you too. :-)

  • Denise Newark, N.J

    This is all too true, yet also so sad. Everyone has a purpose in life, and once the LORD reveals this purpose we should embrace it and not deny it. Then try to fulfill this purpose, because, the world would be a much better place if everyone took strides towards becoming a root rather than leaves and branches. Take care, and have a Blessed day!!!

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