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A couple of days ago a storm came through here that was crazy. I’ve never seen that much hail and rain.  It reminded me of when I was living in my old house. Every time there was a bad storm I had to go through some major things to get the lights back on in the house. One time there was a storm so bad that lightning hit the house and all the power went out. I looked across the street and my neighbor had power, so I knew the problem was just in my house.

Stay with me, I’m going somewhere here…

I knew I had to get to the circuit breaker to fix what was going on. Now, in my old house, the breaker box was in the attic, and in order to get to it I had to climb a ladder, go up a flight of stairs and then climb over an air conditioning unit, all the while trying to not step through the ceiling joist or I would go straight through the sheet rock. And imagine trying to do all of this in the dark. But I had to do it if I wanted lights on in my house.

I got to the breaker box and started turning the breakers back on. For those of you who are not up on your DIY (do it yourself, LOL), the circuit breakers protect the house from further damage by turning themselves off if they get too much power or pull too much power to them.

As I was thinking about this yesterday I started thinking about us as people, as souls... me, you and any other human on this planet. What is common about us all is that we all, at one time or another, will go through or have been through a storm, and sometimes the storms are so bad that they turn off circuit breakers in our lives. We can look at others who have gone through the same storm and they are fine, like my neighbor across the street. They had power, but I was in the dark. Same storm, but it affected me differently. Many people can have the same experience and get over it but it affects each of us differently. Never let someone tell you to just get over it because they did. It’s not that simple.

When circuit breakers shut down in our lives they usually turn off to protect us from trauma, but just because they turn off doesn’t mean that they are supposed to stay off. A lot of times we leave them off because we don’t want to do all that is necessary to reach the breaker box to turn them back on. So what happens? We begin to live a life that is not as bright and fulfilling as it was originally designed to be. You just stay in the dark because it’s easier to not go through what you need to go through for healing. Trust me, I’ve been there, lived there for a while until I realized that I wanted all the lights on in my soul. I had to get these breakers back on.

Why am I saying this to you? Well I know that God designed all of us to live the fullest life that we can, to live in the light, love and joy. It is my hope and prayer today that you will start to do the work to turn on some of the breakers that may have been turned off in your life by difficult moments. What do I mean by that? If you have a dream and you stopped dreaming because it got too hard, that’s a breaker that went off. Turn it back on. If you decided that you wouldn’t love anyone else because you’ve been hurt, that’s a breaker that’s been turned off. Turn it back on. If you have decided to give up on life because nothing seems to go right, that’s a breaker that went off. Turn it back on. If you have given up on your kids because they won’t do the right thing, that’s a breaker that went off. Turn it back on.

You see what I mean? Go through your life and look at all the people who have hurt you. Look at all the situations that have left you in the dark. Turn those breakers back on. Live in a full house. One of my favorite scriptures says, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father, which is in heaven.”  Light up your soul!

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  • Debi Columbus, Ohio

    Wow Tyler you did it again! You delivered such a powerful and much needed message for this time. When are going to start preaching...wait...um you are preaching! :) Thanks for sharing. I always feel your sincerity and honesty in your writings. I do have a few breakers that I have to turn back on! JESUS is the light of the world and I must let him shine through me like never before.

  • Gwen Orlando Fl

    Good Morning Tyler, Great message, I love the way you said I hope and pray that you will start to do the work to turn on some of the breakers that may have been turned off. The key word to me is START, which gives an understanding that many goals, dreams and corrections to our lives ....take getting on the right path toward the ultimate. I love the analogy of the breakers, I just did a workshop on Start and I used the Spark Plug. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us as they come to you, which is a clear sign of spirit moving within you.....Thank You God. All The Best!

  • sandra cunningham detroit, mi

    WOW,I'm. Turning my breakers back on. Thank you!

  • Felecia Dallas, Texas

    All I can say is, "WOW"... How did you know that I needed to hear those words today? God's grace is so good he will always give you just what you need when you need it. I'm working in a job that although the work is doing good deeds for the less fortunate, I am not living my true purpose. I did not know that my breaker was off, thanks for showing me how to turn the light back on in my life! Thank you!

  • Rashi Houston, TX

    Good Morning Tyler, Wow! I must say, that you ALWAYS speak to My heart! I'm going through several different storms at once. A twister, blizzard, and a hurricane. But just now, reading your letter, it helped Me. I know this is exactly why you do what it is that You do, but just know that You truly have the gift of healing. You heal me through your art and I absolutely Love you for that!!! Tears are welling up in my eyes at this very moment because I am going through so much and just to read Your ENCOURAGING words reminds me the importance of so many things. Light Out but Turn them On! Sometimes the most simplest words or phrases can seem so complex at times but when you put them into words like that... it makes so much sense. Again Tyler, Thank You!! And God Bless You!

  • Monique New York, NY

    Thanks Tyler, You always inspire me to do good. Even if poeple say I'm too nice I should do only for myself and not for others. I will turn my circut brakers back on to life itself. I do know I can do all things through christ that strenghing me. I will walk by faith and not by sight. I will forgive people. If it's wasn't for you. I would not have known the importance of forgiveness. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Have a blessed day.

  • marina pullum chicago ill

    this post was so good for years i was beating myself up for something that someone else did to me and i put a lot of my dreams and goals on the shelf now i'm 43 i'm just getting stated doing what i always wanted to do at age 13 and 20 to all readers on here dont stop like i did keep on pushing yes i'm a work in progress but aint no telling where i would be if i just keep on moving even my pastor came by my house to get me last week he told me we need you-THAT MADE ME FEEL GOOD A TALENT I HAVE THE CHURCH NEEDS -SMILE

  • Liz Washington DC

    Thank you Tyler, as a retired senior, I turn it back daily. I thank God for me and for people like you daily. God bless.

  • Deborah Bogle Douglasville, GA

    We get use to living in the dark, it's not until you turn the breaker back on that you realize how dark it was. Many blessings to you Tyler.

  • Louisa South Africa

    Thank you so so much Mr Perr you such an angel!I've gat to switch on my circurt breaker everything in my life have light!!!!!what a great message !!!!!

  • Mona Houston, TX

    Thank you. That's all I can say. And Thank you to God for using you. I was sitting here wishing my life would have been different. My breaker has been off for a long time now. Hurt and disappointment can bring you to a place where you just think you are safer not even trying to move on. Thank you for this message. I KNOW now that God can restore my soul and renew a right spirit in me. God bless you Mr. Perry.

    • Rashi Houston, TX #1806712

      I can so relate to being disappointed by people so much that you just think it's safer to not move on. It's a defense mechanism, but you know what one of my friends told Me a few weeks ago! He said, "SHOW UP ANYWAY"... He said, "That's what people that don't want you around to do is NOT show up, but you SHOW UP anyway and You Smile and have a great time!" -- You know what?? That's so true in all aspects of Life... The Devil doesn't want you happy here... BUT SHOW UP ANYWAY! I was touched by your comment and thought I would leave my own. You have a GREAT day and be Blessed!

  • Jennell Patterson Pinson Alabama

    Wow! How did you know! I really thought I was hiding it. Thank you.

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