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This Ticked Me Off

I was doing an interview recently and the interviewer asked me why was I glorifying single moms. I explained to him that single moms needed to be celebrated, not ostracized. Most single moms are not that way by choice. Circumstance caused them to be in that situation and just like my Aunt Jerry, who raised four boys by herself, she never complained and never asked for handouts. She did what she had to do. Why hate on single moms? Are you kidding me? I know so many people who were raised by single moms and I know a lot of single moms. It’s the hardest job in the world when you do it right.

So this movie is dedicated to the single moms that are doing it right and a wake up call to the ones who aren’t. You never know who you’re raising.

Let’s be clear: this is not a male-bashing, woe-is-me, I’m-a-single-mother movie. This is a movie about the strength of the single mom. I did this movie to show the world what a lot of you go through. It’s funny, it’s heartfelt, it’s full of hope, but most of all it’s about how coming together can change your life. I want you to go see it, single mom or not.

This movie is important for so many reasons. It celebrates one of the most overlooked people in our country. I just want to say that I see you single moms, I hear you, and to everybody out there that knows one or was raised by one, bring them to the movies tomorrow. Lets show them that we are thankful.

This one’s for you, single moms, HAPPY SINGLE MOTHERS DAY!

Enjoy The Single Moms Club, in theaters tomorrow.


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  • frankie Phoenix,AZ

    where can i send you a personal letter.

  • Angel Blue United States

    I so appreciate what you're doing in the industry I am interested in becoming a playwright and you are one tough act to follow I have a lot of raw material and 90 percent of it stems from the three failed marriages and my life's journey and walk with Christ it is a lot of things that single mothers undergo the people have no ideal about they want to always look at it as a negative like we were the ones who were significantly negative and that's what caused the impact of us being single parents, a lot of the time what it was is we fell in love with the wrong person and the person didn't value what we value and miscommunication let us to not be together in the interim of time we had children those children still deserve a happy life and so does the mothers who had them we should be ostracized by society because of what and who we are it's not fair to us that we are going through what we're going through with no reconciliation and whatever did go wrong the blessing in it is that we were left in the world to affect the world that we live in while talking about our beautiful precious prizes which are our children and our life should never be undervalued thank you for this post I so appreciate it

  • Shenetrius Pearland, Texas

    Mr. Perry, I appreciate you giving us single mom's our props because it is a struggle. I'm a single mother of four and I moved to Texas for a better job to help take care of my kids. I'm living with family here but I'm having trouble finding a place that's within my budget. I didn't bring my kids right away because it was in the middle of the school year. Now time is drawing near for them to come and I have not had any success in finding a place to live. I want it to be in a very good school district because education is very important to me. My oldest son is 15, so a good school district is very important. So as a single mother we have to make huge sacrifices to better the lives of our children.

  • Ban Austin/ Tx

    Thanks so much for taking a time and think about us ( single mothers) God knows how hardly we're trying to play both parents side. Thanks again God bless all

  • Michelle Atlanta

    Hi, I've been going through some things so I'm just getting back on the site. I want to say I appreciate your dedication to us single moms that did not ask to hold that status. My mom raised four girls by herself without asking for any help, and she had NO family to lean on for support. Between the military and working two other jobs, she did it without the support of the county! I thank God for my mother, her strength and all that she endured to make me and my sisters who we are today. I too raise my daughter by myself working 4 jobs with no assistance from the county "Praise God!" the struggle was real and hard but I did it. Thank you Lord for making us strong woman! Everyone of us have a story to tell. Thank you Tyler for acknowledging us! Love you!

  • L.S.M United States

    Hi Mr. Perry, I am such a huge fan of yours. I watch your movies every weekend. I am a single working mother of two wonderful children who are my world. They put a (closed) smile on my face. The reason why I say closed is because I have not smiled (with an open mouth) in years. This is because I need to have major dental work done but I cannot afford it. This has affected my life, who I am as a person and my relationships with people in a major way. I have a dream of starting my own organization for children, but I am apprehensive because it requires me to meet, talk, and smile with people and I cannot do that at this moment. I work daily and have health insurance via my job, but it only covers the basic services. I know you are probably approached by people every day requesting your help. In my entire adult life, I have never asked for anyone to do anything for me or my children. I usually get it done. However, I am pleading for your help. I am in pain every day. I take pain medications daily and it has now started to affect my stomach. I do not want a house or a car. All I want is to be complete, happy to have teeth and to be able to smile from ear to ear and not grin/smirk or cover my mouth to laugh. I hope you are able to help me restore my smile, confidence and the quality of my life.

  • David Brashear Burkbunett Texas

    I have great support for all single mom's but I still think there are a group always forgotten about and they are single fathers we are looked over and treated like idiots where is our support we play booth roles to when we are depicted in movies or tv shows its always negative I'm a single father and I'm tired of it it always seems we are forever forgotten about or overlooked we exist we are strong and sensitive we sacrificejust as much as everyone else I wish someone would turn the spotlight on us for once

  • Sharon Deneenbrister Irmo ,SC

    Hi Tyler , I want see you never going to ticket no money please visit to yourself I Love you hungry for you can't wait out it how Longtime with Tyler Perry Jest prayer good night

  • Heaven De-troit

    Ya know what I cant imagine? No answer but to even try to explain how just taking three minutes to read a post like I did addressing single mothers, changed the my next thought. Thank you Tyler for brightening my day : Keep knocking them out!

  • LINDA THOMAS Charlotte, NC

    THANKS for the letter on my birthday February 12. You have talked about your MOM Birthday was on this date. Wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY in your prayers and just remember she is always with YOU! THANKS for the message! LT

  • tina moore Warner Robins/Macon, Ga

    Hiiiiiii Mr Perry, First I want to start off by saying I am an BIGGGGGGGGGG fan of yours. I love the fact that you inspire millions of people across the world in many ways, I love the fact youve done so much to help out and give back when you can. I consider myself as relating to you in alot of ways especially when it comes to kids, family, friends, being homeless and relationships. Which leds to me to the reason why im trying to reach out to you and also a couple more people. My name is Tina Moore, im now an single parent of on the way of being four kids (2 girls, 2 boys). Ive currently been fighting to get custody back of my older daughter and son and its all due to a start of an unbalanced relationship with my birth mother. As a child I never felt a bond, I knew she loved me but I never had a mother/daughter relationship with her I was always more closer with my friends mom. Being raped at the age of 14 really took a tole on me because my ma never paid attention to what was going on at home it was always other people and her husband, which led to my rape. She never believed me due to it was done by a relative which made me loose all respect, well now im dealing with a social service case because she dismissed my daughter from school without my permission and had her lie about being abused by me. All my teenage life I have been a mother, ive stopped everything and stop being around soo much just because I love being a mother first and love to help others even if it means I lack but now it has gotten far as to take my 81/2 month old son and my seven year old daughter. I lost my job doing personal care assistance sitting with elderly people and went into labor. So ive been on maternal lead/bed rest for a month in the hospital. Im 28 weeks pregnant with twins threating preterm labor and am 4 and 80% dilated. Well long story short the only way I can get my kids is to provide a stable home with enough room so all four of them can fit in, which we had but black mold, mildew, and major water damage ruined it and moved into my ma empty family home but put us out due to her getting my kids took, even tho she has a home to go to. Also I tried seeking employment still and an homeless shelter and emergency housing from my local shelters and housing athority only to be denied/let down. Im Asking for the sake of my kids could you please help me and my family with a miracle so that my twins wont have to go to foster care nor my other kids being took from where they are placed temporary. Their grandma have been trying to help but isnt much she can do dealing with her medical problems and also her daughters. I plan to find another job by the time the twins gets out of NCIU with the help of their dad. So if you could help my kids and me in anyway please contact me @, One of your biggest fans in desperate need of help that would be GREATLY APPRECIATED... Tina Moore:)

  • Suzanne Choate cushing tx 75760

    I'm a mom trying to raise my 13 yr son and 10 yr old daughter struggling to figure out how to keep the mobile home were living in need lots of prayers we live in cushing tx cell # I luv my children with all my heart they r not mine by birth their my nephew and niece have him since birth and her since she was bout 2 months in my heart they r my children

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