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And The Winner Is...

With over 16,000 submissions into the talent search contest it was difficult choosing a winner. To all of you who entered the contest, I just want you to know that you have all been entered into the Tyler Perry Studios casting database, and my Casting Director has been instructed to use people from the contest whenever possible. So you may get a call for upcoming movies or TV shows. A lot of you are super talented. Thank you so much for auditioning!

This was a hard decision. The winner of the talent search contest won for several reasons. One is the number of votes, but more important than that is the level of talent. I'm very excited to work with this person because I love breaking fresh new talent. I was so inspired by this person's work that I can't wait to create something for this person to do.

And the winner is Darmirra Brunson.


Let's get to work,


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  • Monica Atl

    Lord have mercy....These comments are a sure lesson that you cannot, and will not EVER please man. God said man is never satisfied. There cannot be a truer statement! I know that about myself. I'm with myself all day, everyday, and what satisfied me yesterday or an hour ago, dissatisfies me today/now....sigh. I can't get over those mad about you hiring Bobbi Kristina....Wow. A young girl who lost her mom,..cause she's 'had a great life of opportunity'....you don't know what that girl has been through. But why should that even matter or come up in the conversation?!? Jesus. We need prayer as a people....Tyler, please keep showing us the example of how to keep-on-keepin-on....in the face (or faces) of those who praise and scorn from the same mouth, minute to minute....Stay true to Your convictions keeping Your face towards the God - The ONLY opinion that Matters!

    • Brittany #1736144

      Preach, Monica! So true,though. :-)

  • Tony Georgia

    The timeliness of the don't quit email hit home Tyler. I appreciate that simple reminder to get back on my horse, because I need to realize that when things are bad, they can always be worse. So I guess it's time for me to refocus my numerous goals in order to accomplish the first. Thanks again

  • Denisha Broken Arrow, Ok

    Thanks so much Tyler for the email telling me to never give and not to quit. It was right on time and so encouraging.

  • Kiki Toronto, Canada

    Thank you so much for the few words of encouragement. I was so happy to open my e-mail and receive a positive message in response to where I was in my life at that moment. Sometimes we receive messages and answers in ways we never thought thought possible, then it ends up being the answer to what you were searching for... Thanks Mr. Perry! In Love and Light...

  • Tamara Tryon Houston, TX

    Congratulations Ms. Brunson!!! I think you are very funny. My family and I watch your youtube videos all the time. You have us rolling , you deserved to win. We're all proud of you. So you do ya thang out there girl. Good luck and May God continue to bless you.

  • Neetq

    Mr. Perry, I was reading my email, and I open yours, I really needed that. Thank, you so much. Life brings so my challenges. It is how an individual deal with life challenges. I was feeling a little defeated about a grade, I only have three more weeks left before the course is over. I was concerned about my grade, not anymore because of your email. I know that god has a place for me to succeed and after reading your email I am taking it as "confirmed" from God. I will pass, and will succeed. God Bless you Mr. Perry.

  • Tamika Hunter Garner, NC

    Thank you so much for the email that you sent today. It was right on time. It's amazing how GOD works. I was sitting here just thinking about life and what i have been through. I was thinking about giving it all up. Just sitting here thinking what is my purpose and how can I be a blessing to someone else when I can't even help myself. But in the midst of all of that this email I see and just confirms that God works through anyone. I Love You and you just don't know how much that email has helped me today!!

  • Michelle E. Williams Atlanta, Ga

    I was one of the contestants too, but when I saw this young ladies video I had to vote for her......She was awesome!!!! CONGRATULATIONS Honey!!!!!!! You Really Deserve this!!!!! Much Luv

  • Jamisha Holmes United States

    Congrats to the Winner, Go GIRLL!! I never got around to uploading my video, I am still kicking myself for that :'''( Oh well. Won't stop there. Mr. Perry, I hope you have another open audition soon so that I can [by the grace of God] participate. I've always wanted to pursue a career in television/film -- behind and in front of the camera. God Bless You.

  • Malisha Deonta Harris

    Mr. Perry: Congratulations to all the winners! Mr. Perry, you are blessed to be a blessing. Thanks for sharing your blessing by doing this talent search. One day, maybe I will enter, to win the contest. I have admired you and your work for years. I am serving my country in USAF. I am from High Point, North Carolina. I am praying for the day I get to work with you on broadway, in films, etc. . . However, my first obligation is to serve my country. May God continue to bless you and your family, in Jesus' Name. This is my prayer for you. God Bless!

  • Frantz Los Angeles, California

    You are Awesome, I thank you for all the laughs for so many years. You are a genius. My girl and I believe you are a natural talent. Keep up the great work, my brother. You bring hopes and good vibes to us. You can listen to my music on You Tube if you ever have some free time, I hope you enjoy them. You Tube channel user name is: MrFantz11 I do it for the love and the fun. and I'm sure you do too. Your movies always bring smiles on our faces. God bless you and I'm happy you are so humble about your divine success. Your big fan, Frantz Unique Thanks!


    Hello...Mr Tyler, How are you? CONGRATULATIONS!!! I have to tell you that you are a very Intelligent and FUNNY brother...I Love your smile and that silly/SERIOUS look you have on your face...tooooooo funny...but I Love it...you make my heart smile everytime I see you on stage or in film. Anyway...I Love it when you play the bartender role...in your plays...YOU should really consider adding that role into some of your movies...toooo funny! Love it! God Bless your heart...keep up the GOOD work :) :} :)!!!!

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