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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Hello all. I just had to stop for a second and say thank you to all of you who went to see A Madea Christmas this weekend. Didn't I tell you it was hilarious? After 15 movies I never take for granted that you will show up but I'm really glad that you did. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

For those of you that didn't get a chance to see it, it's playing now and it's a welcome relief from a stressful day. I hope you decide to get out to the theaters and see it over this Christmas break. Again, thank you.

Now I'm going somewhere to lie down. When I tell you I was working like a mad man promoting this thing, LOL...

Have a Merry Christmas my friend. Chat soon.

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  • Shail Kamini Ramcharan Gainesville, Florida

    You made a great movie Mr. Perry and we couldn't have asked for more. "A MADEA CHRISTMAS" hits all the notes with a great script, great acting, great directing, and an all around great cast. Thanks for the many laughs, touching moments, and the supreme joy you give us with your tireless efforts and work. Now...Go lay down and have a good rest and a very Merry Christmas! :) All the Best...Shail

  • Elizabeth Pompano Beach, Fl

    Mr. Perry, I saw your movie this weekend, and I was happy to see that, many cultures are embracing your movies! I'm Hispanic and since Diary of a Mad Black Woman came out, the theatre was full, but mostly black people. This weekend was totally different, there were more white people than black! I know there have been controversies in the past regarding ticket sales and not giving credit were credit is due, I checked my ticket! Lol Congrats on all your success, I am so excited for you, and thanks for the many laughs that I'm sure have been inspired by many tears!

  • TEE Elizabeth, NJ 07201

    Hello Tyler, It is so good seeing that you are very blessed, to you and to your staff on camera and behind them my you all continue to be blessed and yes Believe where Dreams and Realities do come true. For what your are giving to all is comfort, joy, and your heart. Question? If you where to have three wishes for your new year what would it be. Yes a Dream come true three times within the year. My you continue to BELIEVE and Dreams making them come True!

  • tonya fountain frederick, md 21701

    Thank you tyler for all of your wonderful movies and plays that you have done over the years. I have been loveing your work since I saw the play called I can do bad all by myself. The words of wisdom and the laughter that you bring to the table, thats what I need in my life. Thank you my friend

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