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Thank You For Allowing Me To Grow

To all of you who went to see Alex Cross this weekend, I just want to say thank you for allowing me to grow. 

Thank you for letting me stretch my wings a bit. I knew you would enjoy it.

Your messages on my board make me feel so good, and thank you for giving the movie an A. 

Can't do this without you. 

Talk soon.

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  • Angie Boston, MA

    Hi Mr. Perry - We had date ight on Saturday and so glad we chose to see Alex Cross. You and the entire cast was excellent! I love your movies because there is always a teachable moment. My only compliant was that some of the scenes were so close up and it kinda of took away from the scene. So not sure if it was filmed this way or the theater played it like that! But over all it was a great movie and I'm not into actin movies but enjoyed Alex Cross!

  • Kim washington Richmond, VA

    You jabbed never disappointed your biggest fan!! It was a terrific movie and I am looking forward to the sequels. Great job, but not a surprise.

  • Mo Amsterdam

    Were growing with you! but Im still stucked in Amsterdam havent seen the movie. Good luck Tyler xx

  • Geraldine Iquo Okon Abuja

    The Bible says in Psalm 75:6 Promotion comes neither from East or West but from God. I thank God for your Success in Alex Cross & the Favour he granted you in the eyes of all your Fans who went out to watch the Movie. Congratulation Mr Tyler. I pray that the God who has lifted you up & crowned you with Success, will lift you to great heights of God's Grace & divine Favour in Jesus Name. Congrats & may your Success in your next movie be Double of your Sucess in Alex cross. God bless You.

  • Angela Jones Dallas Fort Worth

    I had a full weekend starting on Friday and today was a day I needed rest. I just had to get up and get out to see Alex Cross. I was not going to let this be the one time I didn't get out to support your movie on opening weekend. I got it in at 10:15 pm and all I can say is Wow!!! I loved you in this light. This was an awesome movie. I only saw Madea almost come out one time :-). You did your thing Tyler. Love you to pieces!! You are truly blessed.

  • Janet Coote England, London

    I love your movies/plays. When are you coming to England?

  • Tamika lark Charlotte nc

    Hey Tyler just left the theater and all I can say is wow!! great movie from start to finish & you were really awesome in your role....I'm thinking about taking my mom to see it again tomorrow! Well done sir!

  • Angel Johnson kansas city, mo

    You are welcome! I will continue to support. We need more genuine stars like you, that keep it real with us. Love love love ya Tyler.

  • Irene Richton Park, IL

    Tyler you did your thing!! It was a great movie beginning to end, action packed !! And your were intelligent & hood while being suave!! I Loovveeedddd it! Halaluur( in Madear's voice)!! Fly like an eagle my brother! GOD's Favor is on you. As the Love Doctor (Pastor James Ford Jr.) says work your weave! That's GOD's love, mercy, grace & favor weaved together! Continue to do your thang!

  • Cedric Moore Brownsville, Tn

    Hey Tyler! I saw Alex Cross last nite & it was awesome!!!! You & the entire cast did an amazing job!!!! Been a fan of yours since the Madea plays & movies, & all of your work. Keep up the amazing work!!! God Bless You!!!!!

  • Patti Hickam Swansea, Illinois

    Just wanted to let you know what a fine job you did in Alex Cross. My husband and I saw it yesterday. It was terrific, very fast paced and I never looked at my watch once! (That is saying a lot!) Hope to see you in more dramatic roles. You are wonderful actor.

  • LaVerne Berry Queens, NY

    My sisters and I went to see your movie on yesterday and LOVED IT!!! I went through a lot of emotions while watching. LOL! After the movie was over the people in the theater even clapped. Ignore the NAYSAYERS. You took a launch out into the deep into new territory and sometimes people aren't ready or even willing to see you past your former projects. Keep giving the HATERS something to talk about! Keep God first in all you do and he will cause you to prosper. Keep making great movies to touch and impact the hearts of viewers. BTW- I would love to see a sequel to this....

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