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Thank You For Allowing Me To Grow

To all of you who went to see Alex Cross this weekend, I just want to say thank you for allowing me to grow. 

Thank you for letting me stretch my wings a bit. I knew you would enjoy it.

Your messages on my board make me feel so good, and thank you for giving the movie an A. 

Can't do this without you. 

Talk soon.

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  • Sheryl Denise Houston, TX

    Oh my I am so proud!!! What an awesome venture Tyler, I am SO glad you did this film! THIS film makes it clear just how talented an actor you really are! I'm over joyed for you. And BTW, 30lbs. looks great off you! :) Alex Cross is a MUST see! One word...MORE!

  • Kristina Neldner Tampa, FL

    My husband & I went to see Alex Cross on Friday night....I thought you played your part so well...I am totally a Tyler Perry fan even though this movie was hard for me to watch in parts because of the subject matter. You proved you can play serious roles as well as playing awesome Madea!! God bless you!!!!

  • Al Long Beach

    You were awesome in Alex Cross, forget the critics they are just haters. Everyone in the theatre with me loved you in your new role!

  • keshia brunson jackson Columbia SC

    Alex Cross was da s*** if you didn't see it GO GET YOUR LIFE .....TYLER I LOVE YOU PLEASE PUT NIA LONG IN A.MOVIE

  • Sharon San Diego, CA

    Tyler, I always see your movies on their opening weekend. Thank you again for entertaining me. I have been a fan of James Patterson's books for years. Thank you for doing Alex Cross justice.........I loved Morgan Freeman when he did 'Kiss the Girls' and I loved you in 'Cross'. I believe you stepped out of your comfort zone and you proved you could do it just as well as Madea. Thank you for always entertaining me. A loyal fan. Marge

  • Frank Jacksonville, Florida

    Tyler, I have a property that will stretch you as an actor and turn these 13% Rotten Tomato critics into 90% Rotten Tomato fans. Not that you need them, but hey, it would be nice to get some love from industry critics for a change. It's called LIFE OR DEATH, it's a trilogy, the main character will have everyone seeing you completely differently, and it's the best 4 hour read you'll have in years. I say 4 hours b/c you'll probably read it a 2nd time just for the pleasure of it. Read it, call me, and let's make LIFE OR DEATH Tyler.

  • BJ Milwaukee

    My husband and I just saw your new movie Alex Cross. Keep up the good work Tyler. You are very talented and a caring man. For those of you who want to support a man that can act and find time to be chartible, I request that you go see Tyler's new role. Thanks Tyler for stepping out of the Madea gear and for providing a gripping performance. I don't want to spoil it for others,but you know the "scene".

  • Shay Jacksonville, Ar

    Tyler you were AWESOME in this movie. All i can say Is Well Done!!!!!!!!!

  • Roslyn Branch New Orleans

    You are truly an inspiration 2 many, you done your best and blessed while doing so. 3 words to this movie. EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT!!!

  • Karyn Lithia Springs, GA

    A dozen red roses for you!!!

  • Tiffany S Huntsville, AL

    Awesome job Tyler! My friends and family were on the edge of our seats the whole time! I hope to see you in more roles like this. God bless you.

  • Moneen Blake Atlanta

    You were amazing...So proud of you

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