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Thank You

Reading your messages has really encouraged me.  It's like being in a fight and seeing your best friend on his way to jump in and help... :-)

Thank you so much.  I'm telling you, as long as I've got y'all standing with me, I feel like it's going to be alright. I thank God for you.

I believe I'll run on and see what the end will be.

Thank you again.

See you at the movies,



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  • S Jones Riverdale, Ga

    I just wanted to thank you for sharing your life, struggles, and trials with us. Whenever I see you, I am encouraged. I have been reading your messages for over three years and have been so blessed by them. Your messages have got me through some very trying times in my life. I have sent your messages to family and friends who were going through trials to encourage them. I am so proud of you and how far you have come. You had the President at your home, you spoke so beautifully at Whitney's memorial service, and you continually give of yourself to others. It is because of you that I am still believing in my dreams even though they seem so far away. Your life is a powerful testimony of what God can do for those who keep the faith. I thank God for you and hope that you stay encouraged to keep on fighting.

    • Sandra Jacksonville,fl #1703455

      Hi Tyler Well I told you so I do believe you are silent at this time can I buy a vowel!! (smile) words coming from Madea hope those rat


    Opening night of MADEA'S WITNESS PROTECTION in my town was tremendous! You should've seen the lines at the theater...people everywhere (all kinds--old, young, white, black, middle eastern...) Your fight was worth it, as the numbers will show. Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway...the movie ROCKS!!! So let the haters hate, and KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO!

  • SC Walnut, CA

    Just finished watching Madea's Witness Protection movie...OMG it was hilarious! The whole theatre was laughing. It was a diverse crowd and we all laughed...As I was driving home...I felt this total feeling of contentment...So now I now watching one of your movies is a must...talk about feel good movie...loved it! Thanks for all your hard work - it really is appreciated.

  • Gloria Florence AZ

    Loving Madea's Witness Protection movie. There was a lot of laughter in the theater, during your movie. We all need laughter and gladness, it changes our countenance . Hesitant to called this your best movie, however this movie is the best as of date for me. Pray GOD will continually please you in all you do. Thanks Tyler

  • Erica Fianu McKinney, TX

    Oh....my...goodness! That movie was awesome! My movie was at 9:55 and I went to the theater at 9:00. They weren't seating the theater yet and they said just hang out over to the side we aren't expecting a large showing of people. As I turned to find my place to "hang out" I muttered, don't underestimate Tyler Perry!! In five minutes there were two loooooooong lines waiting for Madea (they did let me in the front!). By the time the previews were over the house was packed!! Opening nights are so much fun! We cheered and clapped when the movie started and the first scene you were in we all cheered! We laughed non-stop and loved the bloopers/deleted scenes at the end! Today is my Daughter's birthday and we went out to breakfast...all of us who were at the movie last night started talking about it and quoting it. Grace stopped us and said it is not Tyler Perry's day it is my day! It was funny!! We all started laughing. THANKS!

  • Deanna Cole Houston, TX

    Hey Tyler! You did it again, another great movie (Madea's Witness Protection). Me and my kids, Went to see today, We had to literally, hold on To our seats from laughing. All of the characters, Did a really good job. What I like about the movie The most was that everyone's character was a good Fit that what made the movie a hit. Once again, thanks For not putting yours boxing gloves down. Lol. Your Fight is worth fighting and just remember, your fans God and along with your friends are in the ring with you

  • Roxanne Holland Fresno,ca

    Mr.Perry, I had a great time watching madea's witness protection .Thank you so much for making us laugh.....:) lots of love from Fresno, ca......

  • Charlotte Brown Lawrenceville, GA

    You are so welcome Tyler. Your fans are also thankful for your talents and your presence in the world. Thank you for giving us a little part of yourself. I apologize on behalf of myself and others who bombarded you with request to be a part of what you are doing. Please know that a lot of us understand that you can't help everyone and that it may not even be God's will that you do. But it can be really tough out here for talented people to get a break and perhaps some of us do look at you as one of the saviors for black entertainers. Please don't be annoyed with us. The industry, as we know it, is not fair and won't even the playing field so you can work doing what you love, so unfortunately when you witness a person trying to make a difference you get excited and begin to hope. Even though the numbers are huge every for real saved person would like a shot at touching the hem of the garment of Jesus. Right? I know!! It so manyz of dem. What weez gon do? LOL. Just keep giving us outlets to shine when you can. That is doing a lot right there. It also helps us to see the good the bad and the ugly of our talents or lack there of. LOL. Let's all stretch our hands forth to those who made an effort. Very entertaining. :) Thank you Tyler for the lastest contest. I was unable to get my video up in time. Was putting too much thought into it and life caught up. Emmm, em, em!!! Maybe next time.

  • Cheryl Virginia Beach, Va

    Hello Tyler, went to see the movie on Friday at 2:40pm and it was so hot outside. I didnt let the heat stop me and not the other people I saw going in after me. I laugh and said go head Madea with your bad self. Dressed all up. Loved it, great casting.

  • Caroline Miami, FL

    Tyler!!! I went to see the 10:40 pm showing for Madea last night and it was sold out!!! Then I tried to sneak into the 12:20am showing and their were people standing in the aisles. I'm upset the theatre didn't have it showing on multiple screens cause there were lots of people trying to buy sold out tix. At any rate, people were howling. I'll go again tonight. I will buy an opening wkend ticket!!!

  • Deborah Verona Pa

    Hey Tyler, My brother and I went to see Madea's Witness Protection yesterday. It was funny. I loved it. I will have to wait till it's on video, because people where laughing so hard I missed some of the dialog. I just thought in my head with the water. That is so me. My brother said when we were leaving that bucket scene was you. I know. We both started to crack up. You definatly made my birthday week. Thanks Debbie

  • Yolanda Marietta, Ga

    I went to see Madea witness, OK first the movie was awesome oh my. I laughed so hard I almost had a asthma attack, you stupid (a good thing).

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