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Thank You Again!!

To the millions of you who’ve been watching If Loving You is Wrong on OWN, tonight is the season finale. Thank you so much for standing with us. You have no idea the lives you’ve changed by making this show a hit. Also, tonight you'll get a peek at what I have in store for you when The Haves and the Have Nots returns on June 30th. 

Don't miss. Tonight at 9/8c, only on OWN.


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  • Wilma Hempstead, Texas

    Can I expect a second season of, If Loving You Is Wrong. Love the show and woul love to see one hour episodes.

  • Jeanna Fayetteville, NC

    Mr. Tyler Perry, The baby on the show of ILYIW is absolutely adorable! I was just wondering if he was your real life son.

  • April

    Good Evening Mr. Tyler Perry I'm one of your biggest fans and I love all of your movies and your plays and I was wounding when you were going to make something new and I thought that you were going to make Medea 's Best friend what happened to that and I watched the movies and plays that I have I watched them over and over again do you have a sound track for your plays and movies I want the music to the plays and movies where are from are you from Florida Are you saved I asked you that because you inspire me so much and that saids alot

  • vickie frazzini Denver, colorado

    OMG Madea us coming to Denver in October, i cant wait. Im checking availability for handicapp because i am in a wheelchair it seems harder to find seats. Do you do like a meet and greet with guest? I have always been a huge fan but became a bigger fan when i became disability and no longer able to work. I watch all your movies over and over. Just now being able to purchase them one at a time. My wish is to collect every movie or play Madea has been in. She is my inspiration every day that keeps me going, just as i talked about her on my "Go Fund Account". Thank you for bringing Madea to Denver and i will keep trying to get tickets.

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