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Taking Time

Hi there,

I know you've been waiting to hear from me. It's been a little crazy, sorry. I just gotta say, thanks for all the encouragement and for all the sharing you did with your own stories after my last email. I knew I wasn't alone. Just know that as I take this journey into all that my 40s will be, I am looking forward to every day of it, and I am thanking God for it and you. I like being this age. It has given me a sense of liberation. I'm no longer a boy...I finally feel like a grown man (smile).

So many people have asked me why I started talking about this now...I don't know where they've been for the last ten years. I've always talked about it but never to this degree, I guess. I think it became overwhelming after turning 40 and also filming a 60 MINUTES interview. If you get a chance to watch it, the interview airs this Sunday after the football game.

It made me come face-to-face with so many things. Byron Pitts asked me so many questions, that it started me thinking about my entire life. We went back to my old neighborhood and the house I grew up in. Wow! That was hard! But it's a journey that I have to face. I feel as if God is allowing me to look back...for my future...if that makes any sense.

For instance, when my father heard about my last email, he sent a message to me through my brother. He told him to tell me this: "If I had beat your ass one more time you probably would have been Barack Obama." I don't even know what to do with that. No sooner than he sent me this message, my aunt called telling me to come home because my mother was very ill, (she needs your prayers) so I've been flying back and forth trying to keep my obligations all over the country and at the same time be by her side. It is very hard to see her this way, as well as my having to sit ten feet from my father, when I do...God is funny; He will make you deal with stuff even when you think you're over it.

I said all of that to say, it may be a while before you hear from me again. I need to take some time away. After the PRECIOUS premiere on November 1st, I've decided to take the rest of the year off. I just need a break.

I thank God for you and, again, thanks for being there and understanding.


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  • Wow!

    Life is so precious. Praise God you valued the time with your mother. I love you!

  • M.H

    I'm tired of people being actually considered weird or crazy when people don't know what they've been through. Example: I love to look at the sky and talk to God( Jehovah) and they go ask my brother " Hey man is your sister alright in the head?" . What kind of question is that? Come again...Oh here's another one "What triggered you to be like this?" ,"Something triggered you!!" I'm dealing with life through prayer and what and who I love. Men are so funny to me I can't get mad at them cause they been through so much. I would love to open my WORLD to people but they are not ready for UNDERSTANDING. I know your pain cause its mines now. Guess you don't understand me either. Oh God I want my G.E.D it will help me so much on my adventure precious reminds me of my Mother. Opposite worlds...life is funny. Perry I wanna know! I wanna know everything, is that bad? I'm going outside! Talk to you later

  • My Atl

    Wow...Life always seems to make a 360...never knew you had a message board..

  • M.H

    Could 5'2 bird fly happy with the other birds?

  • Becky Summmitt indiana

    Mr.Tyler Just one question.Are you g**

    • M.H #1823419

      That's not a question,that's an insult Ms.Lady.

  • M.H

    In wait.

  • Mr. Frankie James Perry 39301

    i love your soon.

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