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I woke up this morning to my publicist calling me saying that there were reports that Bobbi Kristina walked off the set of "For Better Or Worse". NOT TRUE AT ALL PEOPLE!!! There is no way that she could have walked off the set because we have finshed taping the season.
After Whitney's funeral, Krissi and I spent a long time talking about her goals and dreams. She said she wanted to act. That’s when I decided to write her into "For Better Or Worse". I thought that there would be no better way for me to help her move through the grieving than by giving her something to focus on. The one thing that I learned after my mother's death is that you have to keep busy and you have to be around people who you can trust, so that when you do grieve you can do it in the safety and privacy of people that care.
Were there tough days for her? Yes of course. Not because of the actng or any job-related issues but because of the fact that she had just lost her mother. And being someone who knows about losing their mother, I know grief comes in different ways and you never know when it's going to hit you or how it's going to hit you, for that matter. Some days you're smiling and happy and some days you’re so broken that you can't stop crying. So yes she was grieving, but grief aside, she managed to finish her obligation and did a great job at the same time.
So please... PLEASE LEAVE THIS BABY ALONE!!!! AND SHE IS A BABY!!! Please stop the lies and give this child some room to breathe and grieve.


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  • Angela Smyrna, GA

    Tyler! I love and admire you but I'm sitting here watching the House of Pains. Is this really the last show to air??????????? It is, you just broke my heart and I'm sure many others!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me this isn't so!

  • Ebony cunningham kansas city mo.

    I loved Whitney like she was my own family..her voice was the most beautiful sound ever! I miss her dearly! Krissy u look like u have ur moms strength baby girl..keep doing you..do what makes you happy..don't let the idiots get to you..people are miserable..my dad always says misery loves company..such a true statement..I'm very proud of all your career choices you are making..I'm gone support you to the fullest..just like I did your mom! I pray for you and family daily..hold on to gods unchanging hand..he won't let u down! Tyler thank you for being the person you are..Im a big fan and I support all you do.love you both!

  • Miss Mack

    I love the title of this post!! She is a baby! Not only that, this child does not have her mom! I am in my early 30's and my mom is so special to me. I pray everyday that we share a long and happy life together. I can't not even imagine what she is going through. You are in my prayers sweetie. Please leave her alone!!

  • adele Sutton maspeth ny

    Mr. Tyler I and my family just saw the Witness Protecton movie I laughed all the way through it. I am so happy for your success you certainly deserve it Dont let the movie business ware you out The people who give us the most Elvis, Whitney, Michaeel, and many others thoughout the years always gave so much of themselves and because they came from humble beginnings they get eaten alive by the baracudas out who handle them in the industry and are not good for them.. After a while it isnt just about the money because yes it can make you very comfortable but it doesnt heal eveything YOU are a very gifted man and you make people think and laugh with you. YOU will continue to be a success because YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, AND ARE SINCERELY RESPECTED.

  • Jeannie Kennedy Tampa Bay, FL

    Mr. Perry, you have done the Lord's work of 1,000 men. You have a beautiful heart and a giving soul. God Bless you! I love Madea and all of your work! ;)

  • A. Hooper Nashville TN

    Tyler I am a fan not just because of your amazing talent, but also because of your heart. Very few people in the entertainment industry really impress me and are believably real. I've enjoyed every play and movie that I've seen. (Saw Madea's Witness Protection yesterday 6/30) . I am looking forward to seeing you as Alex Cross. I've read some of the books and it will be interesting to see you in that role. Madea, or should I say you, are an inspiration to me and I'm sure others. My favorite part of any play or movie is when Madea gives her life lesson for whatever is going on. Keep doing what you do. I don't consider myself "star struck" but if you ever come through Nashville I make a mean peach cobbler. God Bless!

  • Brenda R Ibarra Las Vegas, NV 89129

    I love ur message and I totally agree leave her alone let her be!!! Can I add I felt a lil Madea in the end of that message :)

  • The Creative Lady Memphis, TN

    As a person who earns a portion of my living through social media, I understand it. I also have a love/hate relationship with it. Social media has given regular folks "access" to celebrities and their lives, forgetting that celebrities too are HUMAN. If regular folks' personal lives and every move was broadcast on social media, true or false, they'd be ready to fight! Oh yeah, that does happen, on Facebook, and when it does, they end up on the news confronting the person who put their business on blast. Lord knows I have cried over many celebrities but never knew them personally. People forget what it's like to lose a loved one and how we grieve for them. It is the same for celebrities, no matter what. Give this baby time and air to grieve for her Mama! I wish her the strength to carry on. I'm glad Tyler is there for her and has walked in her shoes and can give her the strong shoulder she needs.

  • Cordelia Downtown Detroit

    Hi Mr. Tyler, It's me Cordelia! I agree with you! Bobbi Kristina is still mourning her mother. (By the way I loved Whitney. She was my second favorite female artist. Aretha is my first) It is not easy losing your mom. I know too, because I loss my mom at 15 years old and with her being in the Public eye it can be so hard. Take care of her Mr. Tyler. When my books really get exposed I am going to try to avoid being seen just like Shonda Rhimes. So hurry up Mr. Tyler . . . read the book and get it on the big screen. ($mile) Until then I will keep on writing them. Have a Great day Sweetie! Remember you might not know my face, but you will know my name. It's Cordelia. From My heart to Yours,

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