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I woke up this morning to my publicist calling me saying that there were reports that Bobbi Kristina walked off the set of "For Better Or Worse". NOT TRUE AT ALL PEOPLE!!! There is no way that she could have walked off the set because we have finshed taping the season.
After Whitney's funeral, Krissi and I spent a long time talking about her goals and dreams. She said she wanted to act. That’s when I decided to write her into "For Better Or Worse". I thought that there would be no better way for me to help her move through the grieving than by giving her something to focus on. The one thing that I learned after my mother's death is that you have to keep busy and you have to be around people who you can trust, so that when you do grieve you can do it in the safety and privacy of people that care.
Were there tough days for her? Yes of course. Not because of the actng or any job-related issues but because of the fact that she had just lost her mother. And being someone who knows about losing their mother, I know grief comes in different ways and you never know when it's going to hit you or how it's going to hit you, for that matter. Some days you're smiling and happy and some days you’re so broken that you can't stop crying. So yes she was grieving, but grief aside, she managed to finish her obligation and did a great job at the same time.
So please... PLEASE LEAVE THIS BABY ALONE!!!! AND SHE IS A BABY!!! Please stop the lies and give this child some room to breathe and grieve.


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  • Golden Girl Texas

    Hi Tyler, I'm 13 and my mom and I would love to come to Atlanta and visit your studio. I recently performed for congress women Shelia Jackson Lee who shock hands with Martin Luther King Jr. and people like Cicely Tyson which gave me confirmation that I can do all things through Jesus Christ so I would like to meet you too.

  • Melissa Cincinnati, OH

    Thank you Tyler, I couldn't have said it better, myself. Despite anything she may be doing or may have done, at least she HAS goals - those putting out these cantankerous rumors apparently have no "business" of their own to take care of. She sounds like she's in good hands; the rest is up to her and The Dear Lord. She'll be alright if people, "...Just leave her alone!" Amen!

  • Annie Germany

    Thank you Tyler.People need to research before making statements.

  • nikki michigan

    I'm praying for her. I just lost a terrific woman that's like a mom to me. I have some good day and some bad days. I truly understand what both of you are going through. As I'm praying for God to give me strength. I will pray that God give you too strength. I know God have his arms around you too.. God is awesome God. He will and he is there... God Bless U... In Jesus name...

  • Tiffany Little Silver Nj

    I'm so glad Tyler Perry that you post'd this cause I read that article this morning and was saying to myself can they just leave her alone like dang she lost her mother and she's entitle to grieve let her be for god sakes it bothers me so much that press is watching her every move waiting for her to mess up I cry for the lost of Whitney and she's not my mom but I feel as if I lost my relative smh ppl not to mind their own business sometimes

  • Irene

    Amen, Amen, & Amen again! I'm praying GOD's strength, peace, love, joy, comfort & protection on her in JESUS mighty name Amen! Thank you Mr Perry for always helping those in need I'm praying GOD's blessings on ou as well.

  • duchessinaustin Austin

    People are always trying to start stuff. Rumor, innuendo and out & out slander in some cases. The people who start these things don't care who they hurt only that they have as much fun as they possibly can while doing it. Living a good life is so much more important than baby games. The ones who do these things are the same ones made kids lives miserable in school, I may be fifty but I remember, but this baby is so much different than a kid in school her entire life has been under a microscope, that's just not fair, so just leave her and all the other celebrities kids alone, especially in this situation, losing a parent is very difficult, it doesn't matter who they are, give them the space and time to heal their hearts.

  • Vivian Dallas, Texas

    God be with her because this is a mean and cruel world we live in and each day it gets worse. All we can do is pray unless we take up arms against the cruel world and stand in unity..

  • Gina

    I love you Tyler Perry.

  • Meshon Charlotte NC

    Absolutely, if it were my child I would want this for him or her. I lost my mother to murder over 10 years ago and this still hits me hard at times. And you are right you have to stay busy but when that time of grieving hits, you have to let it out. As I did upon hearing about her mothers death, I will continue to have this baby in my prays. Its one of the toughest things to go through, losing your mother.

  • Kahlil White Leesburg Florida

    Amen Tyler they need to leave her alone and let her grieve....I mean its hard for her and these people only want to right a story for their money,,,,Shame

  • Sarah Baze Hillsboro,TX

    I totally agree.

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