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Sorry This Took Me A Few Days

Y'all know I have to go get some rest after these crazy press tours.

Well, let me first say "thank you" to those of you who went to see The Single Moms Club. I don't take that for granted. Trust me. Thank you for going.

This was my 17th movie in 10 years. I wanted to mark this anniversary by saluting single moms everywhere. Thank you for allowing me to do that, and thank you to all the single moms for all you do. You're my heroes. And to all my diehard folks, to all of you, thank you for these past ten years of huge movie successes. You have been a blessing to me and to all the people who work for me, and with me. I thank you.

By the way, this is the first time in 10 years that I don't already have my next movie written or shot and ready to come out. That is because my focus for this past year has been on my TV shows on OWN. Just so you know, that's where you'll find me until I do another movie.

God bless you big time for all you've done for me and for the folks that work for me. We so appreciate it.

I'll see you in TV land on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

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  • Tarra Vernon South Carolina

    Can u pray for me I need patience. I know God got something stored for me and my kids. I'm a dss child so I've been through alot with no family. I love my kids and you cause you make it look easy to put trust in God and anything is possible. God continue to bless u causebi know you got a prayer for me stored deep in your heart please send it to my email so I can put it in a frame for motivation. don't call cause my phone after the 15 of May 2014 cause it should b disconnected soon.

  • BRITE-I Parilized

    How you are in relations to your new founded information about your (step-father), are you seeking diligently to find your real dad, or are you stuck in a slump? Are you Stuck with words and thoughts that you cant share with anyone? Is it yet the end of a lifelong mystery, or is the beginning of a fantasy? Has a glorious occurrence occurred in which all things are brighter now and you can see the pearly gates? Or have you yet to open your eyes to see. Having a Pandora's box of my own pondering the impacts to opening. Do you have any regrets? Be Blessed and find some time for your online BFF's

    • Veno Kauaria Namibia #1958318

      I must admit. When I read that the abuser was not Tyler's real father I said: good riddance to that bad apple, but also wondered whether Tyler will try to find his real father. Tyler are you going to look for your real dad? Maybe not now but in the near future? .

  • Nana Botswana (Africa)

    Hi there Tyler, thanks to you. Your movies are always a killer and on point. Loving them all the way from Botswana (Africa).

    • Veno Kauaria Namibia #1958317

      Tyler, I forgot to mention that like Nana from Botswana commented, your mivies are a hit here in Namibia. Maybe we need to start a Tyler Perry movie Club for Southern Africa!

  • Ms Proverbs NC

    Tyler :-) :-) :-) How are you this morning? I hope that all is well. :-) :-). Miss tweeting with you :-) We haven't received an inspirational message in a while and may I ask Why not??? LOL!! I know that I'm being grown and I also know that you don't mind it all..LOLOLOL Keep Smiling :-) :-) with your "Tall and Handsome Self" :-):-) Have A Bless Day Ms Proverbs

  • Lashonnia James New York

    Good Day, Mr. Perry. Could you PLEASE bring back the House of Pain and Meet the Browns. Lol, I ONLY have cable b/c of OWN!! Ms. Winfrey, Ms. Iyanla and yourself....one word INSPIRATIONAL B Blessed :)

  • Karen Iowa

    Hi Tyler! I just wanted to tell you that you have made a big difference in my life. When my Mom and I were going through some tough times, we would sit together and read your posts and watch your videos in Inspirational Corner. You deeply touched our hearts with your brutal honesty, moved us to tears, reminded us to keep clinging to our faith in God and Jesus, and inspired us to get back up and try again because if you could keep getting back up after all of the terrible things that you went through, we knew that we could, too. I don't think that you'll ever know how many people you have truly lifted up and inspired. From the bottom of our hearts, we just wanted to say, "THANK YOU"!!! Please keep doing what you do and being the LIGHT of GOD and JESUS in this world!!! I really liked what you wrote about eagles, so I thought that I would share this with you. Several of us have had fun following the Raptor Resource Project online. They have put cameras on a big eagle's nest in Decorah, Iowa. We can watch it 24 hours a day. This pair of eagles had three eggs and all of them hatched a few weeks ago. They are so fascinating to watch. Yesterday, we got to see the mother feeding her babies. To find it online, you could just search for Iowa's Decorah Eagles or Decorah, Iowa Eagle Cam. I have been going to the homepage for my local news, KTIV in Sioux City, Iowa and clicking on their link to it. If you want to do that, just scroll down the page and you'll find the link on the left under Featured Reports. They also have a Photo Slide Show: Decorah Eagle Cam - it has several good pictures from this year and this pair of eagles. Finally, I read that you are now searching for your real father. My heart goes out to you - I can only imagine how shocking that would be. I hope that this turns out to be a huge "blessing in disguise" for you - that you can find him and he is a wonderful man that you can now have an amazing father/son relationship with. At least you now have the peace of mind that you do not have any of the DNA from the b****** who was horrible to you. After him, any man would be a big step up! We're praying for you, please pray for us. I hope you had a Happy Easter! I liked your tweet - I 'm very happy that he got up, too!!! HE HAS RISEN, INDEED!!!

  • Barb Iowa


  • Ms Proverbs NC

    Hi there Tyler, Thank You So Much for blessing me and many others that Short Sweet yet Powerful Prayer Trust me It was on time :-) :-) Tyler you are too funny I tell you as I said before I know without a doubt you "Cut Up" even more off camera I cam imagine Madea saying MA-D-E-A it made me think about "Madea Goes to Jail" LOL!!! Too funny Tyler you are something else :-) :-) God Bless you Sir with your "Tall and Handsome Self " :-) :-) Have A Wonderful Day!!!Ms Proverbs :-) :-)

  • genevieve cannon bronx ny

    This weekend i was watching all your movies and dreaming of you. I would like to plan a trip to Atlanta in the summer months. im planning to move to atlanta in 2016. please help me cause im almost evicted from my home

  • Marcie Fayetteville nc

    Sometimes GOD sends people into our lives for a reason. Through diary of a mad black woman I was able to release demons inside of me that had me bound . Child hood abuse and molestation and spousal abuse. So I THANK GOD FOR USING YOU TO HELP RELEASE MY HURTS AND ANGER WITHIN. Have a blessed day. :)

  • Brite-I In Gods Grace

    Contemplating going back to a Family Reunion in Amite LA, fearful of opening those old wounds yet hopeful that I can find a peace of myself. Seeking prayers of understanding, strength, and guidance. Hoping that I can get all resolved in this visit and not allow fear to cause me paralyses. If I attend it is July 25-27..

    • Marcie Fayetteville nc #1946703

      Do it for you. Find the courage within your self to set your demons free, you know the incident's that's happened to u in the past that keeps u from being truly happy and allowing u to be secure with yourself and everything and everyone around you.

    • Brite-I Present #1946721

      The fear is not associated with the family reunion but so much deeper that that, it uncovering a murder - am I truly ready for what I will find @)---

  • John Richardson Atlanta, GA

    Hello Mr Perry. I'm not sure how to get into contact you, so I am utilizing all of your platforms I can find for interaction. I am a writer from Philadelphia, now based in Atlanta. I have been blessed to create an amazing movie script that I feel you would love & appreciate. I have consulted my peers & advisors in regard to the movie, & as I am sure you have people reaching out to you regularly, I strongly feel that THIS movie would be AWESOME! You sir, are my first option for submission, as I feel that TPS would be the perfect fit for my movie, but tho your are my first choice, you will not be my only. I pray that I can somehow reach you, because I feel that God has placed it on my heart to reach out to you. Thank you.

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