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A Short And Sweet Thank You From Me To You

On July 8th, I will be celebrating 20 years in this business. 20 YEARS! WOW! When I started I had one prayer: I asked God to just let me do well enough to take care of my mother. Well, from the time I prayed that prayer until the day she died I was able to do that because of people like you all around the world. I remember the day I told her that she could retire, she said, "baby, are you sure these little plays are going to be able to take care of you and me?" LOL. I said, "as long as my folks keep coming." Then, a few years later, she was at one of my plays looking around at all the people in the audience. After the show she said to me, “the people love my baby"… OK I gotta stop thinking about this… :)

But thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. For every time you have supported a Tyler Perry anything. For all the times you have gone to the movies, for every DVD and for every time you have come out to see my stage shows live. For every time you’ve watched on TV.  You have shown so much kindness and have stayed with me. I just want to say thank you. You have kept a lot of well-deserving people employed, folks who would never have had a shot in Hollywood. You have created a safe place for many to see their dreams come true.

My prayer for you is that everything you have done for me, may it come back to you one-hundred fold.

God Bless,


I'll talk more about this today on the live chat at 1:30pm ET at live.tylerperry.com/chat

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  • Dorota Pazola Ireland

    I have to say that I m very happy to see you 20 years in business. I wish i could see any of your plays in here, Europe. You are refreshing and you bring hope. You see movie, its art, but recently i see lack of any sense in that young muse. You go watch movie stars not a movie, its wrong. i feel that for last few years i watch over and over the same movie. Thats why i was so happy to see your work, bright, funny, courage and with message. Nothing is plastic, you are real ande i hope you will keep it that way. I do not allow anybody to tell me how to live my life but I would listen you.

  • candace white United States

    You are celebrating 20 years in the entertainment world and I am celebrating 20 years of being a teacher. I only hope one day a former student of mine can achieve the success and gift of entertaining the world like you have. It is nice to know that in a world full of turmoil there is someone like yourself that can give us moments of laughter. You made your mother proud!

  • Darcie Ludeman Minneapolis

    Tyler Perry, you are the best! Congratulations on 20 years in the business. You are truly an inspiration to so many people! Let me be one to thank YOU! For all you do...giving hope to a lot of people that might not otherwise have it, for doing the right thing always, for making me laugh and cry, and for being a genuine and caring entertainer that we don't see very often! Truly the best of the best. Thank you for making my heart smile and sing! For allowing me to know that good things DO happen to good people and bad things also happen to good people; it's just how we handle them that makes all the difference. You have helped teach us that!!! Keep doing what you're doing and I am a lifelong fan! Love ya so much! God Bless you always

  • Caren Simone Ferreira Brasil

    God bless you!

  • Deanna Cole Houston, Texas

    Hey Tyler! Congratulations on 20 years in the Entertainment Industry. That itself is a great accomplishment. A lot of celebrities don't have 20 years under their belt. Me and my boys, enjoyed your movies. What I like about you is you just don't give us just entertainment, you give us life lessons and to have faith no matter what is going on in our lives. You are like family, and we appreciate you as well. So lets celebrate 20 plus years and more.

  • Christina Gilmore Greensboro, NC

    Omg! God bless you Tyler we love you too, you have really been a beacon light to little know to very well know Actors singers and talents of all kind and I thankyou so so very much for that beautiful letter it "Literally" brought me to tears, again God bless you and I hope God keeps you and thankyou for blessing us with you and your wonderful movies and plays and hillarious T.V. shows that last part of the letter had my heart...OMG! Keep it up! Never give up! LOTS OF LOVE And SUPPORT!

  • Creasie IL

    You are welcome Tyler, keep up the good work!!!

  • Leche Gunn Syracuse NY

    You are very welcome Mr. Perry your an inspiration to the african american community with a lot of d*** haters but your story tells it all not just bits and pieces and I respect the h*** out of that. My mom is writing books herself about all the trials and tribulations in this world of nothing but dreams to be filled so keep on doing what your doing and god will keep blessing you with prosperity. We love you here in Syracuse NY.

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    Thank you Tyler Perry for sending us out this short & sweet email on today. It's very touching. I love the part when your mother said, "Baby, are u sure these LITTLE plays are going to be able to take care of you AND me?" Yes, that's funny! As a mother we pray, hope, fight for & go without things just for our kids & we hope & pray to God they will be successful in any way as He see fit. And at the same time we are the ones who really don't know what is deep down inside of them to actually be. Lol... That's funny! I hear & read that a lot of ppl would just wanna be in with u on what u got going on. But over these last few years especially since the Oprah Showing of you, my prayer is that God would have both of my sons to be what he predestined them to be before He placed them in my womb & gave them to me to care for. I personally didn't come from a single parent home but for some odd odd reason God has allowed me to go thru the PAIN of it raising them in a single parent home. While now still holding on to the fact that He makes no mistakes, & He been better to me(us) than I even know how to be to myself. And all things are expected to work together for our good...according to His purpose. Sometime after my father passed in 2003, I have taught them both that God is each one of our Fathers, even mines. There has been many times I was bitter over their fathers not being apart of their lives. But I have come to grips w/ there has to be a divine plan cause God He loves & cares for me(us) too much to leave us or forsake us. I pray they don't be bitter as men & I pray they both learn how to treat ladies w/ the upmost respect & I pray they never abandon their other seeds but would love, cherish, protect, provide & care for them. So, as mothers we too make mistakes even when we try our very best. I just pray the supernatural touch of God over us all now & forevermore. ~Signed A Mother of Two Sons which I love & thank God for. P.S. thank u for sharing some of your story today cause my sons are my past, present & future. When I see u, I see them. You Tyler, are a mother's dream come true like Eph.3:20 from me to you just so u know. :-) lol... And its all good. NO PITY HERE :-)

  • Oge Lagos, Nigeria.

    Congratulations Tyler !!! God has blessed you and will definitely continue to bless you . You are his vessel, you are a true blessing to the world. I love the fact that your movies relates to what goes on in the world, gives us hope and then makes onelaugh at the same time. Love you loads. God bless you Tyler.

  • Becky Davis Atlanta

    Tyler, I know it's humbling what God has done for you but you shouldn't be surprised. You are an example of Meaning, Values & Purpose work. Apart of your Purpose was to provide for your mother and to help others, and when Purpose is the driving force verses profits the outcome is usually more profits. Your success is a by product of living and working in your purpose. Thank you for being an example.

  • Grace New York Area

    Hi Tyler, Tried to chat with you on twitter today. My question for you is: When you go out shopping do you disguise youself or do you bring an entourage? Anyway Tyler, I will be uploading my video soon for for upcoming movie. My God bless you and thank you for the opportunity! Grace

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