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A Short And Sweet Thank You From Me To You

On July 8th, I will be celebrating 20 years in this business. 20 YEARS! WOW! When I started I had one prayer: I asked God to just let me do well enough to take care of my mother. Well, from the time I prayed that prayer until the day she died I was able to do that because of people like you all around the world. I remember the day I told her that she could retire, she said, "baby, are you sure these little plays are going to be able to take care of you and me?" LOL. I said, "as long as my folks keep coming." Then, a few years later, she was at one of my plays looking around at all the people in the audience. After the show she said to me, “the people love my baby"… OK I gotta stop thinking about this… :)

But thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. For every time you have supported a Tyler Perry anything. For all the times you have gone to the movies, for every DVD and for every time you have come out to see my stage shows live. For every time you’ve watched on TV.  You have shown so much kindness and have stayed with me. I just want to say thank you. You have kept a lot of well-deserving people employed, folks who would never have had a shot in Hollywood. You have created a safe place for many to see their dreams come true.

My prayer for you is that everything you have done for me, may it come back to you one-hundred fold.

God Bless,


I'll talk more about this today on the live chat at 1:30pm ET at live.tylerperry.com/chat

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  • shaina hammond Louisiana

    I luv ur movies and plays cause at tha end its always a message that u can take w** u i luv you and for tha second time will u please marry me ?

  • Gabriel

    You're truly a blessing to many. PICTUREPERFECTVISIONS dot (com)

  • Melissa Cincinnati, OH

    Tyler, Thank you so much for sharing your gratitude regarding your success; especially, as it pertained to your mom. I just like it that you share how each little part (i.e. me, someone else, someone close to you, etc.) touches the other and creates God's magnificent miracles - in our lives and in the lives of others! God bless you always...

    • Greneta Foreman Georgia #1696190

      Thanks for sharing this with us. You asked God the help you honor your mother, (Children ...honor your mother and your father that your days be long and you have GOOD SUCCESS....) You are a living testimony, that God honors His Word. Thank you for being an example to my children, Pallena (20) and Glorious "Glo" (19). Love ya!

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