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A Note From Madea

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To all my Atlanta and surrounding area folks, just wanted to tell you this real quick...

Y'all remember how a couple of years ago I did two live plays at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta, GA? Well, I'm doing it again. Recording two shows for DVD. The first is called Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned. It will play for three days, September 18th, 19th and 20th. The second show is called Madea's Neighbors From Hell (you know you have had people move in next door to you that drove you crazy ...

When God Asks A Question

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I just wrote this to a very dear friend of mine that is going through a tough time. I thought I'd share it with you too.

When I read the bible, I love when God asks a question. He doesn't ask for Himself. He already knows the answer. He asks us because he wants us to understand and get it.

He asked Adam, "Where art thou?" Sometimes we don't realize where we are in life and it takes the voice of God to remind us.

He asked Moses, "What is that that you have in your hand ...

Small Goals Will Get You There!

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I just recently started back running after taking a break from it for quite some time. I remember I was up to 5 miles nonstop. I was so proud of myself, but life happened and I got really busy and distracted. Once you stop it’s really hard to get your endurance back up, so I started back running this past week. 

Now everyday that I would get out and start running I would look at my distance watch and just say let me just make it one nonstop mile today... every time I would get exhausted. I would look ...

I Still Miss You

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I woke up this morning missing you like you'll never know. I dream about you. Sometimes when I'm alone I can hear your laughter fill the room. It was such a distinct laugh. It meant that everything was right in the world. On Sunday I would watch you singing your heart out in the choir, shouting about how good our God is. We didn't tell the preacher that on Friday night you were singing down-home blues at the top of your lungs, sipping your Hennessy. You loved the blues. You loved playing tonk till midnight in the ...

How Was Your Fourth?

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I hope you had a great Fourth of July. I know I did. I took a few folks on vacation and we had a blast. 

Now back to the grind :-). I tell everybody if you're gonna live like you're rich, you better work like you're broke. Too many folks want to live like they're rich and not work. Ain't nobody got time for that :-).

Kevin Hart had a great weekend. His movie "Let Me Explain" opened this weekend. Congrats Kev.

Hey, you know tomorrow is Tuesday, so not only is it The Have And The ...

Now You Know I'm Not Going To Bother You Every Week, Right?

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You know that’s not my style. I know you’re busy and you don’t need me blowing you up, asking you to watch The Haves And The Have Nots and Love Thy Neighbor, so I’m not going to do that every week. It’s just that these shows are so new right now that I need you to watch a few more episodes so that you will be hooked, although a lot of you have said you are hooked already. Thanks for that by the way (I love that I can count on my board members, y ...