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A Prayer for Whitney

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I want to say a special thanks to all of you for the prayers for my mother. She is doing much better. I just spent the weekend laughing, reminiscing and being grateful to God. She is a strong woman.

Speaking of strong women, I don't know if you know this or not, but Whitney Houston and I are friends. Over the last few years, I've gotten to know her pretty well, and with that, I've had the opportunity to witness a miracle up close and personal. I've watched her regain her strength, her fight and her ...

A Prayer for Maxine

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I don't know if you know this or not but I'm a bit of an architect. I've built and designed several houses and buildings, and if I wasn't in this business I would surely be an engineer/architect. I love designing and building, it's been in my blood since I was a kid.

I'm building a house now in California and I had to put these huge concrete pillars in the ground to hold it together in the event of an earthquake. So, needless to say, it had to be strong, and of course ...

What's Wrong with People?

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I'm back from Vegas and had a great time at the Hoodies, but I gotta give a quick WARNING to all my Facebookers, Twitters and Tyler Perry board members: I'm so pissed right now!

I'm sitting in my den writing, minding my own business, when I get an email from my staff saying that someone put an ad up on Craigslist saying that I was casting a movie in L.A., and in order to be considered for this (FAKE) Tyler Perry movie, you have to join their club for $29.95. THAT IS A LIE, don ...

Mary J Video

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Hey, where have you been?

I'm just kidding : )

I know I've been MIA but listen, you know when you don't hear from me for a while I'm somewhere working....and working I have been!

I just finished "Why Did I Get Married Too!" and all I have to say is....I can't wait for April to get here! You'll see what I mean. All the original cast is back and Janet Jackson brought the pain in this film. I'm so proud of her. As we get closer, I'll talk more about it ...

A Child Shall Lead Them

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I went down to Orlando today to greet the 65 kids from Philly at Disney World.

I gotta tell you, I thought I was giving them a gift, and boy was I wrong. These beautifully faced children of all shades brought tears to my eyes. I'm still feeling it as I think about them. They had so much hope, and they were so excited and happy, it was as if nothing bad had ever happened to them in their lives.

I prayed with them and I challenged them to do well in school. Then I asked a question, I ...

I'm So Mad

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This made me so angry.

Since Michael Jackson died I have not watched the news. I have just been so disgusted at how the mainstream media has riddled this family with disrespect, and no matter what anyone, you or I included, might have thought of him, the truth of the matter is this - the man was still a human being and his kids and family deserve some privacy and space. And I know that I'm not the only one that feels this way, so I purposely kept the TV off. Anyway, I was walking through the house, and I ...

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