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My Feet are Off the Ground!

Hey everybody!

This morning I woke and was so frustrated about all the stuff I'm dealing with, trying to get this studio open. I was about to open my mouth and start complaining when I remembered something that happened to me about a year ago.

I was walking to my car and this woman who looked to be homeless started walking towards me. I'm ashamed to say this but I thought, "I don't feel like being hustled today." Then I got quickly convicted. I felt guilty so I started digging in my pocket for some money. As she got closer I noticed that she had the kindest eyes that I had ever seen. As I was reaching into my pocket she started to speak. I thought, "Here goes the sales pitch". She said "Excuse me sir, I need some shoes". Can you help me? My eyes filled with water because I remember being out on the streets and having only one pair of run over shoes. I was taken aback for a second.

I took her inside the studio and had my wardrobe people find shoes in her size. As she put the shoes on she started crying, praising God and thanking Jesus, and saying, "My feet are off the ground! My feet are off the ground!" Several of the wardrobe people started crying. I was crying. But I never forgot that, "My feet are off the ground!"

I thought, "Wow! All she wanted was some shoes." She quickly disappeared and never asked me for a dime. I realized that I still had the money in my hand so I went out looking for her. She was gone just that quick so I looked all around the neighborhood for her. I found her standing on a corner looking down at her shoes still crying. I was so touched I asked her how she had gotten homeless. She told me that she had AIDS and that she was waiting to get into a shelter. She said that her family had turned their backs on her and she had nowhere to go and that God would make a way for her. I said to myself, "He just did." Her faith and her praise moved me.

I took her to a nearby hotel and put her up until she was able to get on her feet. I had someone that worked for me to check on her from time to time and make sure that she had food and clothes. After about a month or so we lost touch but I never forgot her.

This past summer I was shooting "Daddy's Little Girls" and this woman walks up to me smiling. I didn't recognize her face but her eyes were familiar. She had on a really nice dress and her hair was done. It was her! She told me that the little help that I had given her changed her life. She was in a house now and doing very well.

I said all of that to say this. After I met this woman, every time I think about complaining and mumbling I remember, "My feet are off the ground!"

I wanted to share this with you just to let you know that when I say that I am thankful for you, I really mean it. And when I say that you are a blessing to me, I mean it. We take so much for granted sometimes that I just wanted all of you to know that I am grateful to God for you everyday.

Thank you for being in my life,


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  • phyllis Atlanta Ga

    I'm very touch by this story this remind me of you I'm very kind person and free hearted person if someone ask me for anything I'm always give them my last.because I believe deep in my heart if you do For others someone will do for you.I always satisfied my last help someone in needed

  • Lisa F. okc

    I stopped and prayed after reading this; I asked God to forgive me for being ungrateful at times, quick to complain and to help me be a blessing to someone else. This is a powerful story about God's grace and determination. Never let a bad situation determine your future.

  • Michael Syracuse, NY

    God bless you tyler.....you are so amazing and you are such an inspiration!....i have a message for you...please contact me:)...we are so proud

  • Rowena CT

    I remember getting this email back in 2007....I still have it!!!

    • alise Manchester ct #1633009

      You, TylerPerry are such a sweetheart!! If I were rich Id be doing the same thing but Im poor not totallybut I just sweak by!!!

    • wanda ramirez United States #1633201

      I'm sure you are "rich" in the things that are everlasting. Continue to speak life over yourself, no matter if you are tore up from the floor up. Remember you are the Head and not the Tail. Why? Because God said it, that's why! God has not forgotten, we are just being tried.

  • Shakeyla Atlanta, Ga

    All I Can Say Is, This Has Ministered To Me! Because So Many People That I Am surrounded By Take Things For Granted And Look Down On Others That Aren't So Fortunate In Life, And I Still Will Never Understand How they Do It. But Like My Grandmother Always Told Me You Can Always Tell In Someones Eyes Who They Are And/or What The Want! This Has Been A Blessing.

  • Charlene Collins Bethelehem, GA

    Hi Tyler, You really touched me in this post. I've been homeless for a time after a divorce. I was lucky that I spent no time on the street. I mostly couch surfed when I lost my home, and finally I was taken into a personal care home. That woman who owned the home changed my life. I call her Mommy now... as an endearment. She taught me so much about God and about being a person that God should be proud of. I still struggle, but I'm glad that my only need is Glasses and I know I will get them because God will make a way. God has gifted me with an ability to write so I write for different sites to earn extra money and that helps me a lot. I don't take anyone or anything for granted. I just want to say, Tyler, that you make a difference in my life. When I see you as Madea, you make me laugh, but you also make me cry. You always touch my heart with your movies. Thank you Tyler, for being real. Love you lots! Charlene

  • Dorette Philadelphia, PA

    Dear M. Perry, Thank you so much for persevering to the front of the line so you can give a hands up and not waiting for someone to give you 40 acres and a mule but being able to buy you own. I am old enough to be your mother, but when I grow up I want to be just like you (smile). It doesn't matter whether people understand your motives or not you have discovered the means to an end that is helping so many others. Before a stroke, I too worked everyday of my life to help others by giving a hands up in this life to people who are forgotten and overlooked. Someone has to do it and we can't keep waiting on the government to rescue own own people. If more of the rich and famous took your lead I believe we could lift some people out of poverty by creating avenues to reeducate our people and understand their purpose for living here on earth. I know that one day our paths will cross and we work together because God has a specific plan for it to be. You are one-of-a-kind, courageous, kind and strong. Lift up your head, man of valour, and Let the King of Glory, who is strong in battle fight for you! I am continuously praying for you.

  • Veronica Mesquite, Tx

    I understand what she was feeling some people just want a chance, I've been there all I wanted was a roof over my head it was a while but it happen I didn't have nothing else and that didn't matter I got what I ask for I was so thankful that I sleap on the floor it was one of the greatest moment of my life, what I've learned from this is God loves me so I will always thank him for all he has done for me. Thank You Jesus

  • Cynthia Kansas City, MO

    Tyler may God continue to bless all that you do and all you encounter. This story touched me and brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my soul. I can only imagine your face when you said to the lady I can help you. It was you who was blessed that day with giving freely for the comfort of others. Everyday we encounter people, some dressed very nice, others in need of a bath wearing unclean clothes. Life is a journey and it is those who take a moment to not judge but listen, offer kind words and a smile, recognizing the true meaning of life on this earth. Continue to do what you do Tyler.

  • ygomez phoenix,az

    I think that your our blessing ,an inspiration to all ur followers ,fans and friends . May god bless you and all

  • Arnita DeShields Cirksey NJ

    Praise God My feet are off the ground too - there is someone out there that is worse off than ourselves - there is always something to give God thanks for - thank you for sharing this story and continue to let God use you for His Glory! Blessings!

  • Debbie South Africa

    I'm really blessed by this story we often take things for granted and forget to say thank you and to praise God for every little thing He had blessed us with!! God bless you...thank you for being a part of my life!

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