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My Feet are Off the Ground!

Hey everybody!

This morning I woke and was so frustrated about all the stuff I'm dealing with, trying to get this studio open. I was about to open my mouth and start complaining when I remembered something that happened to me about a year ago.

I was walking to my car and this woman who looked to be homeless started walking towards me. I'm ashamed to say this but I thought, "I don't feel like being hustled today." Then I got quickly convicted. I felt guilty so I started digging in my pocket for some money. As she got closer I noticed that she had the kindest eyes that I had ever seen. As I was reaching into my pocket she started to speak. I thought, "Here goes the sales pitch". She said "Excuse me sir, I need some shoes". Can you help me? My eyes filled with water because I remember being out on the streets and having only one pair of run over shoes. I was taken aback for a second.

I took her inside the studio and had my wardrobe people find shoes in her size. As she put the shoes on she started crying, praising God and thanking Jesus, and saying, "My feet are off the ground! My feet are off the ground!" Several of the wardrobe people started crying. I was crying. But I never forgot that, "My feet are off the ground!"

I thought, "Wow! All she wanted was some shoes." She quickly disappeared and never asked me for a dime. I realized that I still had the money in my hand so I went out looking for her. She was gone just that quick so I looked all around the neighborhood for her. I found her standing on a corner looking down at her shoes still crying. I was so touched I asked her how she had gotten homeless. She told me that she had AIDS and that she was waiting to get into a shelter. She said that her family had turned their backs on her and she had nowhere to go and that God would make a way for her. I said to myself, "He just did." Her faith and her praise moved me.

I took her to a nearby hotel and put her up until she was able to get on her feet. I had someone that worked for me to check on her from time to time and make sure that she had food and clothes. After about a month or so we lost touch but I never forgot her.

This past summer I was shooting "Daddy's Little Girls" and this woman walks up to me smiling. I didn't recognize her face but her eyes were familiar. She had on a really nice dress and her hair was done. It was her! She told me that the little help that I had given her changed her life. She was in a house now and doing very well.

I said all of that to say this. After I met this woman, every time I think about complaining and mumbling I remember, "My feet are off the ground!"

I wanted to share this with you just to let you know that when I say that I am thankful for you, I really mean it. And when I say that you are a blessing to me, I mean it. We take so much for granted sometimes that I just wanted all of you to know that I am grateful to God for you everyday.

Thank you for being in my life,


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  • SB Arkansas

    Hello, Mr. Perry! Indeed, "my feet are off the ground", and it's ONLY by the Grace & Mercy of Our FATHER WHO IS LOVE Perfect and Unfailing!!!! (WOW!!!! Selah!!!) I thank GOD for the Wonderful Gift HE continually showers me with through You!!! Peace and Blessings always!!! Thanking GOD for You, ~ SB : )

  • Me Atlanta, GA

    This is so touching and so sad. I swear it would do me no good to ever become wealthy, because I would be giving it all away to help people who truly need help. It's a great feeling to put a smile on someone's face by helping them. Even something that seems so insignificant to us can be a mountain-mover for someone else. We are all so fortunate, and I thank God every day throughout the day for the little things that are really big things because so many people don't have very basic necessities that we often take for granted.

  • Ruby Jones St. Louis, Missouri

    Hi Tyler, I too had read this story before and neeeded to read it again this morning. I often start my day complaining about nothing really instead of being and giving thanks for what I have. THANK YOU for posting this story again.

  • Layde Aphrodite Jackson MS

    Beautiful! True story here (short version): A few years ago, I saw this person from a distance when I was dropping my daughter off to work. This person was dressed shabbily and pushing a shopping cart. This was in October and the grounds were nearly frozen. My intent was to drive by this person and hand them a dollar or two. However, by the time I approached the corner, this person was gone. Two weeks later....same scenario. I wondered about this person as I was snuggled in my warm bed. During this time, I was working as a reservation agent, at a well know hotel. I would wear my "high heels" to work but as soon as I was off work, I would change into my flats, which I kept in the car. Well, I soon had two or three pairs of shoes in my car trunk. I was just baffled why I could not remember to take these shoes out of my car! My hubby had gotten a great job in Atlanta and I was in the process of packing. I decide that I was finally going to get rid of anything that I had not worn in two years, so I put all of these items in my car trunk. Now, I have clothes and shoes in the car. . Fast forward: It was the week before Thanksgiving and the ground was now frozen. I was cooking Hamburger Cheesy Mac, I think. Well, I needed milk. I throw on a coat, socks, a pair of flats and dash to the nearest convenience store. I completed my purchase and walked out of the store. There was this person again with the shopping cart. As I looked closer, I realized this person was a woman. She had very short hair and was dressed in men's clothing. She was also barefoot. I spoke, "Hi sister, are you ok?" She answered, "Oh, I will be ok. Thank you for asking." I could tell by her verbiage that this was an educated woman. I offered her five dollars and she graciously accepted. I asked her if she needed a ride and she began to tell me that she was going around the corner to visit her two sons. She said, "My sister is raising my two beautiful sons, thank God. As you can see, I am homeless and I have AIDS. I thank God for my sister." Tears filled the wells of my eyes. Conclusion: I know why I had forgotten to take those shoes out of my car and why I put the clothing in my car that was meant for Goodwill. She replied, "Thank you, sister. Now, I can be warm and my feet are off this cold, cold ground." My daughter looked at me, as if I were crazy because I walked backed in the house with no shoes or socks. Yes, I gave her those too. True story!

    • Colleen Danburuy,CT. #1633597

      GOD Bless you.

  • Lisa B. Bronx, NY

    Dear Mr. Perry: You are so brilliant--you're writing is spectacular, contrary to what many of your detractors say, and men dressing up as women has been a common device used in comedy going way back when, which I am sure you realize. I love the character Madea because she makes me feel safe. I started watching your movies around the time I remembered the awful physical and sexual assault that happened to me as an 11-year old girl at the hands of a predatory pediatrician. After I finally had my fuller memories, coming at me in awful flashbacks at a little more than a year ago at age 46, I would watch Madea and feel reassured. Something about your character makes me feel protected and cared for, and I particularly love it when she takes out her gun and stands up for the women!! Thanks for being you and being so open and nondefensive. You are healing others and yourself at the same time, which is what I hope to do with my life going forward by working more closely with at-risk and abused children.

  • Colleen Danbury,CT.

    Dear Tyler Perry, I woke up today sad, things going on in my life that is out of my control. Then I read your feet off the ground story, and quickly remembered GOD is coming I just need to hold on a little longer. When I say you are a Blessing to me and lift me up more than you know I MEAN THAT. THANK YOU. May GOD keep Blessing you.

  • Kiki Washington, DC

    Recognizing blessings and recognizing when God has called you to be a blessing in a situation is so important. That's such a touching story!

  • phyllis Atlanta Ga

    I'm very touch by this story this remind me of you I'm very kind person and free hearted person if someone ask me for anything I'm always give them my last.because I believe deep in my heart if you do For others someone will do for you.I always satisfied my last help someone in needed

  • Lisa F. okc

    I stopped and prayed after reading this; I asked God to forgive me for being ungrateful at times, quick to complain and to help me be a blessing to someone else. This is a powerful story about God's grace and determination. Never let a bad situation determine your future.

  • Michael Syracuse, NY

    God bless you tyler.....you are so amazing and you are such an inspiration!....i have a message for you...please contact me:)...we are so proud

  • Rowena CT

    I remember getting this email back in 2007....I still have it!!!

    • alise Manchester ct #1633009

      You, TylerPerry are such a sweetheart!! If I were rich Id be doing the same thing but Im poor not totallybut I just sweak by!!!

    • wanda ramirez United States #1633201

      I'm sure you are "rich" in the things that are everlasting. Continue to speak life over yourself, no matter if you are tore up from the floor up. Remember you are the Head and not the Tail. Why? Because God said it, that's why! God has not forgotten, we are just being tried.

  • Shakeyla Atlanta, Ga

    All I Can Say Is, This Has Ministered To Me! Because So Many People That I Am surrounded By Take Things For Granted And Look Down On Others That Aren't So Fortunate In Life, And I Still Will Never Understand How they Do It. But Like My Grandmother Always Told Me You Can Always Tell In Someones Eyes Who They Are And/or What The Want! This Has Been A Blessing.

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