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My Feet are Off the Ground!

Hey everybody!

This morning I woke and was so frustrated about all the stuff I'm dealing with, trying to get this studio open. I was about to open my mouth and start complaining when I remembered something that happened to me about a year ago.

I was walking to my car and this woman who looked to be homeless started walking towards me. I'm ashamed to say this but I thought, "I don't feel like being hustled today." Then I got quickly convicted. I felt guilty so I started digging in my pocket for some money. As she got closer I noticed that she had the kindest eyes that I had ever seen. As I was reaching into my pocket she started to speak. I thought, "Here goes the sales pitch". She said "Excuse me sir, I need some shoes". Can you help me? My eyes filled with water because I remember being out on the streets and having only one pair of run over shoes. I was taken aback for a second.

I took her inside the studio and had my wardrobe people find shoes in her size. As she put the shoes on she started crying, praising God and thanking Jesus, and saying, "My feet are off the ground! My feet are off the ground!" Several of the wardrobe people started crying. I was crying. But I never forgot that, "My feet are off the ground!"

I thought, "Wow! All she wanted was some shoes." She quickly disappeared and never asked me for a dime. I realized that I still had the money in my hand so I went out looking for her. She was gone just that quick so I looked all around the neighborhood for her. I found her standing on a corner looking down at her shoes still crying. I was so touched I asked her how she had gotten homeless. She told me that she had AIDS and that she was waiting to get into a shelter. She said that her family had turned their backs on her and she had nowhere to go and that God would make a way for her. I said to myself, "He just did." Her faith and her praise moved me.

I took her to a nearby hotel and put her up until she was able to get on her feet. I had someone that worked for me to check on her from time to time and make sure that she had food and clothes. After about a month or so we lost touch but I never forgot her.

This past summer I was shooting "Daddy's Little Girls" and this woman walks up to me smiling. I didn't recognize her face but her eyes were familiar. She had on a really nice dress and her hair was done. It was her! She told me that the little help that I had given her changed her life. She was in a house now and doing very well.

I said all of that to say this. After I met this woman, every time I think about complaining and mumbling I remember, "My feet are off the ground!"

I wanted to share this with you just to let you know that when I say that I am thankful for you, I really mean it. And when I say that you are a blessing to me, I mean it. We take so much for granted sometimes that I just wanted all of you to know that I am grateful to God for you everyday.

Thank you for being in my life,


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  • Michelle Timberlake Jachin AL

    Wow that is too kewl Ty. I love this story!

  • Beatrice Rodriguez Philadelphia, PA

    I was blessed to have had the opportunity to see the movie Good Deeds. The movie inspired me to take an honest appraisal of my life and as such, I have been prompted to write this post. I found the movie to be very powerful in that it alerted me to the fact that I am in the midst of a traumatic life event - homelessness. I have not had the opportunity to obtain consistent full time or part time employment for four years, actually since the summer of 2008. (I was a full time administrator of a shelter, part-time student and had previous rented a home for approximately 9 years). My email account has been re-organized to accommodate the influx of online applications During that time, I had utilized my savings, pensions, annuities and 401K and by the end of 2009, we were homeless and lived in an actual church for approximately 10 months. However, in the shelter I was able to complete the remaining degree requirements for my first Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. In such a critical time of my life, my son had graduated on time from H.S, my daughter from middle school and I graduated from college. In the midst of turmoil I felt a great sense of accomplishment and I Praise God for the experience. In the first year of the new apartment we were also blessed to have had a local housing agency to assist with the market rent in which the funds had expired in the first year. I also managed to initiate the start-up paperwork for a limited liability service business - which has been in-active. In the midst, I’ve completed the degree requirements for the second Associates Degree in Business Administration. I feel that God has used your recent movie Good Deeds and your message board “My Feet Are Off The Ground”, to speak to my heart and to help me to realize that I need help! I thought it was best to postpone the completion of my bachelor’s degree for a couple of months so that I could reassess my life and to prevent a second homelessness - the traumatic life event. I would like to prevent a second homelessness and create jobs - especially for my son. I recognize that I need help and at this time I am asking - Would you please help me? I thank you, in advance!

  • Leche Gunn Syracuse, ny 13202

    Very touching story and moving at that but Mr. Perry we are all grateful for all the help you've given cant explain but my mother name is Christine Gunn Quinn and she has a lot of motivation because of you so im thankful for you also. P.S. She's writing books! GREAT!

  • Clara Outlaw Clarksville, Tn

    I watched your movie Good Deeds last night and this show your a wonderful Man with a wonderful soul.

  • Kim Louisiana

    Tyler, OMG...I started crying just reading this. OMG. Thank you for being you. I have a lump in my throat just typing this. I wish my mom could be inspired by this. I hope that your readers don't think that I am crazy, but my mom was diagnosed with Mysenthia Gravis (MG). She was on her death bed when she got the correct diagnose. We were in her hospital room in Kenner, LA and she said she wanted to live. We both prayed and asked God to save her. She is still her with us a year later. She has the proper medication now and wants for nothing. My dad is still living and takes great care of her. He has also had his medical difficulties, but me my husband and son are close enough to take care of them and be there when they need us. God has put us where we needed to be. My mom can now breathe and swallow on her own, though she is on a lot of medication. I have to talk to her and make her laugh to keep her from getting depressed. There are some bad days and pray that better will follow soon. I have two brothers but the one lives in another state and the other stays in Lake Charles. Too far away to jump and get to them. I am the oldest and just tell them don't worry I got it. They are truly fun and I love them dearly. Thank you for the laughs and this story. OMG...this is amazing. I hope to have such a positive impact on someones life. Truly inspirational. THANK you for you. I want to do so much for my mom and my husband reminds me that I do everyday. She is my best friend and i can tell her any and everything. She loves your movies and plays. Has all the DVDs. Just continue doing what you do. Thanks for listening.

  • klajah socree New jersey

    What God has for you it is for you. You are a GREAT man!God put you hear for a great reason. You are so inspiring. You give great advice . Keep God in whatever you do and it will be successful. Love for who you are, my brother in Christ!!!!:)

  • Nathaniel Montgomery, Sr. Lathrop, CA.

    Hi Tyler, My name is Nathaniel Montgomery, Sr., a proud father of three, and four beautiful grand kids. I'm writing to you to share something very special. My son is an artist, and he creates portraits with words. He's created one of Oprah, President Obama, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and a host of others. Since you are a good friend of Oprah's, I'm trying to help him find a way to get the one of her to her. My son creates these portraits by hand on canvas. The one he created of Oprah, he used to lyrics to one of the theme songs on the movie The Color Purple, "Maybe God's Trying To Tell You Something." You should see this portrait. He would like to give her that one, and also create on especially for you. All of his work is custom one of a kind. I don't care on what side of the world you're on, you wont find another like it. Most of his work is personal, he would like to someday sell copies of the one he created of Oprah. As much as she love the movie, there are thousands of followers who would appreciate having a copy. Please do not hesitate to give me a call if you would like to see my son's work. As a matter of fact, he don't know that I am writing to you, but would be more than happy to speak with you to see if there's something he could do for you. I know you are a very busy man, so I'll close for now, take care, and may God continue to shine his ever loving light on you and your family. Thanks, Nathaniel Montgomery, Sr. Lathrop, CA.

  • Maria Hlongwane South Africa

    God has his ways of bringing people together and touching us to change others lives. This is an incredible story. It teaches us the importance and value of helping those troubled in life without judging them.

    • zukiswa machila South Africa, city of East London #1762174

      Dearest Tyler. I have always enjoyed and looked forward to watching your movies. They are about us Black people. Any of us can relate and take lessons from them. I loved Daddy's little girls cause they reminded me so much of husband. The diary of a mad black woman taught us to stop taking our patners for granted and that we should learn to understand the sacrifices that we make for one another when one patner takes care of the home and the other is working. Madea's family reunion taught me the importance of family an I got to learn about Maya Angelo(I knew nothing about her before the movie) I watched you when you discussed the topic of Sexual abuse of children with Oprah(200 men). I found yound to be a sensitive gentleman and I knew that when you write these scripts, all of that comes from your heart and I would like to thank you for showing us that good men are still out there. Zukie

  • Tomasi Raikivi Suva, Fiji Islands

    Bula ( Greeting) Mr. Perry, God is awesome and indeed he shows us through others of how we can be blessed by offering our blessing and help to others around us even if you feel they might be less important in our lives. God Bless, Tomasi.

  • tabitha martey tema, Ghana

    am really touched by dis story of urs i also fnk da Lord for having pple lyk u on our lifes . U're also a blessing to me and family. God bless

  • Mary Montgomery

    I like the story about the Lady that just wanted a pair of shoes. I have found myself complaining a lot lately. I do thank God (Jesus) for all he has done for me and my children. But lately I have been so deeply involved in my personal problems. That I didn't realize how much I was complianing. I know God had to be angry with me. But the next time I want to complain I am going to think about the lady that was thankful for a pair of shoes. Truly, Mary Ann

  • Naomi Domino Darrow LA.

    Wow that's awesome!!!! I'm thankful for you...

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