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Now You Know I'm Not Going To Bother You Every Week, Right?

You know that’s not my style. I know you’re busy and you don’t need me blowing you up, asking you to watch The Haves And The Have Nots and Love Thy Neighbor, so I’m not going to do that every week. It’s just that these shows are so new right now that I need you to watch a few more episodes so that you will be hooked, although a lot of you have said you are hooked already. Thanks for that by the way (I love that I can count on my board members, y’all got my back). All I’m going to say to you is that The Haves And The Have Nots is on OWN tonight and will be on every Tuesday night at 9/8c... and on Wednesday night at 9/8c (tomorrow) Love Thy Neighbor will be on.

Wait until you see what Candace does next or what’s going on with Jeffery and Wyatt… it ain’t what you think. And wait until Katheryn and Jim start verbal sparring tonight, she has a tongue like a razor. And keep your eye on Benny… something is going to happen to him that will change the stakes for them all. Oh, and Veronica and David, they’ve got a story too. And Benny and Candace are keeping a secret from Hanna, wait until she finds out about it. OK, I’ll stop there, I don’t want to give too much away. You’ll see tonight.

And listen, I asked OWN to start with the first two episodes tonight, so they will start running at 7 and 8, but the new episode of The Haves And The Have Nots will air at 9/8c tonight. OK?

That’s it, short and sweet :-). I’ll be tweeting tonight, come talk to me.

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  • chunnell miller texas

    Hi Tyler I want to say I'M a big fan of everything you do .So i want to say I love the new shows THE have not and the mommie Hattie really funny so congrads .Also great job coming together with Oprah that is a Blessing coming together as to powerful African American in show Bussiness.I'm so proud of you doing what god has called you to do keep blessing this generation cause we need it .And we need to see our people coming together more .And please keep encouraging our African American.Mexican,Latino,Indian,Caucasion,Jews and everyone because you are doing an excellent job and my family loves you .So don't worry about the haters cause they will continue to hate cause they are not where you are Spiritually are Mentally .They don't understand what you are doing is a God thing not man so they can not comprehend the move of God on your life and this is truly your time all the bad and hurt you went through.Now God is giving you back and he is working it out for your good .So Mr.Tyler keep on blessing us with your movies and plays because we love them and you and would love for you to her The Miller Family we have song writers,actors,singers,Gospel groups,rapers,cooks,musicians,radio talk show host,comedians,cake decorators,Interior decorator .So please if you are looking for more talent look The Miller Family.

  • Ms. Proverbs Owings Mills, Maryland

    Hi there Tyler Hope your day went well :-) Today, my day was very trying at work I sure need a Good Laugh until it Hurts right now...Looking forward to watching #LoveThyNeighbor tonight and tweeting with you :-) I love Mamma Hattie and Floyd Kudos to you Tyler...Great Job! Blessings Ms. Proverbs :-)

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  • Joyce Ann Nelson Sun City Center, Florida 33573

    Tyler , I think you should be one of the most admired men in the world. I know I admire you and love most of your work. I am a 71 year old white woman who believes in reincarnation. I know you are a Christian, but do you ever think you could have been a famous person who was a writer in another lifetime?

  • Traci Wells Memphis,Tennessee

    So look, why are you not married? You never talk about your personal relationships on your website. You always talk about work. Have you ever thought that the people who support you will support you all the way around. I have been following your work for many years and you always seem to keep your personal life so personal. Is that by choice? You know what I do I just let GOD take control of every area of my life wheather people like it or not. I like both of your new shows. At first I thought I was not going to like the have and the have nots because it is like a soap opera to me but I did get hooked the first time I watched the show. Love thy neighbor is really funny. I went to go and see peeples. It was different than alot of your other work but it was a good movie. It was not the sterotyped african american family. It seems like there was no dysfunction in their family. The movie was a good movie. God Bless

  • sabrina jones 5690 Louisville road #116

    Dear Mr. Perry: I would love to watch your new shows and anything on OWN but I have cable almost all the channels but have not been able to find OWN , but I wish you great sucess in these two shows as Iam sure it will be as I and my young adult children love anything that you do.

  • BRITE-I OREGON - via real talk

    No clue why I continually return - Yet as I read the stories here I can not help but see how we as woman look to you for the answers through your stories. For you are one of the select few willing to discuss the undicussables.. :) I learn and grow through the stories on your page - and find strengh and pray from others.. It is my pray that through your series those issues become discussables.. How do you tell your story when, the words may hurt others.... Yet then again how could you tell your story and be healed.. I have been advised to meditate on - The shadow side of my personality can only be ignored so long.. (Angola) :( Be Blessed and awaiting words of encouragemnet.... @)-----

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