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A Note From Madea

To all my Atlanta and surrounding area folks, just wanted to tell you this real quick...

Y'all remember how a couple of years ago I did two live plays at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta, GA? Well, I'm doing it again. Recording two shows for DVD. The first is called Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned. It will play for three days, September 18th, 19th and 20th. The second show is called Madea's Neighbors From Hell (you know you have had people move in next door to you that drove you crazy...lol) It runs September 22nd, 23rd and 24th.

Come on down to the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre and be a part of these live shows. I only want a house full of people who want to have a good time. That's why I'm coming to you first. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster or the Cobb Energy Peforming Arts Centre Box Office. Each show is only three days. We can't get everybody in so I hope you can make it.

Hope to see you there.


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  • M.H

    Midnight Train.

  • lynne thibaut la.

    Dear Mr.Perry, I love Media. I am from Oscar.La. Oprah knows where this little area is because she had a documentery with Ernest Gaines which is where he grew up.I live within a mile from him. Everyone thinks I have a degree in ebonics.I have agree at from LSU in speech.I would love to be Medea's long lost cousin black or white in one of your movies. I am a white female with blond hair , way 118lbs. I would love to have a part in one of your movies Helloew.Lynne Thibaut

  • Connie Poindexter Lithia Springs Ga

    I saw the play "The Neighbors From Hell" and loved it. Can you tell me when it be releaesed on dvd? I buy all your dvds the first day they are released. I also see all your movies the first day they are in theater and I go to your plays. I am a huge FAN! I actually wrote before asking if you could do a play about bipolar for someone very close to me is and it is a medical illness people do not understand. I also have a rare medical condition that there is no cure an you wouldnt know looking at me but it prevents me from doing all the things I love so I spend alot of time watching your plays and movies. It would be a dream come true to meet you

    • Debra Durham #1942781

      Hello Scheduled released date for Madea's Neighbors from H*** is scheduled for April 22nd to DVD. Hope this helps.

  • Jarmell Parker Mobile al

    What's the name of your new play madea neighbor from h*** p.s is Aunt bam and Mr.brown or tamlan Mann or funny ladiey from meet the browns the play

  • Javier Reyes

    when are h*** hath no fury like a woman scorned and neighbors from h*** coming out on DVD. I have been dying for them to come out. I have all your plays and they are amazing. Someone commented that you should do a movie about your life, I agree but you should do a play about madea accepting God as her personal savior......

  • Lisa Anderson Inkster Mi 48141

    Dear Tyler Perry i am one of your biggest fans i love and have all your plays and movies except the have and the have nots which am waiting patiently to find in stores............But i am super excited because i was born 12-13-1969 and everyone keeps asking what are you doing for your birthday inwhich i really had NO PLANS until i saw Madea's Christmas coming to theaters 12-13-13, and it was official what i would be doing this year i just want to say thanks so much for making my day. and between me and you i love watching plays but NOBODY play's COMPARE TO YOURS ..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................N O B O D Y!!!!!! but thats between me and you. and the Have and The Have Nots was the first play of yours i have seen live, i really enjoyed myself cant wait for you to come back to Detroit again.. as always love you and all you do much love ... Sincerly and whole Heartedly Ms.Lisa Anderson

  • Cheryl

    Dear Tyler, Thank you for being the wonderfully taented, humane, witty, and resilient person that you are. I have been an admirer and keen supporter of your for many years. The family that Preys, Madea's Family Reunion, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, are amoung my favorite movies but your story is even more powerful and should be made into a movie. When that happens you must have a scene with you riding with the President and your "Ah, ha" moment I think "...who would have imagined a Tyler Perry"? That's deep. Love that! So I took a leap of faith to write you after watching the tour of your Tyler Perry Studios. I am, we all are, so very pround of you. I appreciate your story, your work, your life lessons so generously shared. There is indeed a greater power within us that comes from our Creator if we only would sometimes really stop and tune in to the silence. That voice of true guidance and wisdom from within. That inner sould that is the divine perpetual gift from God that keeps on renewing every new day. You teach that so well in your story. I can't contribute to your work financially, but I can share the song I wrote for you. I leave it with you because I am confident that you have the talent and resourcefulness to use it to your advantage. So here goes with my blessings. Rough World When you try and you fail, and you try again but you fail again Do you quail, run away? Do you hide away? Do you cry your time away? Chorus: It's a rough world out there No hand out for you, get out there and do your thing well. Never rise to the bait, never take to heart what they say about you Work, even harder and you'll be rewarded a million times and more Chorus: It's a rough world out there No hand out for you, get out there and do your thing well. Ref: You're only one of you In everything you do You're special, you're tops in your thing. So, never rise to the bait, never take to heart what they say about you Work, even harder and you'll be rewarded a million times and more. Cho: It's a rough world out there No hand outs for you get out there and do your thing well repeat chorus. CMarie - for Tyler Perry

  • Matthew Smith Las Vegas

    Hello Mr. Perry, If Madea ever gets to Las Vegas or Albuquerque, I would be there in a less than a moments notice. I hope your Thanksgiving was blessed. However, if you or she wants to visit, the door is always open, a great day would be one actually getting to meet you or her. Thank you for creating her, she is like an aunt. I hope this finds you well and blessed.

  • TYLER Middletown,Ny

    Hey Mr.Perry can you come to madison square garden with madea and the neighbors from h*** please thank you

  • T'Ondra

    Can you please reveal the cast list. They say Mrs. Riley is in the play but I just want to be sure

  • Isaiah Williams Denver Colorado

    Can you put Brown and Cora back in your plays? I miss them.

  • clametra white Tyler Tx

    Im ready to be in a show or movie

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