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I just wanted to send you a quick note.

I want you to see these trailers, the first one is just a teaser from I CAN DO BAD ALL BY MYSELF, which is my next film. FUNNY!! It comes out in September, just a few days before the big 4-0 for me..(SMILE).

Speaking of turning 40, some odd things have been happening to me. For some reason I've been constantly reminded of my childhood. From smells to taste to music. Some have made me smile but most have made me sad. I don't know what it is, but it seems as if God wants me to revisit these memories. Memories of things that I thought I had long gotten over. What I know for sure in this life is, if you keep being faced with the same thing over and over again then it's God trying to get you to notice something.

So I started to do that. I started to reflect. I surrendered. And once I said, "Okay God, what is it?" I was asked to watch an independent film directed by the amazing Lee Daniels. The film is called PRECIOUS, based on the Novel Push by Sapphire. I gotta tell you this film hit so close to home that it blew my mind. It took me back some 30 years. It was as if my entire childhood was being played out in front of me. After I watched it I had to sit still for a while. I had to hold on to myself. It was so powerful and so liberating. It made me so grateful. Grateful that I had made it through. Grateful that, just like in the film, with all that my abusers did to me, they didn't win. I beat every one that beat me. And it also showed me that my greatest battle was in the mind.

This movie was so real and so incredibly relevant that I had to get involved. I called Oprah and she said she had the film but hadn't had time to see it yet. A couple of hours later she called me back after she had seen it. Neither of us could speak. We both sat in silence on the phone for a while. Hearing all that was said without words. What was amazing was that after that initial moment of "WOW!" we both ended up with the same feelings of overwhelming joy. So we decided to join together to present this film. I think the world should see it. Not only is it groundbreaking and real but it caused me to remember and to thank God I made it through that.

I'll tell you more as it gets closer but just know that the reason I signed on to executive produce this movie is because I know I'm not alone. I know that there are millions of people out there who went through what I went through, what Oprah went through, and what Precious went through. And we all can say, "Thank God we made it!" Take a look. Here are both trailers. Let me know what you think!





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  • adedoyin Nigeria

    God bless you T.P. I'm reading all your messages, from the first to the last because I truly am inspired by your work. We will meet one day, mark my words...Lol. God bless you.

  • BRITE-I Snowed by choice

    I am in 2009 in your message looking for an answer.. Looking for inner strength to fight my way our of the mental cage I have built. I am hoping that I can yet emerge when this snow storm has passed.. I can emagine having to be in this space not much longer... I don't want to address that little girl, for I now know that she is fine - As it took years to build up walls it going to take a little time to remove them.. That I am willing to do, But while removing the walls I would like to live my passion... I want to live my destiny... Your conference in March in NC... I have contemplated in thought - how you were gonna pull that off, and what you could possibly say.. I know that you are going to speak as Tyler, but I cant help but wonder if your message would be best received by Madea.. I watched you in your most recent public interview with Ellen, Queen, ?? ... I felt that you were most impressive with Ellen.. she just allowed you a forum in which you truly shined.. It is as if you sneaked into the back door and emerged "Mr. Tyler Perry" You have a true message to relay and you were blessed to obtain the standard basic principles to being a Christian child, and also the backlashes of a slave mentality.. I am working so very hard attempting to turn all of the negatives into my life into positives.. Yesterday I taped my front and backdoor shut with red box tape to cut the breeze that flowed through my house, but as I looked at my front door all taped up I knew I had to do something.. I could not remain in the house with such a constraint - so I found myself using 1/2 inch cardboard slats to create a lip on the tape so that I would be bounded in, and the I conveniently cut the tape with a box cutter... I found myself on the phone with my pastor tonight as he asked if I needed anything, I with little thought told him that I had a deep freezer full of food that would probably last for 45 days if need be. Then as I moved forward to explain to him how I needed a competent spiritual advisor to teach me how to have faith.. I was reminded of the level of faith that I had, I was also reminded that God as my provider - is and always will be on his job as it relates to me.. Ready to use the battery operated candles if need be.. I have found myself trusting in strangers 2 times in my early 20's whereas I had 2 leave my car - on one foggy night with yet a gas car - I recall leaning over to the stranger and asking "Are you a murder, rapist, killer, and do you mean me harm" I truly believed that if the man meant me harm I would know it.. I say that to let you know I am not a murder, rapist, killer, and I do not mean you harm.. Be blessed..

  • Thank you

    I love you!

  • Stella Nairobi, Kenya

    I get tears when you mention God in your messages. You could never go wrong trusting God even if it takes forever to see His response.

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