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My new Email system

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


Talk soon,



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  • Carolyn Mowry Greensboro,NC

    Dear Mr.Perry, Sometimes good people need help so I hope you will take a minute and read my story. Over a year ago I tripped and it resulted in multiple injuries but I could not get the medical treatment that I needed because I had no insurance. Now I have Medicare so my knee surgery will be soon with a shoulder and spine surgery to follow.I will also be getting a year of physical therapy to help me through the recovery. A few months back my voice went horse so I was sent to a ENT at Duke.I am now recovering from vocal cord surgery and my voice is a little above whisper.I hope the ENT will release me soon so the other surgeries can begin.I am on social secu rity and that does not cover every day expenses.I drive a SUV that is 15 years old.Mr.Perry anything helps me and I so appreciate it.This is a true story and a long road to recovery.I use to live in Atlanta and I miss it. Love watching Madea. Happy Holidays,Carolyn

  • Sonia Kerr Fayetteville NC

    Hello Tyler Perry This is a very personal message !! I hope to hear from you. To talk to you about what I have to say !!! Thanks in advance !! I will be waiting to hear from you!!

  • Reginald Lithonia

    How's it going Tyler. I hope all is well. I almost don't want to make my comment after reading some of these other posts but I am going to anyway. I don't have a super sad story like some of these that I've read on here and may God bless everyone one on here with there problems, issues and aspirations. I wish I had the power and the money to help all of you because I certainly would. Life is tough but we have to take the good with the bad and the bad with the good. I am a 48 year old black man that had dreams of being a professional athlete and an entrepreneur. I think I was good enough but things didn't fall in place like that so I have been working and trying to survive and trying to be a husband and father to my son. He is a awesome kid and God has truly blessed me with him. He's a great student athlete and what keeps me motivated through the tough times. Right now I am dealing with an eviction and trying to figure out what to do. I am looking for work but haven't had any luck so far but I am still remaining positive, it can be tough sometimes though. My son doesn't know about it and every time I look at him I just keep saying to myself I can't let this happen but nothing has come up yet. I am a good person with a good heart and I like to help people when I can so sometimes I wonder why am I going through this. If you can just lift me and my family up in your prayers I would greatly appreciate it. Also if you or anybody that you know is hiring I would definitely appreciate the connect. I have done everything from office work to security to having my own business. GOD Bless, Reginald

  • DeAnna Weems Monroeville, Pa

    Mr. Perry, I am trying to contact you for not only prayers but to tell you about my daughters story and to see where I go from here. My 15 year old daughter that 32 weeks pregnant was shot four times in May of this year by another 15 year old boy that targeted my home because we were not from the town that we moved to and he did not like the town we came from, he had someone knock at my door and when my daughter opened the door the boy that knocked on my door stepped aside and the 15 year old shooter stepped up and shot her four times at close range, twice in her stomach which one of the bullets went through my grandson fatally wounding him and once in her hand, and once in her arm/elbow. As a result of this event my family has lost everything including our home, our car, our furniture, our clothes, my job and everything that we owned because we could not go back to our home in fear for our lives because we were getting death threats from the friends and family of the shooter because they said that we were snitching on him and cooperating with the police! We have been homeless since this happened going from family members houses, to hotels and now finally was able to move into a home in the suburbs of Pittsburgh with nothing to put in it that belonged to us, our previous landlord threw everything we owned away before we had a chance to get it, so all we had was what we were able to buy as far as clothes and toiletries. Kind people have been trying to donate things to us to help us out, and yes I got a home but I don't know how I am going to afford after the free rent paid by The Victims of Violent Crime being I lost my job and cannot go back because I did Home Health Care and all of my clients live in the same neighborhood my daughter was shot! I know you have been in the position of being homeless before and maybe you can give me some ideas of how we can survive in the position that we're in? If you can give me some type of hope I would really appreciate it, I definitely will never lose my faith in God and I will continue to keep thanking Him for sparing my daughters life even though my grandson lost his and for waking us up every day, I just need some guidance and help getting back on track! My cell phone number is and my email address is really hope to hear from you soon, thank you for taking time out to hear my story!

  • Kenithia L Starks

    Dear mr Tyler perry I written to you in the past my family an I are facing eviction we have been without lights for almost a month their is two small children in the house my husband an I we are facing hard times we are one month behind on rent our son is 9years old an is disabled our daughter is 11 people came to the house today saying that it was a meeting down at the city with the owner an they are trying to evict us out mr perry we need help we have no where to go an no money to find something else please we need your help sr

  • Joe Los Angeles, California.

    Dear Mr. Perry, Your work and your success is very inspiring. You know what it's like to have gone through trials and tribulations, yet still perseveres. I find myself at the very lowest point of my life. My entire world has turned upside down. The hopes, dreams and expectations that I had for life faded away. Pain, troubles and misery have replaced the aspirations I had, and I can't find it in me to internally motivate myself. I want the fire and determination that I lost. I understand you are a busy man, however, of you can in any way give me words of encouragement, and share with me how you rose to your heights, well, you would be helping a lost soul. Thank you.

  • Veronica Knight Washington D.C.

    Mr. Perry, I'm determined I'm not looking for no print out of words you sending to people!I'm trying to hear directly from you (Don't Be Scered)! They keep sending warning letters I'm not trying to harm you ! I know you have to be careful!Honey please! I 'm to blessed to be a dead ringer for any killer!I'm in tack whatever I say I'm gone back!!!!No darling I'm 54 years old don't have time. I'm just praying to make my dream come true, I don't have anything but GOD JESUS and my family. Come on Mr. Perry I need something to talk about in my neck of the woods!! Omma be the lady who met Tyler Perry. As long as it's a GOD in heaven I bet you I will!!Soooooooo, whatchu say son? Deal? Deal. Veronica

  • Veronica Knight Washington D.C.

    Mr. Perry, I'm trying all I can to meet you. Don't get on your high horse and act like it can't happen. Come on now I've! I went on every page I thought I could get to. Sure I'm trying to earn the right to meet you, Me and a million others. But If you go on looking through your talk to me page I hope you'll find me!Stars always get your hopes up! saying you can talk to me personally!! suuuure! I'm trying. I don't want anything more than to tell you my story. Iv'e told you I'm homeless but decent, I never had the pleasure of the finer things in life. But guess what I'm rich in JESUS! and I believe I will meet you soon. I told everyone Tyler Perry sent me an email! Only to be disapointed that it was a warnng! WHAT! but yet It says talk to me! Came straight to my email, But warned me not to come into yours! Go figure! anyway I believe you will come see me at the Harriett Tubman shelter for woman! I'm praying on it, that way those who was laughing will be the ones going I thought she was lying! OOPS!!! Please find me and my letters. I'm almost family now. lol Find me you'll see!!

  • Margaret elmore Savannah georgia

    My daughter wants to become an actress

  • Melanie Atlanta (Grayson)

    Thank you so much for that email today. God knows when to show up and He will use anyone. Last October, I was affected by the restructure of Cisco Systems after many, many years of working. I didn't get upset but instead I thanked God for the opportunity to do something else. So fast forward to today, I am a Freight Broker with no clients, and no loads to move. I have invested in a Transportation Management System, website, marketing materials and I am constantly trying to find a niche. I have been a bit weary though. I felt like giving up but Holy Spirit won't let me give up. I have run through all my money with maintaining my residence and day to day allowances, as well as business expenses. I am tired. So I left my upstairs office and came downstairs to encourage myself and stopped to check my emails and there was you email stating you are not a failure. I really needed that because I have felt this way for the past couple of weeks. It has been hard to get up and get on the prayer line with my New Orleans extended church family and move forward personally but I do... well limping along and still believing although nothing has materialized. Thank you. I know that someday soon God is going to give me an opportunity to move someone's products across the country and eventually I will have my own fleet of trucks and drivers to compete on a larger scale. Thank you again for the uplifting words. Love ya! Mel

  • Celia Spain

    Hi there brother! Im writing you to propose you to bring my life story into the big screen I have been thinking about it how much we can help people in this world to show them about their daily worries what is important and what is not.etc etc My life its been full of courage fight and wonderful messages im sure will be a total succesful on your career Believe me,i know you always love to deliver messages on your movies. Mi history life will bring you some goose bumps. I just give you a little b*** of my life My life is about: Having growing up in a disfunctional family Been working hard since early age Having achieve bymiself all in the material world Fight against cancer Lose everything everything My dreams become true ... Just contact me if your heart is saying yes I found you and im sure is for a reason!!! God bless you,and im sure he is ; ) Love & light Celia

  • Shone Brown Memphis Tenn

    how do you start out to make a friend or even just an associate because the way the world works everyone wants something me I just want to pitch an idea not to ask for anything just pitch and ideal of a man scribing all his life to be told by his family did you would not amount to anything my mom was a black sheep and when she died I realize there was such thing as h*** so I open my eyes and became a loner my family and I do not associate but some of my kin me to grow up not have anything always wanting something but never stop trying to get it sometimes it gets to the point were the bills are even overcoming like a waterfall costly overflowing and mail it to stop I think sometimes is there a way out doing security work inside a club constantly fighting to make ends meet I've been ran over had teeth knocked out has skin drug of my arm but keep striving it's hard sometimes but the world never stops and to those family members that said I wouldnt amount to anything I wouldn't be anything I'm still here day by day I tell my mom I love you baby remember me even though she's gone she's still in my heart my father and I we keep close tabs on each other when I get off of work he calls are you alright how was your night that makes me feel very special I'll call him often I usually do what I could for him but recently we fell on hard times and we only have one vehicle so I can't take him back and forth to the doctor like I used to he says he understands but is hard I pray in Jesus name all the time for help but sometimes is saying there is none but I keep my faith and keep looking into the stars cuz one day my name will be written a month of those lights your friend shone brown.