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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


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  • taylar glen burnie

    hi, i would love to speak to u mr.tyler about auditioning for a role

  • Terrance Barringer Charlotte NC

    Hey Mr Perry I want you to know I loved The Madea Christmas and Meet The Browns.I wanted to ask a question-The Lord has blessed me to write much ,but I have no one to sale it to what should I do?

  • Angelo S.E. USA

    Hi Mr. Perry, I wanted to thank you for your work and for your genuine interest in the community and for being a leader in the many areas of society that you engage with such gallantry and for touching so many lives positively. Mr. Perry, I met a gentleman a few years ago that I would like you to learn about. This gentleman carries himself with very similar demeanor, very similar standards, the same principles that you represent and portray in your work and how you handle yourself away from the media. He is always himself in the limelight and also with his family, friends, and at home. He is approximately 60 years old or so and he has been in education most of his lifetime from being a teacher to becoming a school principal. He is also actively engaged in the community as a senior leader in a small church in the S.E. and the center of our family nucleus. By the way, he does not know that I am attempting to share his persona and his selfless accolades and by no means I want him to be in an awkward position neither. But, once you meet him and understand the adversity that he had to face by being Caucasian in order to make things right in a small school in a community that is over 85% African American in a town where finishing high school was frown upon for decades. Mr. Perry, I think that you would understand the pressure from all sides and the value of true character whenever we face adversity and believing in what is right. Now, his school is one of the best, if not the best in the county they live in when it comes to success rate, state test scoring, and average grades just to point a few generic stats that can be quantified. However, some people cannot see beyond the color of his skin and his devotion for his community and to do what is right for all. Even to this day... This individual that I am describing in such detail is my father in law and if I ever get to become half the man he is, I think that I will alright when my time expires here on earth. It would be an honor to speak with you and to share more about this gentleman and for you to meet him and learn about his story and what he has to share. If not, I do understand that you probably receive a million stories regularly and a million requests regularly for people that want to be heard. Thank you for your work and for sharing your genuine character to all always! Thank you for reading. Very Respectfully, Angelo

  • Brenda Devers Homewood, Illnois

    Greetings Mr. Tyler Perry, just one of the many fans of yours, just to let you know that I love and adore you and pray for you daily! I would like to make a suggestion to you just to see how you will receive it. How would you feel about writing and directing a movie of Jesus, showing everyone that as the bible quotes, that Jesus was a black man , also Moses was a black man, I feel now is the time for our children and grandchildren to find out the real truth! I truly feel that this would blow the charts and at the same time, bring out the truth. I'm a 63 year old grandmother with 2 special needs adult children both 35 years of age, and my husband and I are raising 8 grandchildren the oldest being 17. They need to know the truth, and I believe no one can bring it out like you can Tyler, because believe it or not, you've be anointed and appointed for a time like this. Please take it into consideration, I've never acted in my life, but I feel that I can really play the part of Sarai, Abrahams wife. This is just a thought! Love you Tyler and God Bless! Hope you get this comment.

  • Preston Henderson, KY

    Dear Mr. Tyler Perry, I know this is 100% unprofessional and, for that, I apologize in advance. However, I need advice. I just found out that someone very close to me has hepatitis c. Now, I don't know what all that means, I haven't researched it yet. All I know is that the treatment is going to cost anywhere from $60,000-$88,000, and my family doesn't have that kind of money off hand. My dream is to save up money and move to LA, Austin, Atlanta, or New York to pursue acting, modeling, or singing. But with the new development, I may not have time to wait. I am very talented and most of my credits are in theatre acting and musicals. I do realize that making it in this business is unrealistic for me. But if I don't try, and just let them die from this, I will never forgive myself. If I fail, I'm going all in. I'm going to need the grace of God and a lot of help to make it. All I need to know is where to start. Is there any way you can point me in the right direction? Performing is my passion, but I'm willing to learn anything backstage, offstage, I've done P.A. work on sets. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time, God bless, Preston HD.

  • Kain Towns (Madea Ma to the d*** D E A lol) Cincinnati

    Heller um im Kain i love madea so much i speak MaLanguage which is Madea Language. Um i had a question if you can please add me on facebook Michael Towns it would be the best Madea's Christmas present ever in the world. I pray that one day i can meet you in person because you are the biggest role model i as a man can have. I mean i wake up in a good mood because i think of a MAdea movie and everytime i go to school i speak in malanguage and all my friends say,'Kain Your not Madea" and i say i know but its a habit and i would hope to break the habit that i can speak with you so i can break the habit i hope and i am definitly coming this summer to visit Tyler Perry Studio's hope to see you. So thankur and um hallaleur and if you see this in the afternoon then goot afternoont.:):):):):)

  • Ms.Turner Wendell, NC

    Praying that someone can help this family, Or lead them in right direction. #Tearsflowingforthisfamily Taylor Support Fund | Memorial/Funeral - YouCaring.com www.youcaring.com/memorial-fundraiser/the-taylor-legacy/164234 In support of Taylor Support Fund. The gifts will go towards the memorial services , extended medical fees, and relocation expenses.

  • Jaye United States

    Please help me

  • Latisha Barrett jacksonville fl

    It has been three yrs now that i have been trying to reach out. I am a single mother of three who has been in and out of trouble making the wrong decisions. I promised myself that i will become an actor. Something ive always dreamed of but circumstances has occured that has hindered me. You were once in our shoes. Did you not want someone to give u a chance. Im not asking for money im asking for a job. I have no other option but to keep pushing and believing that God gonna make it alright jus like you. is my cell but my cell might be cut off temporaliy so my mom alice number is . I pray God gets this note to you. Im struggling to the point I dont know wat to pay or wat to do. Please help.

  • Mary Tampa

    We are humbly reaching out to request your assistance in helping us pay for medical bills for our autistic son. C.J (attached picture) is profoundly autistic, non-verbal and requires 24/7 assistance and supervision. Unfortunately we lost our insurance and have been unable to pay for his outstanding medical bills which adds up to $10,000! This is in addition to his psychiatric medication, speech and occupational therapies required at least 3 days a week. C.K is 7 years old but he's unable to use the bathroom independently or dress himself and as a result he's required to have a private aide at school at our expense. The cost for a behavior therapist to accompany him to school daily is $2000 a day which we cannot afford privately. All we want is for our little boy to learn how to use the bathroom, dress himself, learn his name and say hi...unfortunately this basic dream may never come to fruition without therapies, intervention and medication which we can't afford alone. The state of Florida insurance has excluded most of his therapies from coverage and we are therefore hoping that some good Samaritans will find it in their heart to give my little boy a chance in life. Our other wish is to move to a secure, safer house due to safety issues. Cameron has a tendency of escaping from our house to a lake across the street and he's come close to drowning several times and one time he almost got hit by a car. It takes a second for him to wander outside or disappear through windows...we would love to sell our house and get a more secluded house but unfortunately we are $40,000 underwater in our current house that we cannot afford to bring to the closing table. Please give our son an opportunity to learn how to speak and use the bathroom independently by donating funds which will be used exclusively to help cover past and future therapy bills. Kindly send all donations directly to our therapy provider along with the attached form so they can credit out account correctly: Engage Behavioral Health Attention: Susan Kimmel 6543 Gunn Highway Tampa, Florida 33625 If you would like to help us secure a safe house with a fence and a gate, then kindly contact me at or discussions. I can guarantee you that all the funds for a safer house for Cameron will go to a builder...we just need to provide him a safe place where he will not injure himself or run away. For your generosity and compassion, I truly thank you!

  • Victor Broughton Henry County

    I am writing you to introduce a brand new business to your neighborhood called, The Bright Place. The Bright Place is a co-ed 12-week social skills summer treatment camp that is designed to be a fun and therapeutic summer experience for children ages 5-17. The campers are children with mild-to-moderate social difficulties, such as ADHD, Aspergers, Pervasive Development disorder-NOS, Non-Verbal Learning Disability, Anxiety, and Learning Difficulties. As a new part of this great community we anticipate this program to be a great success. As the saying goes “it take a village to raise a child,” we are asking you to be a part of that village. We are currently accepting donations of any kinds. We are looking for monetary donations, equipment (tables, chairs, desks, computers, educational material, vehicles, etc.), as well as sponsorships and scholarships for students. Any donations will be a great benefit to the students and their families, in an effort to help mold them into productive and sustainable citizens in our community. As mental health professional, we have identified a need for a structured program like The Bright Place, in the area. We are currently vigorously recruiting student to take full advantage of the research-based and individualized program we have to offer. We hope that you are interested in making this venture worth the communities while. We hope that you are as interested in the productivity of the special-needs population in your community and hope you can assist us in our ventures. Sincerely, Victor Broughton, Director of Development

    • Victor Broughton Henry County #1942956

  • Doug Maher Doerun, Ga

    I just watched AlexCross, and really enjoyed it. I was glued to the story from start to finish. I can't understand why Dish Tv rated the movie so low. Excellent job on this one! Of course my wife and I crack up watching your comedy movies. Make another Alex Cross movie. I'll buy it.

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