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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


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  • Natasha Mange Kuilsriver South Africa

    Dear Tyler I trust that you are well. I have a dream of becoming a great actress or should I say a performer.I have done musicals at school and acting,but I have this thing on my mind that I can make it,but just need a big chance to do it. Could you please help me to fulfil my dream,make a movie with me in it and you will be proud,because you have the ability to make someone from nothing to something. Please help I trust I will hear from you Kind regards Natasha



  • Tiara Finley United States

    Hi Mr.Perry my name is Tiara Finley and it is an absolutely. Great opportunity to send this message to you I've been trying for so long to become a member of your cast but it's hard. Im 18 years of age and I stay in Atlanta Georgia and is trying to further my modeling and acting career first I'm trying to get it started and would love To attend any of your upcoming auditions you have set in place. I know you may not see this nor respond but I gave it a try so once you read this could you give me a Call thanks or an email seen you concor many goals from throughout. Your whole life and I'm trying to do the same just like you I've been through depression hard and bullied At times hit on and everything. But I'm not letting that stop me. I want to be just like you to show the world I can do it.

  • Danielle United States

    Hi Mr. Tyler Perry, I pray all is well. I hope you see and get this message. My name is Danielle Teachey. I attend SUNY Dutchess in Poughkeepsie NY as a Communication Media Arts Major. I have just been granted the position as Producer of a Documentary of my choice. I wanted to explore the side of homelessness that many people don't initially think about; such as people who work day in and day out without a home to call their own. They stay in shelters, with relatives or friends. As we know those people are also homeless. I believe our society has a stereotypical view on a person who is homeless and most views are negative. With my documentary I want to gain insight from stories that people go through, explaining their mindset and work ethic through their time of misfortune. Mr. Tyler Perry I have been following you for as long as I can remember and your story is one that has truly motivated me personally. For my documentary, I want my audience to leave feeling enlightened and aware that change can come and that we shouldn't assume or judge others. Your play H*** Hath No Fury Like A Women Scorned, will be in the New York tri-state area this October! I would love to have the opportunity to interview you for my project. It would be truly a blessing if my team and I could come to you and interview you about your experience being homeless for those who do not know. We would be honored to be in your presence, and to be better acquainted with your story up close and personal. Your interview will prove that I am capable of anything and it would be a huge accomplishment for myself and my school. Also it will help all who see my documentary at the end of this semester learn something inspiring and positive. Please think about participating in this documentary Mr. Tyler Perry. Thank you so much for allowing me to comment here. I hope you see my message. Please email me at You God Bless Danielle Teachey

  • Valiant Binns Baltimore Maryland

    Mr. Perry, My name is Mr. Binns. I am a teacher with Baltimore City Schools. School started on Monday, August 25, 2014. The school was all set for the abrand new year. The teachers came in on that Sunday evening to prepare for the new school. We stayed at the school until late that Sunday night preparing for the students. Everyone left the school that night with the hope and happiness of starting the new year. Upon entering the building on the first day of school, there were numerous Police officers and detectives roaming the building, the Building had be burglarized and vandalized. The LCD projectors, Laptops and many other pertenent items were just ripped away from the school. We were told that there might be an extended time before the items would be replaced or they might not be replaced. I am a teacher that is acustom to utilizing technology in the classroom but I have no technology to use for my students. I am writing to ask for you to donate a LCD projector so that I can give my students the quality instruction that they are so very in need of. Thank You in Advance, Mr. Valiant Binns

  • tracey brown baltimore, md

    Hello Mr. Perry my name is TRACEY Brown and I have a nonprofit agency called New Quality. Of life which house homeless men and women of Baltimore. Our vision is to obtain a bldg to house women and children. Our web site is www.newqualityoflife.net and our email is we can hear from you or your company. Thanking. You in advanced. NQL

  • Rachael Jackson San Diego CA

    Hello Mr Tyler I have written a movie i truly believe you will love it took me 4 years to write i would to share it with you

  • Bing Bing Pasadena, CA

    I have started an ambitious initiative to change Washington bl in Pasadena, Ca to Jackie Robinson blvd and I would like to know what you think about this!

  • Stockbridge ga

    Tyler perry! Hey my name is rebekah.im 19.i dont wanna write you and ask for anything,just share my story and maybe have you pray for me.also tell you why youre my favorite celebrity ever.ok,so i am from a family where my father has been verbaly,mentaly,and physically abusive my whole life.he has been a.drug addict.and my family has been evicted multiple times my whole life.i was rapped at the age of ten by my uncle.i had to steal food to feed my family when i was young.i been without clothes,water,lights, heat,food,so many things.i still grew up and excelled in school.always on honor roll until graduated then went to college.i JUST wanted to become something in life.i met the man of my dreams and found out he was a drug addict.i did all it took to get him off and finaly i did.but after all that my car blew up.i had to drop out of college and i am looking for a job.my family is struggling and i am not sure where to turn.ipray and pray.then i look at all your statutes. You are so so inspiring to me.making it after all your struggles.i love all your movies and shows.ive see everything made by you.i just would love to meet you.youre so so inspiring.if i ever meet you i would be so happy.youre my rolemodel.and even though i cant find a job and have no car i still help raise my cousins.i love to help and thats why i look up to you.youre amazing.thanks for inspiring me.hope to meet you one day.i love you

  • Joscelyn Brown Kansas City, MO 64114

    Not asking for anything but a chance to share my God Given Talented Voice (Speaking) not a market for opportunity here in the Midwest.I don't have the proper computer equipment to make a demo for voice overs, jingles, unemployed, soon to be homeless.But not going to give up. My days may seem dark, but ashamed to ask for guidence and direction from a professional who has seen hard times as well,but has been Blessed.What advice do you have for me?

  • delois walker Georgia

    I have an idea for a movie but I have absolutely no idea how to go about getting in touch with someone about it. I was listening to beyonce's "Pretty Hurts", and I got to thinking about all the rich, famous, gorgeous people that end up committing suicide. My idea was to make a movie about an actress, super model, some kind of star battling depression or inner issues while being in the spotlight, trying to achieve perfection. And eventually commits suicide. This way people can kind of get an idea of how these famous people may feel and go through outside of the lime light. The movie title could be Pretty Hurts... it's just an idea, I'm in no way trying to get into the industry but I thought it would make a great movie. Please give me some advice on how to get my idea out there or if you like the idea mention it to someone! . Thank you do very much for your time

  • Angelica Baez Boston MA

    Aspiring Young Missionaries in need of Prayer! I am messaging you personally in hopes that you could spread the word of my boyfriend and I’s journey. We are a young couple who love God and need help getting the funds needed to participate in a missions trip. After 6 years of volunteering with YWAM Boston they have become a second family a safe haven when life gets a bit too real. As a couple we want to do this so that younger teens, children know that you don't have to follow the status quo. You don't need to sext, don't need to put aside standards, boundaries, respect to find someone who loves you. Because God fills that void and when your satisfied with God someone that respects you will come along and encourage you to continue seeking Gods face. Not drag you away. Now we aren't saying we are perfect because we have fallen but we know that doesn't mean that once you've messed up you're no longer “good enough”. We want to preach redemption, grace, love. We want to be an example we want to do something with our life that doesn't revolve around us but is geared towards giving back to others. We want to help mend souls, hearts, help people find their self worth and love on them. Attached is our story, all that i ask is that you please read and pray. And possibly if you agree with us share with your family, friends, church what it is we are trying to do. We know the power of prayer and we ask that you pray for us as we work towards this journey. With lots of love Angelica Baez and Lyonel Hernandez

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