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My First Real Break

For the first time in 5 years I took the entire summer off. My first real break. It was hard at first because I'm always busy. I didn't know how to unwind. But now that I've been off for 8 weeks I'm trying to figure out how to go back to work... LOL.

Anyway, I go back to work September 17th. That's the Monday after my birthday. I'll be 43, getting better with age buddy... LOL. 

Hope you got your tickets to Madea Gets a Job. I'm coming to throw down :-). Tickets start at $25 and are on sale everywhere. Hope to see you on this last leg of the tour.

See you out there,


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  • Coetta Miller Baltimore, MD

    Happy Birthday and enjoy your break! You truly deserve it. I was driving to work this morning thinking about how I want to see some new Madea! Get to work and a friend emails me your message for the day so I decided to go to your website!!! SO glad I did....I love every play and movie I have seen that you touched! Keep up the good works and my God continue to bless you above and beyond!

    • lakeia midtown Atl #1738384


  • Mary T

    Well deserved. Excited about seeing Madea Gets A Job.

  • Debbie Maryland

    May God continue to be with you. You are truly an inspiration to me, and my granddaughter truly enjoys Madea. We are hoping to visit some family and friends in New York and to see your last play. Maybe you will come back in another 5 years with other plays. Hope to see you then. May you have a glorious birthday and many more.

  • GiGi MyCityUSA

    Welcome back! I was about to send the "Po-Po" after you. I get worried when I do not see a message over 30 days from you. When you throw yourself into your work, you can really accomplish alot. In reality, you are also giving a lot of yourself. Please take time when you need it, because I don't feel like coming down to Atlanta to take care of you. I did not forget your birthday coming up. I will send a shout out on your board. I have to go now because The House of Payne is coming on now on my local channel (2 episodes). Meet the Browns follow next. How ya like that? Take care--- LOL LOL LOL

  • Sherri Freeman Raleigh NC

    Well Mr Perry you desire a break and God bless but remember to come back we miss you and need more strength and encouragement. I am a true fan and hopefully one day will be able to meet you in person I know you said you read these message hopefully you get mine and continue to be blessed

  • Angela Margretta Jones Harrisburg, PA

    Good afternoon Emmit! I commend on you on your hard work thought when you do something you Love it's like a hobbie!! I'm sure you pay yourself well since most of your movies are my reality with your twist of creativity must have made it easier! We need to come to a fair settlement because while you were working I endured a lot of pain and suffering and embarrassing therapy sessions! my kids believe me because they see it and know me! My town sees it people who associate with me or went to school with me! How in the h*** do you think I'm supposed to feel! Diary of a Mad Black women and here I thought you were sincere and I was in your corner! But I refuse to continously feel like some delusional fool if I can help it and it's gone on for too long you know it and I know! I don't get off on using people or taking advantage of anyones hard work! I have a right to my privacy as do my children not to mention while I was hurting and trying to prove my point my children missed me they lost out on the best part of their Mother! And I have nothing to show for my time and effort! It your fault your so obsessed with me and mine!! I Loved you for even thou I'd never met! I thought you were forthright and honest and would never use me that way for so long!!!! I see now your no better than any other black man who becomes successful and step on ME whose reality helped get you there! I loved you as a friend and your own person Emmit!!! You make me Hate you with a passion God knows I don't like to feel this way but I'm human and my life is my life and that's your problem you used it to your benefit and now it time to pay up and I want several million! I know and can i identify with all the characters in every movie you made and most of them i can't stand but if I have just for s**** and grins round them all up and make my case get a lawyer not too mention my other media friends and the $10million i'm asking for give or take a feww can turn into 100's of millions so put that in you Blunt and smoke it!!!!! Don't make me hate you won't like me when i get nasty it's so unbecoming!! This has gone on long enough!! LOVE ANG

  • kathy columbus,ohio

    Love ya TP!:) Thanks for always checking in with us ok?

    • noah columbus ohio #1737707

      YES and come to COLUMBUS OHIO WE NEED YOU!!!

  • jalen hawkins orlando

    in case you don't know but i'm eleven and just started middle school. my very nice grandma gave me $25 for my ticket. now my mom just have to pay $25 for her tickets. to orlando.

  • Gail Amettali Auckland (New Zealand)

    Hey there TP, Hope your enjoying your well needed break. I LOVE your movies and the strong messages behind them, I wish I was in your country I would go to all your plays :(. I just knew of you last year when I came across your movie Diary of a mad black woman which I found on my sisters hard drive. Honestly I had mixed emotions while watching it, started balling my eyes out crying than cracking up at madea LOL. Ever since than I've watched all your movies. LOVE IT. Esp love how your a strong man of God and always thanking him, you are an inspiration and I hope that God continues to bless you and guide you every step of the way. YOU ARE TRULY A BLESSING :) Much love and respect xo

  • Darrien Hanks Baltimore.Md

    Hi Mr. Tlyer Perry my name is Darrien Hanks and im from Baltimore Md first i would like to say i love your movies and plays, and i am try to become a director to some day. So if its possible im doing a project on what i would like to become coming out of college and we have to interview some people and ask them a few question about what it took to get to where they are now in the indursty from where they started. I would love it if i could talk to you so if possible you could either contact me by phone or by email either one is good i know you are busy and all so if you cant could you give me some people thats not as busy so i can ask them a few question. Please and Thank you Darrien

  • Winter Garden, FLORIDA 34787


  • Meilani Seattle WA

    My mom is such a huge fan of Madea. One cannot pay her enough money to go to a movie but she will go if it's a Madea movie. I took her this last weekend to see 'Madeas Witness Protection' film and it made her week. Madea is her hearts medicine. We reside near the Seattle area and I still hope to be able to bring her to see 'Madea Gets A Job' when you are in town. No promises yet as they are supposedly out of ticket. The very same reason I haven't told her. Stay blessed and may you continue to be a blessing to the lives of others.

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