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My First Real Break

For the first time in 5 years I took the entire summer off. My first real break. It was hard at first because I'm always busy. I didn't know how to unwind. But now that I've been off for 8 weeks I'm trying to figure out how to go back to work... LOL.

Anyway, I go back to work September 17th. That's the Monday after my birthday. I'll be 43, getting better with age buddy... LOL. 

Hope you got your tickets to Madea Gets a Job. I'm coming to throw down :-). Tickets start at $25 and are on sale everywhere. Hope to see you on this last leg of the tour.

See you out there,


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  • Chinedu Obi Lagos, Nigeria

    Happy birthday Tyler, i can't stop thanking God for his grace on ur life, ur films are quite inspiring and life changing..i will like to wish you the very best as u celebrate ur 43 birthday, praying God to keep giving you more inspiration to write and direct good films, songs that will be life impacting....

  • Madeleine Puley Johannesburg, South Africa

    Hi Tyler, When are you coming to South Africa? You have a big fan base here, and we would love to see you in person. Your biggest fan in SA God Bless Madeleine

  • Karen(philadelphia) home

    Happy.Happy Birthday Tyler! I pray you are blessed with many more! You are a very special man and I thank God for your art of writing,acting,singing,and most of all sharing!!! Stay true to yourself and most of all to theLord our God! I will be celebrating my 52nd Birthday on the 14th so we do have that in common....lol VIRGO"S RULE !!!!!! love you much,Karen Michelle Mitchell

  • Regina Combs wilmington, nc

    Going to see Witness Protection tonight Love me some Tyler Perry. Living in Christ while living in a world who disowns him. All things are possible for those who love Christ Jesus!

  • Jackie Houston

    Is it in Houston?

    • Judy Bahamas #1741464

      Happy Birthday to you may you live to enjoy many more! keep growing it becomes you. Madea gets a job not it my neck of the woods as yet.

  • Denise Mondowney Maryland

    Happy early Birthday I went to see your play in Baltimore with my daughter we enjoy the play and at the end the singing was wonderful it was and extra bonus It was off the chain as the young folks say. And yes the weight you have loss looks good keep up the good work. Can't wait until Alex Cross comes out. Be safe and relax.

  • Melanie Hall Delaware

    Hi Tyler ! Enjoy the well needed vacation. Happy early Birthday! We share the same Birthday,September 13th. I will be 42. Your message about not holding grudges in my heart is a message I truly needed at this time. I know God will carry me through the Storm. Hope to see you come to Philly soon for your next play.

  • Vanessa Mobile,Al

    I see you have a birthday coming up well happy early birthdayyyyyy praying for a blessed day for you. So happy to hear that you are taking time off for yourself thats right never get to caught up in work that you don't have enough time to enjoy life and reward yourself, you truly deserve that. Can't wait to get you back doing what you do best which is making your fans laugh. I haven't been to one of your shows since you started doing the plays. But I love your work and will definitely put in my plans not to miss this one I know you and MADEA are going to show out lol!! Well get back to doing what you do best and when is the final episode of " House of Pain" coming out I have every last season on dvd so you know I have to have that last season to complete my collection. May God continue to use you in every way possible truly a blessing ...

  • xavier thornton from elberton ga,live in huntsville

    it a movie I had gave up a devastating true story help me amazon.com

  • xavier from ga but i live in al. at this moment

    hello mr.perry i admire you im from elberton ga ive had a hard life ive written a few books the first one is called I had gave up by mr xavier thornton go to youtube nad pull up mr xavier thornton and here my story this book will help millions with your help please contact me my next book will b out feb 2013 please guide me my#phone # my book is on amazon.com etc

  • Brandi New Orleans, LA

    I just found out that you are coming to New Orleans!! I went to purchase tickets and the closest tickets are soooo far away from the stage!!! Can you PLEASE add another showtime!!??!! Nothing like being up close and personal with Madea!!! :)

  • Barbra Arizona

    How do I purchase tickets to your show in Las Vegas on the 26th of Octobet. I would really love to take my kids to see one of your plays live. Well God bless and keep on keeping on!!! :)

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