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Move On!

Here’s a thought (I DON'T WANT YOU TO DO THIS, JUST THINK ABOUT IT). Get into the front seat of your car, then turn your body around. Knees on the front seat with your back on the steering wheel, your face looking toward the trunk. Stay in that position and try to drive the car forward. It’s impossible, right? If by some miracle you do manage to go forward I guarantee you won't get very far. If the car represents our lives then the way we are sitting in the driver's seat represents the way we approach it. It’s really hard to move on when you’re looking the wrong way. There is nothing wrong with the car... what is wrong is the position some of us are sitting in, meaning there is nothing wrong with your life, and you’re just facing the wrong direction.

There are many things that can cause you to be out of alignment with life, but instead of focusing on the many, I’d like to talk about one thing in particular... And that is GUILT.

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday. He was telling me about all the guilt that he feels. Guilt that his marriage fell apart. Guilt that he doesn’t get to see his kids very often. Guilt that he’s not in a financial position to do more for them. Guilt over the mistakes he’s made in his past. Guilt over lots of money that he wasted doing the wrong things. So much guilt about everything.

I had to stop him and remind him of a few things. What I know about guilt is this: guilt is a tool that is used to destroy you. We all make mistakes. We all have fallen short. We have all disappointed someone, including ourselves at some point. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it. It's done. Instead of beating yourself up about it, how about putting that same energy into making sure that it doesn’t happen again and healing anyone who may have been hurt by it?

You can’t let guilt win or consume you. You can’t let it take over your thoughts because if you do, you will start a downward spiral. It’s like this... guilt is the trick that makes you feel that you’re unworthy, and if you feel that you’re unworthy then you will feel that you don’t deserve any good thing to happen to you. And so, as a man thinks so is he. If you think you don’t deserve good things you will never have good things. And when things are falling apart you will feel guilty that they are falling apart. Do you see the cycle? There is no winning here. In order to be free and be lifted you must let go of the guilt or it will keep you bound.

How do you do that? Well, it’s a process, but you start by asking forgiveness of whomever you hurt, ask forgiveness of God, and most of all ask forgiveness of yourself. Although God forgives us most easily, we sometimes can't forgive ourselves. You can’t get to great things ahead if you're always looking behind you. It’s like trying to drive your car in that awkward position.

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  • Loretta Austin, TX

    GUILT and freedom from it, is letting go of all the negative small talk in our heads. All the negative people in our lives... past and present. It's a new day! The ONLY way to experience the greatness God intended for YOU since the day we took our very first breath, is by creating a new ME today, a different way of thinking and accepting our uniqueness.

  • Veronica Mccrae Fayetteville Ga

    And let the church say Amen!

  • Eddie J Dallas,Tx.

    Good Word T.P. Lifes to short to be stuck in the past.

  • moyatta chicago

    Amen is all I can say I was feeling that guilt today strongly then I went to lunch and read this email it truly help letting go some things and truly praying righthere at work asking GOD TO PLEASE TAKE AWAY ALL GUILT,HURT&PAIN I felt so much better I know its a daily thing but the words in this message today was life in so many way so thank you TP Praising God cause I know he will deliever oon time take away all guilt,hurt&pain.....Mr.Perry MAY GOD CONTIUNE TO BLESS YOU AS YOU BLESS OTHER AMEN!!!

  • lucia

    Your always hear people say don't look at the past. The past is behind you, look at what's ahead of you. You often think that it's very hard to do. But if I try to picture in my mind what you've said about trying to drive a car with your behind, then that is even harder to do. So, every time I look back I'll try to think of this picture.

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    :) If the car represents our lives then the way we are sitting in the driver's seat represents the way we approach it. :-) Tyler Perry, I have a serious question for you: Have anyone ever told you that they are in love with your mind/insight/thoughts? I just did! ...LoL... :)

  • Precious Dallas.

    Thank you for sharing this story Tyler. I strongly agree with you that guilt can destroy someone. Moreover, when guilty get hold of individual's mind ...it becomes a "strong- hold". Advises like " get over it" or " Move on" are good (may renew his mind and soul, but will not be able to renew his spirit), hence not cutting the roots of the problem(s). Fasting and praying will be a solution ( since we wrestle not against flesh and blood). Just advise him to have that quite time with God (Seek Him till he finds Him). By doing so, the Holy Spirit will lead him. The Holy Spirit will heal him. The Holy Spirit will teach him (so he won't repeat the same mistakes again). And He will comfort him.

  • Renna Chicago

    It was just said that is why the rear view mirror is smaller and the windshield is much larger, so you wont focus on what is behind you but the greater good that is before you. We don't want to forfeit our future by holding onto the past. I know it is hard to let go. You just have to take one step at a time.

  • phyllis sanders Washington, DC

    Hi Tyler Perry, I thank you for that; it made me think about some of the things that i did'nt forgive someone for. After I read your message, I will call them up today and tell them I accept their appology! Yyaay! I'm ok now.

  • Mona Alpharetta, GA

    Hi Tyler, that was great advice that you gave to your friend about moving on and to stop feeling guilty about his past. Forgiveness is the key to moving on and so is being thankful to God in everything everyday. If we spend more time thanking God for all of His goodness that He bestows upon us daily, we would not have time to feel guilty about anyone or anything at anytime. Continue to be a blessing unto your friend and us :) Love, Mona

  • Amy Alvarez Oklahoma city, Oklahoma

    You are such a blessing to this world! You keepus laughing and moving forward. We love YOU!

    • Rasheen SAVANNAH GA #1762933


  • monique Netherlands

    Love your message Tyler! keep inspiring us. Your fan from the Netherlands xx

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