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Move On!

Here’s a thought (I DON'T WANT YOU TO DO THIS, JUST THINK ABOUT IT). Get into the front seat of your car, then turn your body around. Knees on the front seat with your back on the steering wheel, your face looking toward the trunk. Stay in that position and try to drive the car forward. It’s impossible, right? If by some miracle you do manage to go forward I guarantee you won't get very far. If the car represents our lives then the way we are sitting in the driver's seat represents the way we approach it. It’s really hard to move on when you’re looking the wrong way. There is nothing wrong with the car... what is wrong is the position some of us are sitting in, meaning there is nothing wrong with your life, and you’re just facing the wrong direction.

There are many things that can cause you to be out of alignment with life, but instead of focusing on the many, I’d like to talk about one thing in particular... And that is GUILT.

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday. He was telling me about all the guilt that he feels. Guilt that his marriage fell apart. Guilt that he doesn’t get to see his kids very often. Guilt that he’s not in a financial position to do more for them. Guilt over the mistakes he’s made in his past. Guilt over lots of money that he wasted doing the wrong things. So much guilt about everything.

I had to stop him and remind him of a few things. What I know about guilt is this: guilt is a tool that is used to destroy you. We all make mistakes. We all have fallen short. We have all disappointed someone, including ourselves at some point. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it. It's done. Instead of beating yourself up about it, how about putting that same energy into making sure that it doesn’t happen again and healing anyone who may have been hurt by it?

You can’t let guilt win or consume you. You can’t let it take over your thoughts because if you do, you will start a downward spiral. It’s like this... guilt is the trick that makes you feel that you’re unworthy, and if you feel that you’re unworthy then you will feel that you don’t deserve any good thing to happen to you. And so, as a man thinks so is he. If you think you don’t deserve good things you will never have good things. And when things are falling apart you will feel guilty that they are falling apart. Do you see the cycle? There is no winning here. In order to be free and be lifted you must let go of the guilt or it will keep you bound.

How do you do that? Well, it’s a process, but you start by asking forgiveness of whomever you hurt, ask forgiveness of God, and most of all ask forgiveness of yourself. Although God forgives us most easily, we sometimes can't forgive ourselves. You can’t get to great things ahead if you're always looking behind you. It’s like trying to drive your car in that awkward position.

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  • andora st petersburg

    omg! you are so true . i am blessed that the LORD has made such a wise man . you never stop caring about us fans & i thank you . yes i have a hard time forgiving people & i pray everyday for the LORD to help me . He did he sent you to all of us . THANK YOU TYLER

  • Mary T Family

    I'm so with you on moving on. I apologize, Tyler, how are you. I'm so TEEE DA! off right Now I could scream. And thats just totally out of my character. Like you I'm extremely private. I have a close friend who tells his family everything no personal life of our own. Everybody is in the business. it like what ever I say, and if he don't like or agree with it he runs and tell his family. Ok, I might understand if he was in his teens but 48, its time to grow up already. This has me so furious. It been about two years now and I believe that guilt is why I'm still in this relationship guilt of hurting him when I'm no longer happy with him. How do you hurt a person, so not my nature. I agree with you move on. Hey pray for me : ) I know where my JOY AND STRENGTH COMES FROM ( GOD ).

  • roneisha autrey austin,texas

    I honestly believe that I am living in guilt.

  • Jackie Wigley Milwaukee, WI

    Amen , Tyler you are one true person. I agree with you 100%. No person should feel guilty of anything. They need to work it out and stop feeling sorry for themselves. Ask God and you shall receive. Tyler you should have been a preacher with the knowledge you have. You are gifted. lol Jackie

  • Debra Ms

    Such a wise man...you always know how to put things in prospective.

  • mark hamitlon jr... arkansas

    wats up tp here im am agan lol... im a big fan of urs an want to meet u in person my whole fam. wud lik to meet u..we all lov u and they love the wday u set things straight an keepn it real no matta wat we hav sumone in our fam. tht everybody in my family thinks he luk jus lik u n walk jus lik u and he is also a big fan..so we hope tht we get to meet u an c one of ur plays in th studio u can reach me at ..we love u an duceus......:)

  • ShaNee' S. Jeffers Duluth Ga

    Thank you for ur msg. I really needed that reminder...I lately felt dead end but maybe its not my life, Im just seated int the wrong position. I am quietly pondering over ur words of wisdom from God.....

  • Angela Jones Harrisburg

    Guilt is a emotion from God and is a precious gift! It helps us to have compassion to reflect and to cahnge wrong doing to look at our actions past and present! If guilt is processed properly and your a decent honest healthy thinking person it's a good thing!!! Killers and criminals think guilt is bad they very seldom have regret guilt will only get them caught!!! You should know Tyler you've been cheating ME and my family for years!! It's easy to not feel guilt when you don't have to look the person in the face and contfront them on an honest equal level!!! You've used sexual acts from my personal bedroom to make a scene in one of your movies!!! You've Plagerized my entire life to get paid!!!I'm not moving on till I get justice and compensation That I think is fair and just!!! So you can you can ask God for forgiveness I'LL BE ASKING GOD ON BENDED KNEE FOR FOR JUSTICE AGAINST YOU AND ALL INVOLVED!!! COMPENSATION SO I CAN MOVE ON!!!!!! MOST WEALTHY PEOPLE DON'T FEEL GUILT TO BUSY SPENDING ALL THE MONEY THEY GOT BEING DECEITFUL AND FOOLING PEOPLE!!!! I TREASURE THE LIFE ENVISIONED FOR MYSELF AND YOU WERE NOT PART OF IT!!! YOU CAN'T RUIN SOMEONES LIFE OVER AND OVER AND THINK YOUR ABOVE!! YOU MAKE IT SEEM LIKE YOUR HUMBLE AND SELF RIGHTEOUS WITH YOUR B******* PHILOSOPHY! WHEN YOU MAKE AMMMENDS IN THIS DAY AND TIME BIG MONEY SHOULD COME WITH!! I CAN'T PROVE IT SO THEREFORE I CAN'T SUE!! YOUR ANSWER I AS IN YOU HAVE KNOW GUILT!!!!! SOMEONE IS EVENTUALLY GOING TO LISTEN AND I WILL HAVE PEACE OF MIND AND LESS GUILT FOR THINKING YOU WERE A GOOD PERSON!!!! THANK GOD FOR HEALTHY GUILT!!! KEEPS GOOOD FOLKS HONEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HONEST PEOPLE FROM HAVING TO DEAL WITH TOO MUCH GUILT!!! GUILT IS A FORM OF REGRET DON'T DO THINGS YOU'LL ONE DAY LIFE TO REGRET!!!! I WANT MY 10 MILLION DOLLARS THAT'S MY PRICE TO RELIEVE YOU OF THE GUILT YOU SHOULD HAVE!

    • ShaNee Alpharetta #1763685

      Guilt and Condemnation are two completely different things. Guilt triggers the soul and heart that something is wrong,to stop, get right. Shame is to stay where guilt started, marinating in ur past mistakes and whom u have done wrong even when they have forgiven u and long sinced moved on. I hope u can let go of ur bitterness and hate..Christ Loves You Brother..and wants u to be able to do the same thing as the original text says..Move on Peace

  • Rosalind Carr Lancaster, Texas


  • Jennifer B. SLC, UT

    Thank you for posting this! I've been beating myself up the past week over past decisions and am trying to let them all go and move on. This reinforces what I'm being compelled to learn right now.

  • Marletta Priscilla Fomby

    Hy Tyler I totally loved the picture you painted. But there is an but coming from me in the form of an question. How do you expect them to drive forward in a forward car if they have not tired your way out? I think you really should encourage them to try so, so that they really get the picture you painted. Because they ae already doing the right thing in the car, but if they bump their head on that seat that will give them sense to turn around and get to that point of following the dream that was giving to them at birth. I guess the stiring wheel don't have that sofiness that they need to land. Goodnight

    • Leona Boston, Ma #1764128

      Superb!!!!!!! Alex Cross , witness protection, &&&&&&Love Hattie n I don't want to do wrong Thank you & God Bless Tyler

  • dee

    thanks for that inspirational on guilt that have been my biggest downfall feeling guilt about the littlest of things instead of living my live .

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