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Making a Little Time for Myself

Last email I sent about working 7 days a week a lot of you said, "Dont forget to take some time for myself." Well, I'm getting some rest now. This is why I don't mind working so hard... When you do the rest is so much sweeter.

Here's the sunset from my bedroom at my place in the Bahamas. The heavens declare the glory of God!

Hope you're getting excited for MADEA'S WITNESS PROTECTION on June 29th!

Talk soon,


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  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    Yes! Lol........

  • Sharon New York

    Hi Tyler, What a beautiful and breathtaking photograph of God's glory. It's amazing how God knew how His beauty would make us feel so relaxed and peaceful. I am happy that you are taking time for yourself. I try to do the same by exercising and reading my scriptures everyday. And of course, watching one of your movies--and one of Jerry Lewis' is on the top of my "taking time for me" list. I can't wait to see your new movie. My mom, sister and I are already planning to go. My mom will be elbowing me because when I begin to laugh, it's difficult to stop. Your scenes have such an overwhelming power to make me laugh deep in my belly. You have such a wonderful gift from God, Tyler, a gift that many artists do not have. Continue your great work. We Love You!!! Love and Hugs

  • Charlene M. FL

    I love your work and admire you as a person..Please have Luwayne contact me asap..thanx...

  • Shari Olson United States

    Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing, needed a relaxing visual myself. Take care of you.

  • Shanithra Reed United States

    You Rock!!!! Follow me on twitter....MzSReed!!! Watching For Colored Girls right now.....one of my favorites.

  • Cristal Wilson Rochester, NY

    My husband and I were vacationing in the Bahamas last week! We also captured some great pictures. Nothing like some rest and relaxation! Let us know if you ever someone to house sit ;-)

  • Jennifer Lewis Plantation, Fl

    Thinking of that Sunset Tyler! & Listening to Roberta Flack! Lol God Bless u! Jennifer J <:><

  • Lisa Edwards houston, TX

    I'am happy that you are making some time to relax. I can't wait to see Madeas new movie. Enjoy your vacation. God Bless!

  • beverly tyler seattle, wa

    hey tyler perry so glad to hear you are taking some vacation time, and tat photo from the bahamas was awesome. relax and take care

  • Stephanie T Jacksonville, AR

    Absolutely breathtaking!!! Enjoy your time you've earned it.

  • Phyllis

    Good evening Tyler, God is so above amazing. A trip to anywhere in the world may not be in the budget for many of us today. Or a night on the town by moonlight at a nice restaurant. But about 5:30AM the horizon is breath taking and free from the my window. Even with the tall trees I get this amazing glimpse of a view. I am thankful for many things even my job where my Co workers apparently don't come to work for the same reasons I do. Which is strange food for thought for me because its not like they aren't on a frugal budget as well. But from my window at day and from the back door sky view at night the moonlights up the yard and changes the atmosphere for clear thinking. That's my breath taking momentof thoughts the place where I can relax. Its sort of like after a sun shower and there is this beautiful rainbow arched above you. Now tell me does it get more beautiful than that? Enjoy your week and keep smelling the flowers and watching the sunsets, its free all over the world and it changes our moods. How wonderful is that!

  • Angela McBride Pine Bluff, Arkansas

    Enjoy Tyler: you definitely deserve it! What a beautiful view......

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