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Making a Little Time for Myself

Last email I sent about working 7 days a week a lot of you said, "Dont forget to take some time for myself." Well, I'm getting some rest now. This is why I don't mind working so hard... When you do the rest is so much sweeter.

Here's the sunset from my bedroom at my place in the Bahamas. The heavens declare the glory of God!

Hope you're getting excited for MADEA'S WITNESS PROTECTION on June 29th!

Talk soon,


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  • shaza elarabi KSA

    Hi,Tyler my name is Shaza Iam 33 african woman from Sudan Isent my message to your email over 100 times and not find replay please please please Tyler read my message.THANK YOU.

  • michelle indiana

    This is great. Thanks for this picture. This image will help me have a great day. It is so peaceful. Continue doing what you do.

  • Deirdre K New York City

    That is just awesome! I am so proud of you and may you be continued blessed in all your endeavors! Yes, get some rest for your soul and creative mind.

  • Marletta Priscilla Fomby Almost Home

    Well Tyler Enjoy. I will talk to you in a bit, watch out for my message board chat. Marletta

  • Simmone The Bahamas

    What! I can't believe you are at MY home lol! Imagine getting to live here and see it every day....many times we too have to stop and take in the splendor and not take it for granted...like I don't know the last time I've walked the beautiful beaches we have...... Thanks for reminding us - and showcasing this piece of heaven where God lives :) It's better in The Bahamas!!!

  • Thandeka South Africa, P.E.

    Hi Mr Perry. Whowww what an awesome breath-taking view, you deserve it after your hard commitment towards your work. You really inspire me, because I always remember, after hard effective work, fruitful rewards will be received. Enjoy yourself and be ready for your next project re-freshed & more inspired from the Bahamas....:-))

  • Jennifer Smith Pembroke Pines, Florida

    So! Tyler Perry, you relaxing in the Bahamas. Good for you. You deserve it. Smooth sailing I pray that your day is. Take a breather and enjoy God's beautiful nature. You too, need a break from working so tough. Laughing as I'm writing this passage, receive your rest before the infamous Madea surface, then it's going to be a sho'nough fight! Jennifer Detour Literary Project Mother and Daughter Authentic Authorship

  • Ashley

    Thank u for sharing the pic. It was so calming. Take care and God bless!

  • Jeannie Murray Rising Sun, MD

    Tyler - SO glad you get to enjoy your vacation!! :) God is good. Hope you have a wonderful time in the Bahamas.

  • Amanda Little Rock, Arkansas

    Yes they do!! Praise God..enjoy your time off, you deserve it.

  • RITA ARMSTRONG San Antonio, Texas

    I truly appreciate the time you take to communicate to your fan base and is sensitive to our feedback. I wanted to put this on your heart and your mind as a reminder. God created the heavens and the earth...he worked everyday for six days and said it was good but on that 7th day he rested in knowing that what he took the time to create was to perfection! You are a product of that just as I am. I pray you continue to stay on the path he has destined you to enjoy while here on earth for the true resting place is with HIM. Thank you for bringing joy to many and myself. May God bless you and you family, friends and enemies. Rita

  • Johnson Otlaadisa Gaborone, Botswana, Africa

    Hi Tyler, thank you for all your works bro. They inspire me. And for helping us know and believe that it is possible to live your dreams. I pray that one day I will build such an empire as you have in Africa, and work with you guys. GOD BLESS YOU MORE.

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