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This Little Letter Changed My Life

I did something about a year ago that was so liberating and freeing. You should try this. I'm telling you, it will help you.

I was asked by CBS This Morning to do a segment called "Note To Self". It's where you write a letter speaking to your younger self. Have you ever done this? If not, you should. What would you say to the child that you used to be? I'm telling you, it's amazing. Try it. Let me know how it moves you. Here's the link to the one that I did.


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  • Clara Duluth,GA

    Thank you! It has been challenging. He recently married a lady who is so "different", she does not like to have me around. I haven't heard from him in maybe a month or longer. I just have this feeling that one day he will call me and say, I'm moving on with my new family. He has tried to tell me that in so many words, he said you're grown now..... Do daddy's retire once the child is 28? Why I didn't get the memo? I would have prepared for this. But God! Right! Psalm 27:10 when your mother or father abandon you, God adopts you. God will send someone your way that will sincerely care for you, support you, and motivate you. It's extreme important when the gentle man understands his "divine" mission, God's assignment. The gentleman will let it be known, "look sis, I'm praying for you.... (Other encouraging words and prayer)... Ending with... Let me introduce you to my wife. Don't try to replace a parent for a lover! God got cha! I will not attempt to replace my earthly father with anyone, I thank God for the support! My encourager is just that, and I thank God for him.

  • Luis Ocasio Sr Newark NJ. 07103

    My mom was abusive, but when I talked to her grandfather I understood why she was like that. Now me and my mom have a better connection. I hope that your friend do what you stated in your letter to him

  • Angela Detroit

    You seem to be a good spirit and angel for so many, your buddy has a keeper and that's you. And I never knew my father but this message helped me invision what my 79 year old mom from mississippi journey was like. She's in a nursing home now, no doing on my part and now she suffers from dementia. And I have allot of family I will probably never know.

  • J

    Ok Wow. I have tried twice to write a letter to my younger self. I had to stop. This is good, though. I see there needs to be some more healing. It inspires and helps me to see that you have been able to face pain and come through it. It did not undo you. I like the way you linked the good of the present and infused it as hope into the pain of the past. --What a powerful relationship between the child of the past and the strong, healed adult of the present and future. They are inextricably bound. I've got some more work to do. Just keep on doing what you're doing. You are such a blessing!

  • Emma Young

    If I can help one soul who has given up, feel insecure and don't have the strength to go on, then my living isn't in vain. That should be all of our goal to put aside own problems to help our fellow man to go a little farther in life.

  • Diian chi town

    Dear Ty…, I’ve read your post many times, but never had the urge to write till now. I’ve enjoyed your stories, digging the wells, taking a glass from the cupboard and realizing there were no c********** there and especially the turning your breaker box back on in the dark in the Attic. I must say, I was never going to go in the Attic to turn those lights back on. Lol. I’ve never known of two people who lives were so parallel to one another, but were raised in different parts of the world. Hummm! Its Gods way of making your heart smile…… I’ve been so touched by “Note To Self”, that you shared a couple of days ago. Let me tell you, I had a glimpse of your soul. Yes, I said it. I’m just that kind of a Seer, Ha! Penny for you thought… Any way, I wanted to share my Note To Self with you. Here it goes: Dear Seer, Created by the hands of God himself. I see your sad smile and somewhat happy tears. You push through the rain and the pain. Your world is nothing like anything you have ever seen. Your days are with worry and shame. You hope for a better tomorrow. You were born with a rainbow in the corner of your eye. It made every wondered, who are you, and who are you going to be? Your pointed n*** and daring eyes were looking into Gods eyes for a while. Your eyes tell a story, which makes one heart, believes. The beatings and the smacking’s have made you stronger than you ever imagined. The smirks of friends, teachers and neighbors are a thing of the past. You are going places baby, yes you are. Your brilliant, resilient and there’s a great future ahead for you. Your tears will be laughter instead of pain. Your smile will be of pure joy that isn’t mixed with pain and shame. Your faith is your strength; it’s your Jesus that keeps you. Angels that were assigned to protect you. The prayers of your mother will not avail. God always come through in the end. Through the t****** and the rain, you heard your mother’s prayer. Her tears and her mourning’s were for you, praying for a better day. I see that man, that husband who waits for you. His smile goes all the way to his soul. He too, loves the t****** and the rain. He believes its God way of speaking above the plane. He will comfort you and you will comfort him. You both have something that the other needs. Only then, you both can be completely healed. He patiently lays awake, wondering where is this angel that God has promised. You are true prayer warriors. Your eyes tell the story that words cannot. You are connected spiritually. Keep your faith angel; it’s going to take you places. You’ll see. Thank you for praying for me mom! Thank you! ☺

  • Emma Young Lake Charles, La. 70607

    Life is so wonderful once God teaches us how to put those loose ends together.

  • Ms Proverbs MD/NC

    Hi , Great Morning to you Tyler, I was just thinking remembering when you were on Oprah show about 3 yrs ago, I believe you said that your Aunt was there too (the real Madea..LOL!) Anyways you was sharing your painful past crying. Tyler,I was crying with you and for you too. I said to myself WOW! Tyler you was so brave but I knew without a doubt that God had given you the strength to do it then. But look at you now, A man of integrity who God has healed, delivered, restored, and set free. Tyler, I saw it all over your face via "Note to Self" message. It is so amazing how God tranforms one's Life. Tyler, I love the Lord and Yes it is true that "Joy does come in the Morning" I'm smiling while typing this message to you :-) Have A Bless Day! Ms Proverbs

  • Marquel Newark Nj

    Wow this video gave me goose bumps & i started tearing similar to me living where i live come from nothing try to work & bust my behind to make my mom happy this is why i rap & try to tell my story in lyrics trying to make it out & give my momma the life she deserves to many killings in my city & i fear for my younger brother growing up in this environment & always worried about my back hoping nothing happens to me in the streets but a little voice keeps telling me don't be afraid you will make it & all i can do is pray & keep trying i appreciate this video tyler perry even though no telling when i will be able to take care of my family & get them out of here this video makes me believe someone is going to hear me some day the doors will open the money will come & i can say i made it & got my family out the struggle Thank You....

  • Zion Kampala, UGANDA

    Failed to view 'it' but I know that I will be able to do so one day. Thank you, GOD BLESS YOU.

  • Larie indianapolis, In

    I've viewed the video several times. My question is how were you able to do it without crying? It was very courageous of you to be vunerable and go back through your painful past and for that I have much love for you. I wrote the letter to my younger self several months ago. It was powerful and I had to do it without any regrets. The one thing I told my younger self was that don't stay anywhere too long. When it's time to move get over the fear and Move!

  • Angela M Jones Middletown, PA

    It's very apparent that you have some skills, Just need to say out loud I yes I had dreams and fears and reality!! It hurts to remember some of my past so I've blocked out a lot and tried to replace it with some positive thoughts!! I know that you used a lot of my past as most of the inspiration for most for of your movies I can't prove it!! I'm not crazy!! People who know me see it to!! I may be in a position of David versus Galiath!! Your not the only person That's using that technology to do what ever gives you that insight!! I moved on and as I said let it all go and when your first movie Diary of a mad Black woman!! I did think you were different but you took advantage at turning point in my life!! You can deny it all you want I KNOW THE TRUTH and it caused me years of therapy i didn't need and a lot of self doubt which was very unfair for my children and family relationships!! I've never been able to fully recover emotionally or physically from someone revealing personal situations and I know everybody has stuff but the timing is to spot on!! I'll have to live the rest of my life living a lie I know is true!!! I'll continue to say the LORD PRAYER!! hope it takes this deep hurt that i away!! Feel sorry for you that your so desperate to succeed at any cost!! You may have skills but you still needed material and from all the thing you from you past you say!! and all my past your skill and my past your FULL OF S***** And I never revealed any of those things to anyone that's what makes it unfair and hurtful!! I KNOW!!!

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