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This Little Letter Changed My Life

I did something about a year ago that was so liberating and freeing. You should try this. I'm telling you, it will help you.

I was asked by CBS This Morning to do a segment called "Note To Self". It's where you write a letter speaking to your younger self. Have you ever done this? If not, you should. What would you say to the child that you used to be? I'm telling you, it's amazing. Try it. Let me know how it moves you. Here's the link to the one that I did.


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  • Ms Proverbs NC

    Hi Tyler, How are you? Tyler :-) :-) .....you know what."You Are Something.Else" OMG! "A Madea Christmas" is so hilarious...Tyler, You love to "Cut Up" and I just love it. LOL!!.TOO FUNNY. (O-o) I can tell the kids probably had so much fun with you while making this movie :-) I can't wait to see it. ..YAY Kudos Tyler!!!! Another great and funny movie with Madea I LOVE MADEA She is PLUM CRAZY.....LOL! Tyler, I say this quite often about you "You Are Such a Genius' because it is true. :-) :-) Yes I'm smiling :-) :-) Ms. Proverbs

    • Ms Proverbs NC #1888370

      Tyler, I saw your post "He's A Wonder In My Soul" believe it or not I was listening to some good ole gospel hymns a few days ago and this song was one of them :-). Tyler that is a beautiful and peaceful picture....and Tyler, my invite still patiently waiting???? LOL! Lawd Have Mercy "Ok I'm Gon try to be good" Nighty Night Sweet Dreamzzzzz Ms Proverbs :-) :-)

  • Jomi White Covington GA

    Mr Tyler . Are you healed from abuse? Do you tthink that you will continue the pattern of abuse in future life with your wife? Remember 5 factor that cause anger: low blood sugar high blood pressure low vit B complex unforgiving mind and lack of Love & Respect CONSIDER emotional needs love and affection honest open communication family committed etc. Don't be afraid to love women and marriage. Please produce themmovie " Return of the Fathers" and " Woe unto Men" written for your character I love you and will do you no harm God bless you

  • Georgia Thornton Dallas

    Hello Mr. Perry. My name is Georgia Thornton. Listening to your interviews as you shared with the world your humble beginning and triumps, has been inspirational. Every time I watch any of your movies it brings back the excitement for me to regain my community involvement role. In 2002, I founded community oriented organization Coalition of Life using drama productions as a way to address many social and health issues the communities were facing. I took the messages to the community using stage set-up to assist with visual aid, auditoria that helped paint a remarkable picture, and utilized people who were creative and representative of the communities we served. The cast helped bring imagination to reality. Their creativity was expanded in ways that was unimaginable to them. Our messages were breath taking; inspired so many, and explained to the target audience the benefit of reaching solutions that had a positive life changing affect. After the plays, so many people came up to me and said they see me being the next Tyler Perry. Over the past two years my involvement with the organization has been dormant. Many close deaths and so much more... I have many reference letters that share the outstanding work the organization has done. Many organizations in the community were providing traditional outreach. The uniqueness of Coalition of Life is that we take the messages to the communities during non-traditional times (mornings, evenings, nights, weekends, and even holidays). Every play provided stage set-up. After many of our plays, time was allowed to engage audience into interactive discussions and share true role model stories. I read from your website a quote: Even Dreams Believe. One Dream I have is to meet you; visit your studio; and receive adivce from you on how to evolve and grow the organization to its fulliest potential.

  • M. U.S. of A.

    Hiya TeaPea, I watched some of this. Very inspiring. I'll try to watch the rest of it soon. Hope you are doing well and happy and content. Remember, the best happiness is your SPIRITUAL well-being. If you're on the right spiritual plane, you can be happiy and joyful to a large degree. I don't get on your Board often because I have a problem with accessing it from my computer at home. I'm still around. Experiencing much anxiety right now and I was just reminded of the verse in Psalms about "Throwing your burden on God." Once you do that, leave it with Him. We're human so that's difficult to do. Oh well, I'm still standing. Haven't crawled into in a h*** yet. Haven't had a nervous breakdown yet. Pray for your sister! Gotta go. Take care and I'll 'talk' to you soon. your sister, M.

  • Tanisha Las Vegas

    Wow...all I can say is WOW. It brought back a bunch of memories of me talking to myself in the mirror as a little girl, when I was going through. It was like the holy spirit would talk to me through my own l*** and I would cry but feel so much better afterwards. Thank you for sharing this Mr. Perry.

  • Sheena Reading, UK

    I've had the email with the link to your 'Note To Self' video sitting in my inbox for a few weeks, knowing I wanted to really give it my full attention. I just watched it and had to say thank you for putting it out there. It was so moving and encouraging. I have never written a physical letter, but I've looked into my little-girl face in old pictures and had the very same sorts of thoughts and feelings you expressed. By the time I was 7 years old I had seen my parents split due to my mother's mental illness, been in short-term foster care with my sisters until my dad could get us released to his care. I had a step-mom introduced into our lives, I moved 7 times across 2 states and was already a rape statistic before the end of first grade. I grew up with an unconscious sense that there was no person I could trust to keep me safe. But God...Now God I could trust, and I always knew it. Somehow I was always aware that He was with me, that He loves me, had my best in mind and I could go to Him even when I couldn't go to anyone else. I still walk closely with Him today. Now I'm 38 years old, I am a mentally and emotionally whole and healthy woman who is not afraid to risk loving and trusting the people around me. I found the courage and perseverance to pursue a life-changing dream and move from the comfort of the life I had in the US to pursue an opportunity half-way around the world in the UK. I'm not a "survivor" I'm a thriver, and I made it to where I am today because that little girl held on to God and let Him take her - take me - where I needed to go, first to survive, and then later to heal. I too am incredibly proud of the kid I see in my old pictures. She did it. She got me here. She did good.

  • Isaiah Williams Denver Colorado

    Mr. Perry what is your next play going to be? if it comes on tour Please come to Denver Colorado.

  • koekeytoe detroit

    Have you ever had a time when something was on your mind, a problem invisible, solution no where in sight. A concept hard to grasp, like a fork in the road it wouldn't let you pass, and your brains on pause, as you try to figure out the cause! For years it was a mystery, like a missing puzzle piece, mindsick and sleepless nights searching for gold in a silver mine! Than one day it hits you from nowhere, out of the blue, intellect and intuition collide, let it ride, let it ride, let it ride....AHA MOMENT.....

  • M.H

    Do you remember when you heard your grandma say that she couldn't afford to have anyone cut her yard and you went in her tools to find scissors to cut the front yard and you prayed and cried to God to help you help your grandma because it was so much grass and you were getting dizzy from the heat when you were eight years old? God did help you help your grandma when you turned eighteen you brought in the most expensive pest control that money could buy to show her "THAT A CHILD NEVER FORGETS" I want you to know that she told the family how happy she was. There's more but its too much for me to say more. Ttyl

    • M.H #1885192

      I meant to say " talk to you later little me"

  • Krystal DeWitt United States

    Dear Tyler: The Marty Lyons Foundations is a 501 ( c )3 non-profit, charitable organization created to provide “special wishes” to children ages three to seventeen, who have been diagnosed with a terminal or life-threatening illness. Founded in 1982 by Marty Lyons, former premiere defensive lineman for the New York Jets Football Club, we have grown to host 10 chapters in 13 states. To date, we have granted over 6,500 special wishes to these children and their families. I am currently working on a “Special Wish” request for a 16 year old boy named Markwan. Markwan’s “special wish” is to meet you, Tyler Perry. Markwan has renal failure and has had his second kidney transplant. Meeting Tyler Perry would be an amazing experience and a great reward for being such a trooper! I am hoping that you can extend a helping hand to us by letting us know any way of making Markwan’s dream come true. Your assistance will help change Markwan’s life, which has been filled with tremendous difficulties. Sincerely, Krystal DeWitt


    Mr. Perry ... you make me smile! Thanks! :-D

  • Rita Cincinnati. OH

    I was really looking forward to viewing your video - 'Note To Self', the link did not work on my computer so I could not access it. I have Windows XP - Mozilla Firfox. Is the link location still good?