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I've Heard You! Now's Your Chance!

For a long time now, people have been asking me how they can be in one of my movies, plays or TV shows. Even as I read through my message board, the most popular question I see is, "How can I be in one of your movies?"

So… this one's for YOU! Now's your chance to earn a walk on role in one of my upcoming productions!

Just enter the Tyler Perry Talent Search!

I've created this competition to give my entire online family a chance to showcase their talent, and I expect to see some future stars. Even better, you'll be responsible for picking the Top 10 finalists. That's right… you get to vote for your favorite videos! Then, I'll personally choose the winner from your Top 10. 

The competition starts NOW, so click HERE and follow steps 1, 2 & 3 to participate.

Voting closes and the Top 10 will be announced on June 29th – the same day MADEA'S WITNESS PROTECTION hits theaters.

Then, I'll personally choose the winner on July 6th.


Good luck!

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  • Coretta Neal Pittsburg,TX

    Hello Mr.Perry. I along with others would like to know how to be able to view an uploaded video to your site(that was very hard to do but finally able too). I am a very loyal fan of your I have seen every Play,Movie,&TV show that you have, and I pray to one day be able to be a part of one of your productions.I have been singing publicly since I was 8 yrs old, now 42 yrs old and would love to get the chance to at least be a background singer for one of your production.People have always told me I should try to further my singing,but because of money situation I am not able to get to different places to do so.I would like to let you no that there is a lot of good talent in the smaller cities that is going unnoticed because we do not live in a big city. I just pray that you will at least listen to my video. I no that there will be thousands but just knowing that you Mr.Perry at least heard my voice I would always be able to say that he has heard me sing, and if a production ever comes up and you remember my voice I may have a chance to be in a production of yours.I have dreamed of this for a long time now.I would always tell my mom that I want to be in one of your production but now that she has gone to be with the Lord I can't tell her anymore but I no she was with me as I made the video for the audition.I pray that GOD continues to bless you in everything you do,

  • Michael Lewis Silver Spring, MD

    Hey Tyler, just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for this opportunity. I think it's great that you have given so many people a reason to have hope in the pursuit of their dreams. Simply AWESOME !!! May God continue to bless you in all that you set out to do. Take care.....:)

  • Antavia Haynes

    Hi Mr. Tyler Perry! I wish I would have known about this talent search earlier, so that I could have entered. I have been telling my mom for a long time that I'm going to be in one of your movies! Hah, I'm 16 years old and have been acting since I was in the 4th grade. Yes, I can always use improvement, just like any actor can but I believe that I have what it takes to be successful. My number one idol and role model is Keke Palmer, I've talked with her a few times and she's even gave me tips and helpful information about the industry. I love your plays, movies, and TV shows! My family and I always have a great time watching them:) Some of family members are actually friends with Ms. Tamela and Mr. David Mann! They came to a birthday party of my cousins! I really hope one day I can meet you and audition for one of your films or TV shows. That would be like the BEST thing ever! Much love, hope to hear from you soon:) -Antavia

  • Andria Harris College Station, TX

    I have uploaded my video, Im super excited...i have my dream & my faith so i know its on :) #TeamTylerPerry

  • Alejandro Kissimmee,Fl

    GOD Bless Your Momma Terry i don't speak much but some day i will work for you if you ever need a Spanish Man in your Mix. ill Keep Praying God Bless you Much Love and Respect Alejandro Pagan Castro

  • Sharnea Boutte Houston (Beaumont )tx

    Hello? I'm praying all is week with you as you continue with the plans God has for you. I was beyond excited at the opportunity to enter your contest BUT was quickly disappointed at how the video upload was unsuccessful :( please respond to your fans as I'm sure you have been in this situation before SOO close but yet sooo far? :) please give us am email address or something to where our auditions can be viewed. I'm not a computer wiz but even my very computer savvy friends are claiming no l*** as of yet to help me out. Love ya always >sister in Christ

  • Sasha

    How do you vote....I don't see where you can.

  • Jharquale Stewart Charlotte NC But 4eva in GODs Hands

    Omg Tyler Perry I dream of nothing else but to be apart of your cast......i have audtioned and i know that you may not get to see because of the thousands of fans doing it but MY GOD IS SO GOOD i know that indo time i will be apart just know im practicing all day every day on my acting ability.....I just i had time to do a better video i had to upload a video clip from my first Movie but i have definately improved since then i promise lol well godd bless see you soon........Jharquale Stewart

  • Yvonne cox


  • Yvonne Cox Georgia

  • jaylen Boone Ypsilanti, Mi.

    id love to be on one of your next productions.... imean dreams..they can come true right? it did for you MY youtube: Jaylen452 i couldnt get a video in for everyone to vote for that much........im only 14, but ill try

  • Josiel plano

    Hi Tyler Perry i was wondering when the next talent search will be, and also i have a story for you that can be a movie heres just a little of it my grandpa had alsimer he hit me and my mom one day i was playing with my sister when i was 9 and he slapes me i got so mad but i kept my cool and onw day he almost through a chair at my mom if he were stronger he died in october and he died at a hospital he lived in a hospital from 2010 to 2011 and now my grandma is peeing on the floor before my grandpaw dide he threw he up agenst the wall long story if u call me ill tell u the whole thing well anyway now my grandma is peeing and pooping on the floor please call me so i can tell u the whole story that was just the years 2 and i was born i 2000 and were cuban and fedeal castro put him in jail for 16 years and it all went down hill from there my mom and my grandma all ways use to visit him plase call me at or or thank you Josiel

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