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It's Been a Rough 12 Days...

I’ll keep this short and sweet because it's been a rough 12 days for me, with what would have been my mother’s 67th birthday one day and the awful news about Whitney the next. I can’t even think about it... we’ll talk about that some other time, but for now I just want to be sure you’re planning on going to the movie theaters to see GOOD DEEDS this weekend.

GOOD DEEDS opens tomorrow, Friday February 24th, everywhere. It’s the opening weekend box office numbers that count in Hollywood. That is how they judge you, so if you can make it to the theaters this weekend, please do so. I never ever take for granted that you are automatically going to show up, but I tell you, I thank God that you do. I’m hoping that this time is no different.

I gotta say, this is a different kind of role for me, but it felt good to try something different. You know that there are many people who think I can only do Madea. As much as we love her you and I both know better than that. This is the first time I have ever played a character that is this close to who I am as a man and as a person.  

I think you’re going to love it. GOOD DEEDS is going to make you smile, laugh and think, and at the end you’re going to leave lifted and feeling good.

A friend of mine, who has always been honest with me, told me that this is my best movie yet. Tell me what you think. I’ll be on Facebook and my message board all weekend long waiting for the true critics to speak, and that’s you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Love you and know that I appreciate you so much,



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  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    Hey Tyler, how are you doing & how are you feeling today? So, this is the weekend? How are you doing? And what are you doing? I have Madea Gets A Job on pause right now. :-) I actually felt like tonight I wouldn't say anything. As we both see, that changed. :-) Tyler, I'm not throwing myself on you. I'm being friendly with u & to you. The heart knows love when it feels it. And I think of you as a great thinker. I know I'm different! Its been a must that I be, too. :-) When I say, "I Love You!" those are the closest words I can come up with to express how I feel/see about you. How are you T? I know God loves you much more than I could. This I know! But sometimes even the best of us need a little help. Can I, May I, Will you allow me to be your helper? I would love so so so much for you to be mines. People speak about we are to humble ourselves. What I have come to know is my humble isn't someone else's humble. And theirs isn't mines. TP, if I can put my trust in you; can't u do the same? As much as u make me laugh & smile. It's just as much as I have cried over you & with you these past years. I still love. You do get me sad sometimes though. I hurt, too! I'm a mother with two sons. I wouldn't want anyone to hurt them. So, I won't intentionally bring harm/hurt to you. I know what it is to forgive. I also know what it feels like to feel left alone. However, I'm never alone. And God knows you're not either. When u hear me say to u, "I'm gonna cry on your shirt" its my heart that goes out to you in love. If its not u where I belong then its no one! Realtalk! I need nothing from you, if its not yourself. This you must know. Ttyl (Now or Later) ...LoL... :-) I want my phone call, too! I'm kinda upset with you about something so small. :-) SMH! Good night. I love you, anyway & plan on always no matter what. Don't try me though! Cause I do have feelings. And I'm vulnerable/sensitive right about now. LOL! :-) #ILoveYouTylerPerry! :-) ...LoL... :-) k-I-s-s-i-n-g 1st comes love then comes marriage.... :-)

  • Gerry Abuja,Nigeria

    Hello Mr Tyler, just thinking about your CNN Interview with Piers Morgan about your Childhood & growing up with a Father who beat you up. You told Mr Piers Morgan you forgave your Father in your Twenties. But I would like to advise you as someone who looks up to you as my Hero & Inspiration to not only forgive your Father but I want you to go an Extra mile to love your Father,bond with your Dad in his old age & be his good friend. Mr Tyler I know your Late Mother would be very proud of you for loving,bond & being good Friends with your Father. By God's Grace you too will be a Father & Dad too to your unborn Children. I believe if you show your Father love & be his friend it will impact positively on you in your relationship with your Children as friends & in bonding with unborn Children in Future. We sin & hurt God so many times but God forgives us and still loves us. I see your Dad as a man who grew up without love & didnt know how to show love to you his Son. PleaseI believe you should not only forgive your Dad but also show him love,bond with your Dad & be his good Friend. Mr Tyler by God's Grace youtoo will be a Father to your own Children too. Take out time from your busy schedule to spend time with your Father on a regular Basis for Breakfast,Lunch or Dinner which ever is ok for both of you . Find out what your Dad likes to do & join him in doing it . The Bible said Honour thy Father & Mother that it maybe well with You. The Bible didn't say Honour a good Father & dishonour a Bad Father. So Mr Tyler give your Dad the Honour of attending your Movie Premiers & screenings & walking the Red Carpet with you and be proud having y you. He is your Father,you only have 1 Father. Honour your Father by going on a Vacation with him,because in future u too will have take your Children on Family Vacations,which will help you to bond & have a healthy Friendship & relationship with your kids. I believe if you show your Father love & be his friend it will impact positively on you in your relationship with your Children as friends & in bonding with unborn Children in Future. Please Mr Tyler I know your Late Mother would be very proud of you for loving,bond & being good Friends with your Father.

  • Tameka Bahamas

    Greetings Mr. Perry I bless the Lord for you, and for all of the marvelous things he is doing through you. I had the opportunity to watch Good Deeds tonight, it was amazing. To see a man cry is very touching, it made me cry. In this life we have many people facing these same problems, but don't have anyone to turn to. Then God sends a person to help them, and show them that he cares for them. I am a single mother with a son, and sometimes it gets so hard. But I have learn to put my trust in God. Even when I don't know where the next meal is coming from, I trust he. For the Word of God declares, that we must trust in the Lord with all our hearts, and lean not to our own understanding. In all of our ways acknowledge him, and he will direct our paths. God is faithful he will always come through. So I say to you continue to put your trust in the God of your salvation. Eyes hath not seen,nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the thing which God hath prepared for them that love him. Stay faithful and watch God BLOW your mind.

  • Juanita Brown Buffalo, NY

    I think you did a great job in the movie i have been waiting to see if YOU would step out from meadea's shadow and take center stage well done. though i love the character of madea, i would like to see you do more movies like this one. god bless you in everything that you do.

  • Jaye Toney alabama

    I LOVE THAT MOVIE .. I cry'd like really cried !! You did an awesome job :) iloveit .

  • Dotty Goodman PA

    Sorry for the obvious errors that just got through in my email below. Somebody told me that after you write an email, and it's on I pad write a disclaimer at the end that gives I pad the credit for the ertorsv that you swore you corrected. (smiles)

  • Dotty Goodman Susquehanna, PA

    Tyler, Thanks for checking in to say hello and and a reminder on your releases that you know we need and wan to he about. I like getting an email from you about Th releases. Am looking forward to Medea going to work and in the Witness Protection Program. Thanks too, for helping the world to cope with the loss of Whitney Houston; For sending the Plane to take our LIL Sis Home and for the Eulogy that reminded us how very connected Whitney was to the grace of God. There but for the grace of God, could go I -- and every body else. Thank God for his Grace that recovers us each step of the way. May He daily lead us on. It has been a difficult time . Thanks for your sharing that helped us all though. And This Mother's Day, when I was asked to sing a Solo in Church, I sang I LOOK TO YOU and said in the Testimony that it was dedicated to the memory of Whitney and to her Mom, Cissy on her first Mother's Day since Whitney went home. Thanks for Th excellent spirit you how and for your work that brings us joy.

  • Shandela Cofer Dallas Tx.

    Just left The play Madea gets a job such inspiring words of wisdom thought I. Was going to shout for a minute it always amazes me the things God will use us today to do you find yourself doing things you never thought are imagined. I Absolutely agree when you fall in love with the creator of your soul by trial and error persecution and windfall on Gods wings you can still soar to thine own self stay true those that love God love you!!!

  • Shandela Cofer Dallas ,Tx.

    After watching I felt like I had just seen the story of my life played out in front of me I'm. Still waiting on my night an shining armor.It was also great to see Mr. Perry the man love you you always do an amazing job.

  • mary walker new orleans, la. 70058

    hey Tyler ...you have been a valuable part of our lives. my daughter has a book out it is called the Essencr of Man, and you can buy it on Lulu.com..her name is Shawn Johnson she is the Author.

  • Shalewa Georgia

    Sorry about you mom. Yeah I know the feeling. My mother died the couple of months before I graduated from college. I was sad about Whitney too. Very shocking. I love how she held on the her faith in God til the very end. Very courageous woman.

  • Martha Mitchell Folcroft Pa

    Greetings Mr Perry, I pray that the good Lord continues to shine upon you. If you are ever in my area my husband and I would br honored to fill you belly with a home cooked meal. Peace and Light !

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