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I Need Your Help

This message is to all my folks, especially my die-hard folks, the ones I call the “Board Members” - you know who you are :).  By now I’m sure you all know that I have moved my TV shows to OWN and on May 28th and 29th I have a two night premiere. On Tuesday night, my new hot drama THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS starts. I’m telling you, I put it all in this show. I not only want you to watch it but we need you to watch it for several reasons. The biggest reason is this is a fresh group of faces and I am beyond excited to see them get their shot. I make you these promises, this SHOW WILL HOOK YOU!!!  I KNOW IT! Then on Wednesday night, which used to be my original night of TV, I’m going back to it with a brand new show called LOVE THY NEIGHBOR. It stars a bunch of new faces including the two folks I said I would give a sitcom to, Mamma Hattie (Patrice Lovely) and Floyd (Palmer Williams, Jr). They are so excited and this show is so funny. So Tuesday get your drama on and Wednesday get your funny on OWN, OK?  

I remember when HOUSE OF PAYNE started how people tried to kill it before it started, but because you watched it and were there, that show went on into the history books with 254 episodes. Thank you for that. You did that through the grace of God. So in less than ten days THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS and LOVE THY NEIGHBOR will start on OWN.  I hope you are planning to watch them. Thank you for helping me help someone else. I wish you could see how excited these cast members are. They have been waiting to see their dreams come true and you know how much I love to be used by God to make that happen.  You’ll see, you’ll see.

And FYI, all of you FOR BETTER OR WORSE fans, it’s coming back with a new season to OWN as well. And all you HOUSE OF PAYNE fans, hold on, I’m trying to work on something..LOL, but we’ve got to launch these new shows first, OK?

Let me know your thoughts.

Many blessings and love to you.

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  • Gary Lucas Fairburn Ga.

    Dear Mr. Perry: I am one of your biggest fans. I am looking forward to seeing new upcoming star's on your show. I just moved here from Rochester NY. I came to Help my sister out she has cancer this is her second bout. My younger brother has been taking her to and from doctors. Its beginning to take a toll on bro. Since I have been here. I am unable to help. I lost my driver license. Some years back. Mr. Perry am a USA veteran. Now retired. Is possibable of getting help from you. It is son importance that I get a license here in Ga. I will be able to paymme you back monthly. Thankyou Mr. Perry for your time. Am fan always. Gary Lucas

  • ruby wilson arlington texas

    I would like to know how to start a program to help familys with children who have cancer no where to live know kind of help, not even from their own people i want to help them with out going through all agency that put them through so much an stll don't give help please show me the way to do this. thank you.

  • Jasmin favors United States


  • Jasmin

    Hello Tyler Perry, my name is Jasmin. Im from Atlanta Georgia and im 16 years old. I came across this website and I thought for a second, who knows maybe you might read this but if it doesn't get read at least someone will read it. Im in the 11th grade and currently homeless. Me and my mom share a room. We recently lost our place because she wouldn't put my brother out because of certain circumstances He was doing some really bad stuff and they wouldn't let us stay in our apartment because of that. My mom works at Autozone and she works very hard. She struggles in morning to go to work because her legs are swollen and she can barely walk. All I want is a home to go home too. My mom wants the best for me. She says she want me to go to a decent school so that I can get the best education. I pray we do find a home.

  • Portia Harris Jenkins Miami, Florida

    Hello Sir Tyler I am writing you to ask for help. I am the Pastor of a local church in the Brownsville Community of Miami, Florida. We started over 20 years feeding the homeless in the Downtown area of Miami and have for the past 25 years served and feed the homeless and the community in which our church reside. I am asking for your support in aiding us with our building fund. We are a small body with a big heart and we need our bathroom done in our church. In spite of our membership we have paid off our church and we have less than 100 members this is do to the help of the Lord and those who support the vision of our Bishop A. Herring who has given his retirement money to have the roof put on 12 yrs ago that now is beginning to leak. Sir am not writing to burden you, but I know that you was a product of the homeless; although another city and state still a product. It is my hope that you can assist us with the renovation of our church so that we can continue to help others who are less fortune then ourselves. Blessings, Pastor P

  • kemah Baltimore md

    Hello Mr Tyler perry, my name is Kemah I live in Baltimore with my two kids, I am facing some problems now for some months. am also about to be to be throw out of my apartment with my two kids. Mr Tyler please help me with some money to pay my rent and some bills am back with, please help I and my kids Mr Tyler.

  • Broderick United States

    I have something very powerful to share. I come from tx something has brought me to atl from tx I'm exhausted from this experience all I can say is its something spiritual and bigger than me and it needs you to help me figure out why and what I'm supposed to do

  • Rebecca Knob town mississippi

    My name is rebecca and I'm from a small community outside of stateline ms called knob town. I am writing to you in hopes that u may be able to help me. I'm not the type of person who asks for help but in my situation I could use a little. I am trying to open up a small restaurant in my neighborhood. I have the building but don't have the credit score to secure a small business loan for 5,000.00. I feel very awkward about sending this out to you but I know that your a fellow Christian and may be in the position to help me. If you could reply to me I would truly be grateful. Thank you Mr Perry for all that you do. Your adoring fan..Rebecca

  • Jeannie Cheek Henderson NC 27536

    Hey Mr.Tyler Perry My Life Is Really Mess up my husband left me and went back to his ex and I thought I had a friend I want become famous and work for you but. I need all the help that I can get I'm sorry to say but I'm not a mother but I would love to see you in person so I can talk to you please Mr.Tyler Perry please oh God

  • Ioneze Miami florida

    I love everything u have done!! I am a die hard Fan!! It is difficult to choose. Madea is Awesome of course! But....The Haves and Have Nots, OMG!!! I wish it was on Everyday!!!! Can't Wait till 6/30. Mr. Perry please consider putting it on Everyday!!??? May GOD continue to Bless You! IC.

  • amanda p

    hi, I had a movie idea, a really great heart warming story, and I think it would be a great Tyler Perry production. please contact me back

  • Roderick Coleman atlanta,GA

    This HAS to STOP! My name is Roderick Coleman. I was raised in NEW HAVEN, CT which was ranked the 4th most dangerous city in America a while back by the FEDS. All I saw coming up living in a low income poverty stricken neighborhood were drug dealers, drug users, prostitutes, robbers, and con-men/women. My mother fell victim to crack cocaine when I was young. Around 12 or 13 years of age I would come home and the power would be off, sometimes the cable and hot water. There were many nights that I went to bed with stomach pains because there wasn’t anything to eat in the house. Too young to legally work I did the only thing I thought I could do to survive and that was distribute narcotics. I started to take care of the bills in the house as well as take care of my mother and when I hit the legal age to work I was already too deep in the streets life to stop. After seeing 14 of my friends murdered a few drug convictions and a weapons charge and the birth of my first children I decided that I no longer wanted to live the life that I was living because it only led to death and jail. I relocated to Atlanta, GA in 2007 and turned my life around for the better. All of my prison time had been served I had nothing hanging over my head as far as society has it I should have been rehabilitated right?... WRONG! It took me months and months to finally find a job that would hire me even with my background having the things that it has on it. Fast forward to today the year is 2015 I’m a current 3rd year college student with a 3.6 GPA and I’ve been felony free going on 10 years! I did it didn’t I? I changed my life around! So answer me this, WHY AM I STILL BEING TURNED DOWN FOR JOBS??? I always get the interviews, I always knock the interviews out of the park, I always get selected for the positions but when it’s time for the companies to do my background check they always deny me! Leaving me to work underpaid at various temp agencies. WHY HASN’T THERE BEEN ANYTHING DONE ABOUT THIS? I’ve gone the bonding route and it didn’t work! I’ve begged and pleaded with employers and that didn’t work. Then society and the government wonders why people’s houses get broken into, why men come home from prison and get right back into a life of crime, why minorities are so angry and violent, THIS IS WHY! Yes you’ll find men and women who want to do nothing more then the illegal things that they are use to doing but you’ll find more men and women who want to change!!! They are not spoken for or given a chance so most of them return to a life a crime because their choices are limited. THIS HAS TO STOP! Respectfully, Roderick Muriel Coleman II

    • cleanora lowman New York #2128864

      please I'm reaching out to you please help me I was wrongfully terminated from my job of 16 years working for the department of education I've been searching for help over a year but everywhere I went to they want money up front I have nothing now I'm on public assistance now I want my job back but I really need a good lawyer please reach out tomato see what you can do for me please help me if you can

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