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I Need Your Help

This message is to all my folks, especially my die-hard folks, the ones I call the “Board Members” - you know who you are :).  By now I’m sure you all know that I have moved my TV shows to OWN and on May 28th and 29th I have a two night premiere. On Tuesday night, my new hot drama THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS starts. I’m telling you, I put it all in this show. I not only want you to watch it but we need you to watch it for several reasons. The biggest reason is this is a fresh group of faces and I am beyond excited to see them get their shot. I make you these promises, this SHOW WILL HOOK YOU!!!  I KNOW IT! Then on Wednesday night, which used to be my original night of TV, I’m going back to it with a brand new show called LOVE THY NEIGHBOR. It stars a bunch of new faces including the two folks I said I would give a sitcom to, Mamma Hattie (Patrice Lovely) and Floyd (Palmer Williams, Jr). They are so excited and this show is so funny. So Tuesday get your drama on and Wednesday get your funny on OWN, OK?  

I remember when HOUSE OF PAYNE started how people tried to kill it before it started, but because you watched it and were there, that show went on into the history books with 254 episodes. Thank you for that. You did that through the grace of God. So in less than ten days THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS and LOVE THY NEIGHBOR will start on OWN.  I hope you are planning to watch them. Thank you for helping me help someone else. I wish you could see how excited these cast members are. They have been waiting to see their dreams come true and you know how much I love to be used by God to make that happen.  You’ll see, you’ll see.

And FYI, all of you FOR BETTER OR WORSE fans, it’s coming back with a new season to OWN as well. And all you HOUSE OF PAYNE fans, hold on, I’m trying to work on something..LOL, but we’ve got to launch these new shows first, OK?

Let me know your thoughts.

Many blessings and love to you.

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  • Cherry Byrd Reidsville nc

    Dear Mr.Perry I am writing you this hoping you will reach out to me I am at the end of my rope the more I try the the more things fall apart.I have been in and out the hospital and about to loose my car home and everything else I sometime feel death would be better I am a disappointment to my family No body seem to care about me I am trying but I am failing please help me.

  • Mariam Coulibaly E kiehl ave Arkansas 72120

    Dear Tyler perry. Hi Mr. Tyler perry my name is Mariam Coulibaly i love all your movie, I am a single mom I was in shutter with my child for 3 months now have been through alot please i need help from you ,can please help me please please i need help ...thank you and god bless you Mr Perry

  • Felicia Smith Dallas

    I just want to say i, love you and to say think for making dairy of mad black woman cause i, live her life and that movie help me when I, was going threw breast cancer I, went threw hold movie. I understand you your just not a movie writer your a healer your movies help many like me I, have beautiful movie pitch for you contact me my name is Felicia Smith

  • Charles Roberts Atlanta,Ga

    Hi mr.perry first off I love your shows and movies and I think you're doing great things to bring improvements to show business but my question is how can I be able to receive financial help from you because honestly I'm down on my luck

    • Ronda Northrup Bushnell Il. #2149991

      I have a movie thought I would like to sale I need cas for bills I don't want free but can ern it with your help an I will give whole idea for as much to get my Disabled family out of debt with the respect of earning such in the name of Jesus every knee should bend an every tongue shall confess the true an living God Jehovah. Thank you for at least checking this out I believe a working person is not the only one God helps Disabled people need work to an helped I believe this will be a good movie. You can even name it get back with me if possible thank you.Ronda Northrup

  • Rochelle Roach 921 n. ash,waukegan illinois

    Hello Tyler Perry, my name is Rochelle Roach, I recently sent you a letter because I'm in desperate need of help, I moved to waukegan Illinois in 2012, and changed my life around completely, I work, 40 hrs a week but I have to pay 500.00$a month for rent, I'm a grateful recovering addict who is trying to complete my journey of recovery which I plan to do so. I go to 4 meetings a week after work and I be very tired, but that doesn't stop me from being responsible at all, I'm asking for alittle help to get a car or a bus card that have enough on there so I can get some boots and clothes for the winter, can you help me?

  • Sharon Gilliam Farmville, Cumberland County, VA 23901

    Hello Mr. Perry: I am writing you on behalf of my church, the Midway Baptist Church. We are in need of donations to rebuild a new sanctuary. The Midway Baptist Church is 144 years old and our fore fathers (and us) have been renovating the church but never did repairs in the attic. The church do not have enough rafters to support the roof and the heavy snow last winter damaged the shingled roof causing leaks in the attic running to the ceilings. Also, the church situated so rain water sits underneath the church causing the floors be damaged. The county building inspector wants to close the church doors, citing it to be safety hazard. The termites did some damaged to the walls too. We have hired an architect to draw up plans for a new sanctuary. We will have to hold services in the new pavilion because the roof might cave in any time. A donation will be greatly appreciated. Thanking you advance. Midway Baptist Church Executive Committee

  • Teresa Alexander South Bend IN 46614

    Hi Tyler Perry I am one of your biggest fans. I'm writing you because I need help I'm a single parent trying to make it on my disability salary now I have an autistic son and I'm a foster parent but I can't foster parent because my house is not up to park if you could help me with my mortgage I appreciate it I'm doing the best I can but it seems like your time I take 3 steps forward I'm taking a leap back if you please can help me God just leaving me a sign thank you

  • Celeste Southfield MI

    Hello Mr. Perry. I am a big fan first I would like to say. Next my daughter and I were ran off the road recently in my car. The damages to my car are just over $13,000.00. My dilemma is that I have so many bills my daughter has a life threatening illness that its hard to make ends meet. At the time of the accident I did not have full coverage and the vehicle is in my sisters name because I had not been on my job long enough to qualify. I know we truly get ourselves in some jams but if you could please find it in your heart to help me I would be forever grateful. I have until December to get it out of the auto repair shop. If you like I have the paper work and information to provide to you. Please help me get things back on track for my daughter and myself. God Bless You!

  • Shernita so confused Virginia

    I am a 38 year old mother of 3 divorced living with my mother but it seems i can't get ahead i have a couple of credentials. CNA LICENSE RCMA LICENSE i sing in my church choir i am pressing to get my life right with Christ but it stems Nnnnnnoooooooo one have the time of day to give me a chance so if you will please pray for me pay someone gives me that chance. Thank you Mr Perry. Love your shows

  • lakeshia lang waynesboro,ms

    Hello Mr.Perry my name is Lakeshia Lang pray for my family and I

    • Teresa #2159122

      I am writing you because I would like for you to review a project I've been working on for years, I reached out to Jimmy Carter, president Obama just allow me to send it not only will my components save lives but will give many folks jobs. I can be reached at or . Sincerely Teresa B Moore

  • Alicia Baker Calumet City Illinois

    Hi Tyler, I've endured some hard times before my mom passed on May 31,2015. I am a single mother of 5 with one grandson. I've lost my apartment, car, just about everything. I wanted to give up on life. My two older daughters, grandson, and I moved in with my son in his small studip apartment. We were homeless, and he accepted us in. I really need my own place Tyler. It's so hard on me right now. I had to send my younger two daughters to Louisiana, my home state to live with their father, for I had nowhere for all of us to live. I want my children in a clean, comfortable place. I cry everyday thinking of my mom, my girls, and what I've lost. I just need a blessing. My holidays will never be the same anymore without hearing from my mom. Now, my daughters and I don't have a place to call home. My heart will smile again knowing I have a home for themthem. Please help me get my life back together

  • marenda columbus ohio

    You do it and u do it well I got a great movie idea just think about it for me a movie called THE WORKPLACE now a little about me I have 5 brothers 4 SISTERS 7kids 34 nieces and nephew my mom and dad have been married 29 years now I come from lower class but it don't stop me from having nice things or doing for people now all the jobs I work are under the table stock in corner store to traveling around the world with the fair I'm in Tennessee now lol but working on houses painting yard work doing hair everybody nos me to hustlin in good ways tho everyday I do a different job now where this movie comes in at. Ppl look at me and say all u have 7.kids ur this u need to go to work u need to do this my boss at the fair started asking me about welfare like I was just some black girl on walfare be cuz I have a lot of kids like ppl judge u on just looking and never want to give u a pat on the back which I'm not looking for one but it just needs to be seen in a bigger picture and I'm married I got married when I was 23 all my kids are by my husband except my oldest she 12 my husband has are kids now well I'm on the road but my life is real and I want ppl to see how I live and do for everybody in my city and my family and my household look for nothing back but to clock a time card there's so much more to tell u but ur movies are real life to me I no u no where I'm coming from I stand ten toes down and I do what ever I have to but love u and I want u to no I see on the news what u did for Bobby Christina thank u I love whitteny to pieces and I no she loves u for that I'm out thanks for reading

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