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I Just Wanted to Say Thank You!

Hello all,

I'm so sorry I didn't write right after the movie opened but I needed to take a minute and catch my breath.

I gotta tell you, a press tour can be really rough, especially dealing with a lot of people who don't get it, and don't get what I'm doing here. I refuse to deal in the negative though--I refuse.

So, let's look at the real deal and let me tell you what kind of blessing this is. Out of all of the people who wrote in saying that they were given tickets to the wrong movie and had to argue to get them to reprint tickets to preys; out of all of the movies that opened this past weekend with 800 to 1,000 more screens then I had; out of all of the critics who said how awful the movie is, out of all the bootleg copies on the streets; out of all of my people in Texas dealing with the devastation of the hurricane; out of all that is going on in this economy; out of all the foolishness I've been dealing with since the movie opened; YOU STILL WENT, YOU STILL MADE "PREYS" NUMBER 2, YOU STILL CROWDED INTO THE SAME THEATERS, AND I THANK GOD FOR YOU!

It is my prayer that not only did the movie make you laugh and move you to want to enjoy every day on this earth but it is also my prayer that every dime you've spent to invest in me that it comes back to you one million fold. Thank you.

I wrote this movie because I was going through some things, I had family members preying on me. I had been betrayed. People that I have done more for then than they have done to help themselves broke my heart and I was so hurt by how ugly people could be. I was at a place where I didn't trust anybody, I thought everybody was after something, and I thought nobody was sincere. I was becoming cynical and very unhappy. Lots of people look at the outside and think all is well, but sometimes it isn't. So, I started writing this movie after I heard a song called I HOPE YOU DANCE. I had Gladys Knight re-record it for the end of the movie. You should hear it. It talks about no matter what happens, just dance. Just dance.

All of this to say to you, life is a gift and a blessing. Don't let people change you. No matter what happens be wiser the next time. But, don't let it change you. There may be people in your life that have hurt you, but don't make the next person who has the best intentions come along and you run them away because you think they're going to do what the last person did to you. Don't be afraid. In life you can't live in fear of what people will say or do. If you lose love or a friend, then maybe you never had it.

THE FAMILY THAT PREYS is still in theaters. If you haven't seen it, you still can. And for all of you who did and LOVED it and made no bones about telling me that its my best movie yet. I read it and I heard it. You really encourage me to keep going no matter what anyone says. I write for you and only you.

God Bless and thanks again,



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    :-D Thank you! Update! I decided not to accept the job offer. The thing is, I have always had to take the first job offer when looking for a job. Always. (deep breathe) In the spirit of doing things different, 2014 the year of Aquarius, I am going for something more. I was referred to an agency that does placement for a major hospital here. Yes, that one. I called and submitted application and resume. I read in my journal lost dreams...acting, husband, own business. I have business details down to the (.) lol... In short, a meditation center, a place that ministers to the whole person on a personal level. You are a pleasure to look at, seriously. Thank you, Tyler, for all the pictures and words of encouragement and for seeing beneath the surface and liking what you see. I love you.

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    I have spent a large part of my life holding my feelings in. Well, I find it increasingly difficult to do so now. Last night was the first time that i didn't cry myself to sleep once my head hit the pillow. Crazy right. I am sure you understand. Words, they are grand. They create. Build up and tear apart. I feel torn apart. Kind of lost again. I want to understand. I love. I am love. I want a to be loved. I want a love of my own. I am trying desparately to "walk" away from this place but I feel like I am am walking away from you and it hurts like hell. When I was ready to go, I had to stay. I was needed. It's not the same. I am trying. ...(tears) ... I miss you. I miss you more than I have ever missed another living person. I know God is able to pull me through this. It's crazy but I want to go through this...with you. Last night I slept, I thought of you and the pj's. Today, I cry. The thought of someone else having what we shared cut me like a jagged edge sword. I'm possessive, it's true. I don't like sharing because you don't have to. I don't want to take that job. I want to go back to school. I need to put something else on my mind. Bible study is great. It brings and keeps me in perfect peace. The reality is I am not in the Bible all day. The is in me. Lean not unto thy own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge Me and I will direct thy paths. I am leaning on the Lord. How am I? Not to good, but I will be.

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