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  • Alicia Nesbitt Atlanta, GA

    Hello Mr. Perry, I would love to see new episodes of House Of Payne. Watching this show taught me a lot of life lessons and how a family should s**** together. Pleeeeeease bring House of Payne back!!! Thank you so much and I appreciate all you do! God Bless

  • Cecila Sanders lake wales, fl

    Hi Mr.Tyler im a huge fan of yours, I was looking to meet you one day but i also was hoping you could make a movie on "The house of payne"... i appreciate everything you have done and maybe one day i will be doing what you are doing helping people and sending messages out to the people...I have a 2 yr old son and i cant tell you how much he means to me but anyways congrats on the success

  • Jacqueline Jackson Gilbert Arizona

    Hello Tyler Yes pleas bring back The House of Payne. I would love to see new episodes of The House of Payne. :-) Love Hugs Kisses and Laughter

  • Foxxynana United States

    I don't have a facebook page,so I'm posting here. yes, I most definitely would like to see new episodes of the House of Payne and also new episodes of Meet The Brown. They tickle my funny bone. :)

  • G. Green

    Mr. Perry I know your question was about House of Payne. What ever happened to Meet the Browns. I know you can't please everybody. I never really liked H of P. Brown is way more funnier.

  • Shenita Henderson Norfolk, VA

    Yes I would definitley love to see new episodes of House of Paynes. That show is my favorite! I have been wanting to see the one when they go see the counselor(FuNnIe). Please have the same cast(including Clarethia)

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