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I don't want to do wrong, but!!!!


Ok, I love when I can tell you something first. I don't intend to advertise these shows. This is really a private invitation to all the folks that are on my mailing list. You, the real people who stand with  me arm and arm.... So, here it is...

At the end of the month, I'm doing two plays for a live DVD taping at the Cobb Energy Center in Atlanta.  A lot of you came out last time when I taped A MADEA'S CHRISTMAS for DVD.  WE had a blast! One woman came all the way from NYC by Greyhound to see the show. I had to meet her!  I offered to fly her back but she said, "No, I don't like airplanes".    God bless her!

Anyway, I'm taping two live shows during the week of August 29th 2011.   One show is called AUNT BAM'S PLACE.  Y'all know Cassie Davis from HOUSE OF PAYNE who plays Ella, well her new character is AUNT BAM  and she is amazing and hilarious.   This show will be on Tuesday, August 30th at 8pm and Wednesday, August 31st at 2pm & 8pm. On Friday, Sept 2nd at 8pm and Saturday, September 3rd at 2pm & 8pm there is another show I'm taping for DVD called I DON'T WANT TO DO WRONG! It is hilarious and stars two of the funniest people I have ever worked with.   You gotta see these shows!

Now, the tickets are only $25 PER SHOW, so if you want to come to one, come on! Or if you want to come to both then get two tickets for the DVD  tapings. Again, they are only $25 for each show.   I promise you won't be disappointed!

REMEMBER $25 is the ticket price. Please don't pay anything more then the fees associated with ticket sales.  So, it would be $25 plus whatever Ticketmaster charges. I say this for a reason; it's horrible when the bootleggers try to scalp the tickets for a higher price when my intent is to keep the price low. There aren't a lot of seats, so get your ticket and come join us.


By the way, I'll be sending an email soon that I hope will lift you up.  I've been thinking about this for a while, I'll be talking about how gratitude can change your destiny. It changed mine!

Thank you so much!  See you at the COBB ENERGY CENTER IN ATLANTA!





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  • M.H

    What are you doing? Will you answer me?

  • Michaela Rocky mount

    What about online

  • M.H

    I caught the Greyhound. I did a lot. I did a whole lot. Let me pat myself on the back. Jehovah knows what all I done. For him, My son, My low down dirty ex husband, and for you. What am I doing now. STAYING BLACK( IN MY MORGAN FREEMAN VOICE). I'M HERE I'M HERE( IN MY CELIE VOICE). CALL ME CRAZY BUT FRANKLY DEAR...I DON'T GIVE A DAMN.

    • M.H #1894193

      No let me not lie. I ain't done nothing for you. Nothing at all. Perry, keep up the good work. Be you and be blessed. Cause for some reason A blessing is here for me now. Whatever it is I'm thankful

  • adriancollins athens ga.

    hi Tyler Perry i am a big fan of yours and i want to see your play so bad but i have not been working in three months and i cant afford the tickets right now r they going on sale some more i no the price now is not that much but i really want to come i have just lost my

  • bluelove

    wow thank you for sharing your gift with me

  • Naimah Rochester n.y.

    1 of Tyler Perrys best play I love it so much it was funny with a deep message

  • delores morgan waco texas

    i would like to know why are those tickets so cheap and when i purchase them here in texas the cheapest tickest are 45 and up.....love tyler dnt get me wrong just wondering why those tickets cost so much less....would come see him regardless.......

  • Tanya South Africa

    It would b great if you could do a show in South Africa. Maybe even audition us to do a show for you? I'd deff... stand in line as soon as yesterday! Respect and Blessings... SOUTH AFRICA

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  • Latoria Richmond, Va

    Time has caught up with eternity for you! I praise God for his truth and faithfulness by allowing you to be such a great vessel for the Kingdom. The Holy Spirit that you carry within you has allowed us all to desire better, hope for better, live better and love better. It is wonderful to see that you are more than your external appearance, you have allowed your inner spirit to take over and do what God purposed you here to do! You give us hope, and show us that faith is the only commodity spendable in Heaven. Truly you haven't wasted the very 2 commodities God has given us on earth: which are time and energy! My pastor always says "how you spend your time and energy, is the life you purchase"! God bless you sir and i will continue to keep you mentioned in my prayers! toyamcsween @ youtube

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